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Jason Morgan is Alive; Who Will be Playing the Part?

It is no surprise that Jason is alive, no one really ever dies on a soap. His body was never found and I think we all figured eventually the character would be back in town. The question is, who will play Jason?

A rumored contender for the part is Michael Muhney. If you are not a Y&R fan, Michael Muhney played Adam Newman since 2009. Fans were outraged and have been boycotting the show over his firing. This popular actor played a darker role with grace and depth. That is partially why it would be feasible seeing him fitting in with the underworld in Port Charles. Rumors are flying around that Muhney may have an offer from General Hospital. Perhaps Muhney will be the new Jason? Wouldn’t that be ironic that Steve Burton went to Y&R and Muhney could end up playing his old iconic role? Michael Muhney may have left Genoa City in a cloud of controversy, but the fact remains that Muhney is an incredible actor with a strong following. Someone is sure to take a chance on hiring him, will that be GH?. With allegations of sexual harassment against him, he could be a liability for future employers. In addition, if the allegations are true that he is very difficult to work with, is it worth it to hire him?

If the plan is to recast the role, then why would the writers tease us with a photo of Steve Burton playing Jason Morgan? Perhaps Steve Burton will return. Burton has been on Y&R for about a year now. It would not be inconceivable to think that he may have had a shorter contract. Could he be heading back to Port Charles? If he is staying put in Genoa City, how do you feel about Muhney taking over the role of Jason?

Victor Cassadine, now the head of the WSB, will recruit Robin in his cause to resurrect Helena and Stavros. I don’t know about you, but I am sort of over Helena and Stavros. Victor explained how her beloved friend, Jason, is still alive and she can save him by helping the WSB. It is possible that since Robin is departing that all of this will be off screen for some time. If that is the case, perhaps the photo of Jason really was a tease. Jason may not be coming back anytime soon. After all, they teased us a long time before bringing back Robin for a short time.

BY: Carol Boorom / @CBoorom


  1. Melody

    I think it is all a tease. an excuse for Robin to leave her family that she was so joyously just reunited with, to run after Jason. She will leave and everything will be off screen until the actress gets bored and decided to come back (again). By that time hopefully Patrick will be with someone who won’t keep leaving him and Emma (irritated with the whole, I’m back, wait, I’m leaving again!)

  2. Steph

    Seeing as Steve Burton just re-signed with Y&R, (per his tweet the other day) I’m going with Michael Muhney as Jason Morgan. I would have loved to see him play an entirely new character. I don’t miss Jason on GH in the least.

  3. lillian roe

    I think Michael Muhney would make a great Jason,as long as he connects with Sam and Danny! But then Billy Miller would be good too. I do know.Steve Burton will not be returning. But I get to ser hum everyday on Y & R.

  4. Judy Vance

    I would love to see Jason back but if they have to recast that’s ok to as long as he does well with Sam don’t care much for John Bacbain and the mob seens are getting good !!!!!!

  5. Patrice Humphries

    In my opinion Muhney would not be a good choice. He’s not rough and tough enough. I can’t imagine him protecting anyone against the opposing crime field. If you want the ladies to keep watching then you had better give us some rough and tough eye candy. Sorry but Muhney does not fit that order. You took away Jason and I for one have been trying to hang in there with all these changes. If Muhney comes in as Jason I will no longer watch General Hospital. That will be the straw that broke the camels back sort of speak. I have been watching for 30+ yrs.

  6. Kathy

    I like Michael Muhney, but not as Jason. Billy Miller would be a better choice. But Steve Burton’s fans would go absolutely wild if he were to return.

  7. Daisy Day

    I would love to see SB back as Jason but since he signed a new contract with Y&R recently, he’s not coming back yet. As far as Michael Muhney, I doubt that ABC/Disney would hire him since he is a liability risk, His history of bad behavior is not something that a company like Disney would want to be associated with. As great as an actor he may be, the consequences could be too much of a risk.

  8. Becky

    Steve Burton is the ONlY actor who can play the role of Jason. It’s one thing to replace actors who don’t have a big history in the role. Steve has a 20 yr history. He is the originator of the role. He is Irreplaceable!

  9. Ellen

    While I will always identify Jason Morgan with the wonderful Steve Burton, I do believe Steve will remain with Y & R (since he just re-signed, as someone mentioned above), so if they are recasting the part, I personally think Billy Miller would be a much better fit for the role of Jason than Michael Muhney. MM is a wonderful actor, but IMO, I would also think that until whatever is going on with MM and the charges at hand are completely settled, no one is going to bring him on board.

  10. Sandy

    no one can replace Jason only Steve Burton himself can play the role no one will ever come close

  11. lObbyd)

    This is what I see happening there eventually will be a new Jason.his face would be distorted from being in the water so he had to have plastic surgery done.whola a new actor taking his place.

  12. Trisha

    Sorry but unless it’s Steve Burton playing Jason Morgan I’m not returning to GH. The only actor that can play Jason properly is Steve Burton. Anyone else would be a tragedy to the character. If Steve was to come back to GH (which from what I hear isn’t happening since he apparently signed a new contract with Y&R) then I’d watch GH again – to see him with Liz (Rebecca) again would be awesome!!! Again if the character of Jason Morgan is recast then I’m not returning to GH as a fan – sorry but that’s a deal clencher – Steve as Jason or nobody. LIASON 4 Ever!!!

  13. HelenMcK

    I was kind of ticked when I found out that Steve Burton didn’t really “retire” and move to Nashville as it had been rumored. When he was cast on Y&R, I was kind of shocked. Then I found out that he was flying back and forth and that the Y&R head honchos had put together a pretty sweet deal for SB. Why didn’t GH do the same? Maybe SB was tired of playing Jason and wanted to broaden his horizons. I don’t watch Y&R so I don’t know anything about the character he portrays. I have clicked through channels and have seen his face but that is about it. Jason is sure to return. It may take another 2 years for Robin to find a way to revive Jason, Helena, and Stavros (with Jason being the last). Maybe more. As many have pointed out, I’m tired of Helena and Stavros as well. Tony Geary doesn’t stick around long enough in PC to really stick to the Spencer vs. Cassadine feud. My hope is that Steve will return to his role as Jason a couple years from now when he is up for contract renewal with Y&R. He is Jason.

  14. Helen

    Everyone wants Steve Burton to come back to General Hospital as Jason but he isn’t coming back for now! I would love Billy Miller taking over the part of Jason. What bugs me is that Y&R won best day time soap I watched Y&R now that show is so boring I can’t believe they won!

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