Tensions Still Run High At The Young & The Restless

With two popular characters, Michael Muhney (aka Adam Newman), and Billy Miller (aka Billy Abbott) being fired, it seems not only the fans but also the cast and crew are all up in arms about the rumors floating around on the internet about why they were both let go.

We know that reports regarding Michael Muhney allegedly groping and sexually harassing a female co-star and the co-star threatening the producers she would go to the police and file a report if they did not fire him. Well, the next thing we know Muhney’s last air date was January 30, 2014.

Billy Miller has said to have been fired because he was asking for more money than what Y & R was willing to pay him. There has been nothing to prove these allegations. Miller has said that Y & R has always given him time off in the past to pursue other acting obligations. Although we all adored Miller playing Billy Abbott and we definitely loved the chemistry between Billy and Victoria, we now have to get used to a new Billy. But don’t worry it shouldn’t take anybody very long to get used to the new Billy. The new Billy is no stranger to the Y & R set or the character. David Tom played Billy Abbott from 1999 – 2002.

As for Michael Muhney, he has not responded to any of the alleged accusations against him except to ask that his privacy be respected and that we allow him time to work through this difficult time with his family.

Eric Braeden has not been keeping his feelings regarding the allegations against Muhney to himself. According to internet speculation, Braeden has said that Muhney tried to get him fired, and the two were seen getting into very loud altercations on set. There even has been speculation and rumors that Braeden tried to get Muhney fired. But in Braeden’s words “We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie.”

Kristoff St. John is also fighting back and set to Twitter asking Muhney to “Please set the record straight.” St. John has also taken to his Facebook page and posted a very long response regarding the tensions at the Young and The Restless and how he would like everyone to please work together. It is very well written and very respectful.

With all of this happening on the set of  The Young and The Restless, now rumors have started to surface that Jill Ferran Phelps may be the next Y & R family member to be released from their position. Questions have come to light as to what and if Ferran Phelps knew of the allegations against Muhney and if she was aware of the allegations, for how long. Another question that comes to mind, why? Why did she wait so long to do something about the allegations? Why did she sweep it under the rug and let this young co-start have to keep working side by side Muhney day after day. Why did she wait to fire Muhney until his contract expired? I guess we may not have the answers to these question for a very long time, if at all, but we  will be keeping these questions and more in the back of our minds and watch for the unfolding answers on the day to day lives of The Young and The Restless.

BY: Angel Johnson


  1. sheila

    Bring adam back!!!!Bring back the old billy!! Y & R sucks without these two…especially Adam….best actors on the show are gone!!! Phyllis , Adam & Billy!!

  2. claire wright

    Who cares now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch 1 show to see “Billy” and there is no comparison to the Billys he sucks………….acts like a kid like Fen Summer and any other kid!!!! I stopped watching after 41 years never miss a show and I went cold turkey!!! I still get updates but to sit down and enjoy(like I use too!!!) will never happen again!!!!!!

  3. Shirley

    If Summer is the problem for Adam being fired then let her go and bring Adam back, and do something about the Phylis situation.

  4. TName (required)

    The show is horrible now. I tried by watching a few episodes here and there but it is just bad. I miss Nikki and I’m sorry to the rest of the cast that the show has taken such a dive. The new billy just doesn’t compare to the old. Very hard to match the abilities and chemistry between him and his costar.

  5. Delona

    Bring Adam and the real Billy back!!!!! The show’s no good without them!
    Quit messing with the characters! Many of the new ones are flops!
    I’ve been a fan for years, but my interest is waning because of all of the changes.

  6. Jeannie

    Bring Billy Miller back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I have to agree with the other person who said to get rid of the new girl and bring Michael Muhney back. New girl makes a lousy Summer anyway!!! And the guy who now plays Billy…….I don’t care if he IS the guy who played Billy back in the day…..he’s AWFUL!!!! Billy Miller was made for the part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Susan

    Yes, the show just sucks now without Michael Muhney and Billy Miller!
    The new Billy is not in any way equal to the old. The writer is just crazy. After watching this show since it began, I just watch updates to see if my favorite actors are coming back. I feel a great loss, like the show fired me too!

