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Eric Braeden Shares Harsh Words About Michael Muhney

The word bully is often associated with kids and teenagers.  One generally doesn’t think of a 37-year-old actor being fired for being a bully.  There is more than one side to the story and fans are divided over what is the truth.  Did Muhney, a father of three,  bully and sexually harass Hunter King, his 20 year old ex costar? Or, did Hunter come on to Muhney and wanted revenge for his rejection.

Either way, the show has suffered a decline in viewership over the whole situation. TV by the Numbers reported on Jan. 25 that “Young and the Restless,” took a downward turn to its ratings from Jan. 13 to Jan. 17, this came one week after reporting its highest ratings in three years. Compared to the same reporting period in 2013, “The Young and the Restless” lost nearly 500,000 viewers.

There are multiple Facebook and Twitter groups dedicated to saving Michael Muhney.  There are also many stars starting to speak out.  Fans started vocalizing their concerns and even accused actors like Eric Braeden of having a hand in the firing.  Although some accused him of trying to get rid of Michael, Braeden contends that actually it was the other way around.  “I was prompted to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with him because he wanted me off the show, if you want to know the truth,” said Braeden in the Radar Online report.  Braeden went on to say, “The notion that Hunter King came to me and was coaxed by me to go to the top (and get Muhney fired) is utter nonsense.”  We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie,” added Braeden in the report by Radar Online. “He wanted me off the show because he wanted to be head honcho. In his words, I was the old lion and he was the young lion. He wanted to push aside the old lion. That was in his words to me, at the very end. I welcomed that guy, as I said. (I told him), ‘You are very good at what you do, keep your nose clean and stay out of everyone else’s business and just do your job.’”

Even Michael’s mom has taken to Twitter.  She recently tweeted, “Really disappointed in fans negativity and taunting cast, crew and execs at Y&R. Please don’t associate that harassment with Michael’s name.”

According to International Business Times, Other cast members of “The Young and the Restless” including Joshua Morrow, Jessica Collins, Eileen Davidson, Christian Le Blanc, Greg Rikaart, Elizabeth Hendrickson and Christel Khalil seemed to side with Hunter because they defended her from bashers on Twitter.

So why is Hunter and Michael so tight lipped about the situation?  Most likely since these two are the employees that are directly involved in the situation they are bound by legalities.  Somewhere in their employment contracts there must be a clause about confidentiality.

What do you think?

BY: Carol Boorom / @CBoorom


  1. Karen

    Point on is he is the best actor ever…. Braeden lost that years ago….before Michael! Everyone was threatened by his work. I will no longer watch.

  2. Name (required)ALEXIS

    Will miss Michael immensely!! He played his part well. I always looked forward to his storyline everyday.
    I don’t know what happened to Y&R, but it is no longer my most favorite soap.

    Please someone save this soap, before it sinks

    1. Jae

      Actually, someone did! “Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva” was written by Victoria Rowell who used to play Drucilla. I have to be honest, I bought the book a couple of years ago in a bargain bin and haven’t read it yet but the cover says that it’s about the behind the scenes action on a soap so I would imagine some of it is based on truth!

  3. glenda

    I dont watch the show much any more is because of eric braden I cant stand victor any more ..hes too controlling and thinks he runs the universe.GET RID OF HIM.

  4. Linda

    My personal opinion is just let it go. The more you stir the incident up the worse it makes it for all concerned. What happens behind the scenes should stay right there. I love the Young and the Restless and have watched it since 1978. All of the Actors put a lot into making it a Good Soap. Let’s try and not push the issue. Whoever did what is their business, as long as the writers write good story lines I will continue to watch.

  5. Name (required)Donna

    People are right, there are two sides to ever story, but down the road I really think King came on to him and He did not like it, so he turned her down and she was mad at it, Michael is a great actor and plays Adam well, no one will ever beable to replace him…I do not like Victor anymore either, he is to demanding….He’s the bad guy here…

  6. BrightEyes

    isnt that what soap stars do , they take turns gropping each other , making it look like there having sex , and everything in between , i dont think it’s Michael’s fault , i dont think it’s Hunters fault , it is just plain crap , i will as always to watch the soap , but the writters need to pull their head out of their asses , at one time time the Y & R was the top soap , dont look like it anymore , between firing and hiring new people , you never know whose who these days

  7. Tammi

    Ok so someone hit on someone and no one likes it. Lol
    So we are going to get rid of a great actor over someone getting hit on and feelings hurt. I love Adam abs lets face it no one can play Adam like Muchael. With that said if we can get all the darkness and death off the show and move on with these storylines Y&R can get back to the awesome show it is. With that being said I would like to see Victor k Ickes off his high horse

  8. Sharon

    Inasmuch as Michael Muhney’s mother had to share her feelings about the negative comments against the company, tells me that possibly her son is the BULLY he is being touted as!! Why else would she BEFRIEND the company that fired her son??
    Enough of wanting to see him back…..let him go to GH!!

