It is no surprise that Jason is alive, no one really ever dies on a soap. His body was never found and I think we all figured eventually the character would be back in town. The question is, who will play Jason?

A rumored contender for the part is Michael Muhney. If you are not a Y&R fan, Michael Muhney played Adam Newman since 2009. Fans were outraged and have been boycotting the show over his firing. This popular actor played a darker role with grace and depth. That is partially why it would be feasible seeing him fitting in with the underworld in Port Charles. Rumors are flying around that Muhney may have an offer from General Hospital. Perhaps Muhney will be the new Jason? Wouldn’t that be ironic that Steve Burton went to Y&R and Muhney could end up playing his old iconic role? Michael Muhney may have left Genoa City in a cloud of controversy, but the fact remains that Muhney is an incredible actor with a strong following. Someone is sure to take a chance on hiring him, will that be GH?. With allegations of sexual harassment against him, he could be a liability for future employers. In addition, if the allegations are true that he is very difficult to work with, is it worth it to hire him?

If the plan is to recast the role, then why would the writers tease us with a photo of Steve Burton playing Jason Morgan? Perhaps Steve Burton will return. Burton has been on Y&R for about a year now. It would not be inconceivable to think that he may have had a shorter contract. Could he be heading back to Port Charles? If he is staying put in Genoa City, how do you feel about Muhney taking over the role of Jason?

Victor Cassadine, now the head of the WSB, will recruit Robin in his cause to resurrect Helena and Stavros. I don’t know about you, but I am sort of over Helena and Stavros. Victor explained how her beloved friend, Jason, is still alive and she can save him by helping the WSB. It is possible that since Robin is departing that all of this will be off screen for some time. If that is the case, perhaps the photo of Jason really was a tease. Jason may not be coming back anytime soon. After all, they teased us a long time before bringing back Robin for a short time.