  8. Shana

    I have watched Y&R for over 25 years. I have seen many characters come and go, but the old Billy has way more chemistry with Victoria. If the onscreen couple is heading towards a split then I say let the new Billy stay. It will be way easier to accept them not being together if the onscreen chemistry is gone! As for Adam Newman……Bring him back! Whatever is going on behind the scenes needs to be addressed but Y&R should remove BOTH characters (Adam and Summer) until the issue gets resolved. If all these changes keep occurring I say turn the cameras around…..start recording whats going on behind the sets…apparently that is making for a much better story-line!

  9. Dare Kelly

    boring, boring boring! I fast foward with Avery and Dillon and Jill and Collin and the new Billy is horrible….they really messed everything up when they let Adam go and its not going to fix things by bringing in a new Adam.

  10. jill


  11. Alexa

    Don’t even look forward to watching Y&R anymore. Someone please bring some life back into this soap.

  12. Heather

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments made here. Adam was an Awesome character and I am severely pissed that he was let go, if he was really harassing Summer as they say then why weren’t there more serious measures taken, sexual harassment is kind of a big deal, no? She possibly could have lead him on, maybe he rejected her and she was hurt, who the hell knows really, maybe he did, I don’t know. However her character on the show is horrible, her story lines are horrible, why not get rid of her and keep him on? We were all finally loving Adam and how his character had turned his life around, he was my favorite part of the show and now he is gone and I am livid!!!! Not to mention the new/old Billy, I am sorry to say, he SUCKS!!!! There is no comparison what so ever, he is whiny, he does not gel with anyone on the show, especially Victoria, he is not a good fit at all. Billy Miller was charismatic, funny, sweet and an all around great actor, we all LOVED him dearly and the fact that you guys let him go because he wanted to pursue other things is a goddamned joke if you ask me, are they not allowed to have any other opportunities in life other than working on a soap opera, give me a break. We already lost the sweet Jeanne Cooper this year, god rest her soul and then you let Phyllis walk away, she has been the reason I have watched the show all these years, 4 of my absolute favorite characters on the show all gone in one year, you guys better get your shit together soon because you are losing tons of viewers and will continue to do so with all that is going on. Get rid of Noah and Courtney, Abbey and Tyler, those story lines are boring and pathetic, not to mention their acting is horrible. You guys better step up soon, cause you are not doing a great job, sorry to say.

  13. Heather

    Just on another note, I am not buying the fact that the viewer ratings and whatnot have increased dramatically since Adam (Michael Muhney) departed the show, I think that is a crock personally, I think you guys are trying to prove to us that his leaving the show has had a positive influence rather than negative, which by the way all I have seen is negative feedback, no one seems happy about it at all. Not buying any of it. I think the more you keep changing things the more viewers you are going to continue to lose, myself included. It is a shame, I have watched it faithfully for over 25 years but I am so done with it now. I also think Victor is a complete A**hole, maybe it is time for him to go!!!!

  14. Paul

    I no longer watch Y&R. I gave up. The best the show had was Michelle Stafford and Michael Muhney. Billy Miller is also terrific. Without these three actors, their characters have no dimension.

    I loved watching Y&R. My friends would tease me about it but I would defend the show. But now, there is nothing left to defend. Maybe, the folks at CBS can look to other CBS writers like the ones who write for The Good Wife and come up with some quality and interesting – and realistic – storylines.

    But for me, the party is over. Michael Muhney deserves an Emmy. And Michelle Stafford too.

  15. Pat

    I pretty much agree with everything that has been said. I have been watching the show for forty years, but now I don’t care it I miss it. I will go and do any business and not worry about missing the show. It has to do with three characters and good actors missing, Phyllis, Billy, and Adam.