  9. Dee

    Let the producers sort it out. I will always watch Y & R. It has been my favorite!

  10. Ellen Wright

    Well, it is a drastic mistake to let Billy Miller and Michael Muhney go. I have watched this soap for 40 years, and I am very disappointed that Jill Phelps has taken these steps. You can’t beat Michael M. or Billy M. Please get these two super actors BACK.

    As far as Hunter goes, I don’t believe that Adam would jeopardize his family and wonderful career for a sassy 20-year old. He’s way too smart for that!

  11. Donna (required)

    Don’t believe this write up at all. Its like everyone is trying to save there own job now. Billy or Adam shouldn’t have been let go at all they are the new kids on the block but the future of the show if it wants to be around another 10 years!!!

  12. TAMMY

    Only those directly involved know the truth. I doubt he would have been fired without a thorough investigation. I love Y&R , Victor, Nikki, Sharon, Nik, and all the other actors so I am not gonna stop watching. That’s just dumb. Like I said only those there know what happened. I liked Adam too but I miss other actors too. That’s how things go in that business. If I stop watching it will be just that I am no longer intested not because of character changes.

    1. Patricia (required)

      I agree Tammy. I love the show and won’t miss Adam but will miss Billy. But I missed Brad until he became Bill on B&B. And the old Victoria who is now Katy on B&B. Things change and we need to keep an open mind.

  13. becky griffin

    This show is going downhill very fast will be the next to be canceled. The roles of Adam and Billy have been amazing I cannot believe both of them are leaving. When they are gone I am gone….

  14. Mike

    Eric Braeden should be fired. He can not act. I am so tired of hearing Billy Boy come out of his mouth. I probably will quit watching not because of who’s leaving but because Braeden is still employed there.

  15. Kathy

    I feel there should be a gag order on all the cast at Y&R from talking about the Michael Muhney situation. It is only hurting them. I feel Hunter King’s name should never have been leaked out by TMZ. At this point, I don’t think Michael Muhney would want to come back – we have to accept his firing. He is an excellent actor who will go on to greater things – hope he goes to GH.

  16. Fran

    I am a lover of theater and actors, having dabled in it since I was a child. I am blown away by the confrontational performances on Y&R by Michael and Billy these past few episodes, so believable and dynamic in their roles! They are The loss of these two young actors has got to be devastatiing to everyone involved with the program as well as the fans. Neither situation was handled well and I will miss them very much.

  17. jOAN

    I have watched Y&R for many years – I think the characters of Adam and Billy do a great job – know that Adam has been given many bad roles but he played them well and now that apparently he is a changed man (in this role) he is doing a great job – they have so many new characters that you wonder why they have a story line. They are not interesting and bring nothing to the show. I know it is called the Young and the Restless – not the Old and the Restless – but keep the story line easy to follow – not jump around from new young actors that bring nothing but confusion to the storyline. Thing with them are keeping you hanging on way too long! Victor can be tiring – his attitude stinks!

  18. Gina Baker

    Michael has played this difficult role as soon as he has gotten it. His character has gotten the short end of the stick every since his Mom convinced him to go to Geneoa City to meet his sister and brother. They acted like they were so much better than he was and even Nikki didn’t give him any nice attention. So they wondered why he did so much. He wanted attention even bad was better than nothing. So this kind of role goes on until his Mom appeared to him. Then he changed his life for the better. So what the writers do? Try and make him the bad guy out of this Delia thing. To me I think the show needs better writers. These ones seems like they know no other person to blame things on then Adam. THAT IS GETTING OLD!
    Now so what the show does is beyond me! They fire the guy who had to go through all this crap of which he was very good at. I really wanted to see him in the role of being a good guy for once and for all! Then to find out that he is a FAMILY MAN with children to support! Way to go Y & R! Way to show support for jobs in this country! Are you all Americans or what? I’m beginning to wonder!

  19. Gina Baker

    p.s. Get rid of Victor (Eric Braeden) I am so tired of having him role around in crap and come up smelling like a rose! He is about the only one who is not held responsible for his actions. For once I would like to see Jack come out ahead of him in their scraps. It is getting real old! Y & R wonder why you are loosing popularity? Get your head out of the sand and look! You better do it before it’s too late!