  16. Brenda

    The new Billy Abbot is awful!! He is nothing a whiner!! He surely doesn’t fill the role of Victoria’s husband as he’s too young for her and acts like a spoiled brat!!! What happened with Adam I’m not sure, but you need to try to get him back and not another Adam but the same Adam. If there is a problem with he and Victor, they should be adult enough to work it out or does Victor run the show? Also, why are Lily and Cain still there on the show? They are sooo boring and don’t add anything to the storyline. Please just get rid of them and tell them to go get a motel room as that’s all they seem to do is lap over one another. I thought Lily was supposed to be gone long ago. Better clean up your act or there won’t be anyone left watching the show.

  17. judy hatch Name

    I agree with everyone above .miss Adam and Billy and Phylis…Does anyone one running of this show look at what we say ???? DOSEN”T LOOK LIKE IT …………….

  18. DinaMarie

    Please bring back Billy Miller he is the Best!!!! I also would Love to see Phyllis back Michelle Stafford is an Amazing actress and there is no one like her!!!!

  19. Shirley

    I agree with the people that Victor is an A–hole and always gets his way in everything. Cane and Lilly are really boring now. Don’t care for Summer and definately need to let jpf go and then bring back Michael Muhney.

  20. Caroline


  21. Holly

    I just can not watch the show any longer….it has really taken a nose dive! The writing is awful and the good actors that are left are struggling as you can only do so much with poor writing. Bring the two guys back and let Tom go…..he is way over his head! Such poor decision making…turn this around before it is too late. For me, I have to walk away.

  22. dawn

    Not only do they need to bring back Billy Miller and Michael Mulney…they also need to bring back the old writers. They need to FIRE – FIRE – FIRE jill phelps. She has ruined my fav show. The new Billy is awful…cant stand watching him…he is NO way the masculine acter Billy Miller is!!!! I cant stand watching him!!!!

    1. kim

      I agree totally! I cant stand the new Billy! Hes not good looking AT ALL and his acting SUCKS!!! As for Adam, well I was so disgusted yesterday when they made everyone think Adam was back and the disgusting Jeffrey walks out! Dam it! Bring back our players and wake the fuck up Phyllis! !!!

  23. gina

    BRING ADAM BACK. The more I hear and read, I don’t believe what they are saying about him. The new Billy stinks!!! He NEVER closes his mouth. The entire time he is acting, his mouth is gaping open. He looks like there is something wrong with him. GOOD JOB YOUND AND RESTLESS

  24. martha ludwig


  25. Linda Smith

    I think David Tom is doing a good job as Billy, the one person they really need to bring back is Dru ,but it has to be Victoria Rowell….that would make everyone watch…would be cool if she is in the same clinic as Phyllis, they both have amnesia…till they see each other…and all Hell breaks loose!!! that would be big time drama!!!!

    1. James

      I agree David Tom is talented like his sister Heather Tom. He came in at a height that requires him to reinvent Billy. These people on here are not patient for recasts. the character was already done pretty good when he did the role 12 years ago.

  26. Kat Smith

    the ONLY one who should be fired is the one making all the stupid changes to Y & R !!!! Fire whoever fired Michael, fire whoever brought in the new Summer, fire whoever let Billy go , fire whoever put in all the stupid storylines like this jewelry box mystery with Jill . AND whoever brought back Jill’s X!~! You alone have destroyed Y & R. YOU are the one who needs to be let go!! I am about to stop watching after watching since you started!!! I have been a die hard fan of Y & R . You need to understand that for big serious fans, these actors become like part of OUR family. We share in their lives every day. You don’t just yank them away from us without a real good reason. And especially if everything is going great on the storyline front. Who makes these stupid mistakes??? If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it!!!!! find out what your FANS WANT!!! Then work around that. We lost All My Children because of stupidity. And so many others down the tubes. You going to be next to end and disappear altogether? Wise up management at Y & R !!! People are leaving you by the hundreds !!!! You CAN get them all back!!! If you had a brain!!! FIX THE PROBLEMS> You only need to read these comments to know what your real problems are!!

  27. James

    I hated the character of Adam. Anyone who likes him must be sick. He made Ashley lose the baby and cleaned up the fetus afterwards. THat sick and Adam is no son that Hope would have raised. Adam would have been a respectful man and honorable. Instead the team Y&R ruined his character. Good riddance to Michael MUhney and the Adam Newman character.

    As far as Billy Miller, that ship has sailed. If anyone should go it should be Amelia Heinle she is a terrible Victoria.

  28. Linda

    The new Billy is just not cutting it. and it is time to end the phylis thing. AND LAST. MAKE A HUMAN BEING OUT OF VICTOR. HE THINKS HE CAN CONTROL THE WORLD. TIRED OF HIM

  29. Gerry

    I too have watched since the beginning. It’s really a shame that Adam was let go and that the short-sighted producers wouldn’t work with Billy to keep him. These two have been some of the greatest actors on Y&R EVER! Heather Tom was great on the show but David is one of the worst actors I have seen! Totally unbelievable and pathetic in the ability to convey true emotion…. All is fast-forwarded, not much to watch anymore. Bad management decisions will lead to a hasty cancellation of one the all-time best soaps ever. Shame on you.

  30. Maxine

    SO glad that Adam is gone, never liked the character!!! Miss Billy Miller!!! Get rid of Victor, Collin, Tyler, Leslie. Please DON”T bring back Michelle Stafford!!! I have watched the show since day one. I am getting so sick of the writing staff!!! And some of the story lines are sooo dragged out. And some are just so boring !!!!

  31. jaclyn

    And now chloe is leaving.. we, the viewers, hate the changes. .ur losing fans, but keep making these mistakes with your confidence, and soon u will be off air..

  32. jai

    Please Please Please bring back michael muhney please and old billy y and r needs to listen to its viewers. i honestly feel it would be best.

  33. Ida

    I can not believe that so many people do not have some empathy for the young woman the play Summer. What are soap fans turning into? Its just a soap with real people portraying character.

  34. Tina

    Hate the new Billy.. He just does not act very well. Frankly, he sucks! Not interested in the new Adam. But Billy needs,to GO!

  35. mary rodriguez

    After all these months why hasn’t MM stepped up and said it
    s a lie. If someone accuses you something like sexual harassment, if it isn’t true, why not defend yourself? he’s had plenty of time to set the record straight, and hasn’t. Why?
    As for Billy Miller, it wasn’t so much the money ,but the fact he wasn’t allowed to work out side of YR. I know a lot of people are mad, but as for me, I will continue to watch the new Billy, and enjoy YR.

  36. Treece

    Y&R really needs to get it together. I do miss the Michael aka Adam and Billy Miller, as well as, Phyllis. I would love for them to bring Victoria Rowell back but they will never bring her back. I am not crazy about David Tom as Billy. It seems that the chemistry is being forced. Too much is going on and it’s annoying to the fact that the writers think we are stupid as to think we as fans do not remember other story lines that suppose to tie into the ones now. What they are doing with the character Victor is becoming more sicking than ever. We all know he was vicious and evil but what he is doing to Sharon is enough. That woman is still grieving over the loss of her child and he is trying to make her have a break down. He has no regard for family. All of the story line suck, like really. Everything is all over the place and nothing makes sense.

  37. Barbara

    If you are no longer watching the Y&R & support Michael Muhney, join us on Facebook. The group is Muhney Walkers…we walked when Michael left.

  38. Raillan

    I don’t understand the support given Michael Muhney. He is accused of sexually harassing the young woman who plays Summer. If a grown man was sexually harassing your daughter at her job, would you want him to still be around? I’m interested in knowing how his behaviour could be supported or overlooked.

    I agree with the consensus regarding Billy Miller . Y & R needs him back. But Michael Muhney? Please let me know what I’m missing.

  39. Jaxiska

    YES!!!!!! FIRE JILL FARREN PHELPS!!!!! She is the poison that is killing this show! Michael Muhney’s leaving was the absolute last straw for me. You have to admit, if an actor can convince people like James that he is an evil baby killer who’s mother would be ashamed of him, he must be DAMN good at what he does! I have never believed the allegations against him, and as for defending himself…he HAS! However, once lawyers and contracts get involved, there is only so much that can be shared or explained. For me the crux of the matter is this: If Muhney WAS harassing this young woman, WHY did Phelps wait MONTHS to fire him? UNLESS, maybe he is INNOCENT and this is all a smokescreen to conceal the real reason for firing him and gain the support of viewers for getting rid of him. I’m not buying ANYTHING Phelps, Sony, or CBS is trying to sell. I hope they choke on their lies and Y&R sinks like a stone! The rest of the cast better grab a life vest.

  40. Gail(required)

    Bring Billy Miller Back!!!!! Bring Michael Muhney Back!!! This show is terrible since they let them go!!! Watched over 40 years and I miss my Y&R!

  41. lynne bofinger

    In Australia we are a long way behind you,Phyllis has only just had the fall,she is one of the main reasons I watch the show,now learning about all the other great actors who have departed the show I AM NO LONGER INTERESTED. There are some characters that should be put out of the show..Cane and Lily..Fen..Summer..Tyler..Abbey..Noah..

  42. Blair

    I do not care so much for Adam, but PAY BILLY MILLER WHAT HE WANTS!!!!! The new/old Billy (Tom) SUCKS!! The character out grew him. He sounds like a whiny girl, he cannot act, he looks like one of the kids and makes Victoria seem like a pedophile with that young boy. His physic is too small to intimidate like Billy Miller could. Just give Miller what he wants so we can enjoy again. I no longer even watch the show as it airs. I DVR it so I can fast forward through all his parts. WAKE UP PHYLLIS with the REAL Phyllis. Get rid of Conner and Lily needs to lighten up a little bit on Hillary. You’re losing long time watchers because of bad acting and lazy writers on top of being cheap with pay. You pay for what works and Billy Miller WORKS!

  43. Shirley

    I read somewhere the other day that J F P wanted to bring in Susan Lucci to bring the ratings up, well i laughed because i think its a joke. Look how long it took her to get an award. Then it also read that she (J F P) could stick her tail between her legs and ask Michael Mulney to come back. I think that would be great and i’m sure it would bring the rating back up. What they also need is to fire J F P And bring in someone who knows how to write great stories. Need to let some of the other boring people go such as Lilly and Cane, Summer, Fen. Please bring back Michael Mulney and Billy Miller.

  44. Jane

    I have watched Y&R for many years, Yes bring back the old Billy, Phyllis, and Adam !! They were the ones that make the show interesting. You never know what they would be up to next,
    It was like I couldn’t wait for the next day to come just to see what was going to happen next with them.
    And get rid of some of the kids.
    As of now Y&R is not very interesting to watch !!

  45. Leonie Atkinson

    I agree with Heather well said, it is time for Victor Newman to leave, I hate him, and as I said before bring back Adam Newman (the real one) and the old Billy and bring back Phyllis she made the show exciting, piss sharon off its getting boring put nick back with Phyllis , and avery is boring and as for summer well time for her to persue other avenues, get rid of fen hes a git but keep michael and lauren together, and give jack a new love interest maybe back with nicki and kill victor off also bring back ashley maje her a villian instead of so nice and sweet get her to have an affair with someone outrageous get sparks flying and jill needs something, do something with neil its getting boring and stop changing characters its not the same and upsets everything

  46. Karen McD.

    Being back the old Billy!!!!!!! Bring back Adam! The new Billy is boring no expressions like a little boy not as aggressive at all like the old Billy! Bring Phyllis out of her coma. Please don’t replace her with a new person! We want all the old players! The show is not as exciting without them. Please don’t replace Phyllis we need to see Red come back! She has helped make Young and restless since she has been on! I need old Billy! I need Adam! I surely need RED! BRING THEM ALL BACK! YOUNG AND RESTLESS BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!

  47. barbara barr

    the new billy is very boring and just doesn’T HAVEi it-there’s no chemistry between him and victoria-I”D like to see her with stitch-there is something there it is too bad that 3 of our favorite actors have left the show-I watch General Hopital because the old phyllis is there-and hoping Billy Miller will come soon! the show will be great!-barbara barr

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