  20. sandra

    Have already lost one of your best actors.phylliss.and now adam and billy. They make the show.alwaya wondering what they are going to do next.can be cruel, but yet loving giyd.I have watched faithfully, backwhen my mom eatched it everyday.mrs chandslers passing eas bad enough.didnt think it would be worth watching, but adam and billy alwaya kept it interesting.I have been watchinh the bolf and beautiful more and more and otherd are keep bringing on and out characterd, your going to lose to that show and yes, wouldnt miss victor many summers havde you had or maybe im thinking of abby.gthat goesto show how much you sre changing characters..I would truly think twice aboit these daughter og 26 even likes adam the best and now with him getting married to chels, whom I thimk make a greatcouple, then having thr ba by.I get to where I I miss a few days, doesnt even matter anymore, since I heard aboit where use to, I eould of never missed a dhoe and yes, would love to see jack wim for once and stsy better think long and hard people for you are making a very big mistake.Il try not to tell you so when yoi get shot down.keep them, so you can keep this show alive.ill find something to eatch.what hsppened was you let these good ratingd go to your head and noe you think you can make up anything now.well, eithout them, you cant.goof luck, cux your going to need it. Sorry bout the typing, but writing too fast and I think out og it all. You get my drift.would wish adam and billy good luck, but thry are not going to need it.think about it

  21. Mz Katzeyz

    In my opinion one the problems can easily be solved by sacking Eric Braeden. He’s become such a hack. His performances are all one note. He always has the same old look on his face and the same old inflections in his voice. Good grief! He needs to step aside and let the younger actors get the “lion’s” share of the on-screen time. Jerry Douglas knew when to step back. He left with elegance and grace; I love it when he comes back as the ghost (conscience) of his children. Stories like that are interesting, except for the Sharon/Cassie story. That one is really stupid because Cassie has no real reason to be there. She isn’t contributing anything to the storyline. Anyway, I’m off topic, what I want to emphasize is that Braeden has lost his edge and his character is completely and utterly boring. I so wanted to see Adam “The Dark Prince” squash Victor “The Dark Knight”. I thought it was going to happen in the beginning when Adam and Brad were taking over Newman Ent. I rooted for that storyline for a long time but nothing, nothing, nothing happened. Adam’s character just got pushed into a small hole that he was just making it out of, with the help of Sharon, and then, bang, his character disappeared into the background again. All the while Victor’s storyline continues to overpower the show. I believe it was Eric Braeden that wanted Michael Muhney gone. His ego is too big to handle the competition. He knows he should be stepping back and he is just too full of himself to let it go.

    I’ve been watching this program since day one; I was 19 years old when it went on the air. I have never watched any other soap opera ever. It’s with a heavy heart that I have made the decision that I cannot commit any more of my time to this show. I have been there through thick and thin, starting with the Brooks and the Fosters. I was there as the families transitioned to the current families, the Newmans and Abbots. I was still on board even after Jeanne Cooper (my beloved Katherine) died. Today, the story lines and actors, along with their characters, are simply just flat one dimensional. I don’t care what happens to them, my sense of ownership has slipped away, along with Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. I will probably read a show synopsis once in a while but I’m not motivated to tune in and that is a pity because this program with its’ characters and actors have been a part of my life for a very, very long time.

  22. Kim

    I’ve watched this show for over 4o plus years, so long that I think I am probably one of the original views to start watching this show. It’s doubtful I will stop. Am I sad Michael and Billy are exiting the show, sure, of course, yet, I’ve seen other Actors come and go, 40 yrs worth. Some have even returned, so perhaps, we might hope to see Michael and Billy return in the future if we are lucky. In the mean time, I will continue to watch, as i always have, and sometimes, watch again at night now that I have a new channel broadcasting it as well as on the weekends. Rest assured Y&R, people who have been with you for over 40 yrs are not going to be able to ditch their daily habit!

  23. Reine

    The best thing EB should do is to keep quiet. I wish they would get rid of this character as he is just pure evil. I will keep watching but so disappointed in CBS, Sony & some of the casts. I don’t know what actually happened but they are losing 2 great actors.

  24. Robin

    I am a fan, and has been for years. All you fans that are threatening to stop watching over one actor, you are all sick. I will still watch. How long has Michael Muhney been on this soap, what, 5 years, and how long has these others have been on, like Eric Braeden, and Melody Thomas Scott and you all are getting all nuts over Michael Muhney who has been on 5 years and is leaving now, please. If he did this harassment to Hunter King, and you really don’t know that he did or didn’t do it, you have no prove either way, so shame on all of you for your outburst to The Young and The Restless team. I will always and continue to watch Young and The Restless.

  25. jeannine

    aaahhhh adam should stay victor should go .adam and cheashea what a great couple and who will help raise peanut! but the dead always come back

  26. Name (required)ada blevins

    I won’t watch the show if they take Michael off he is a good actor as for victor alot of people r getting mad at him. It’s not the actor it’s the lines He is saying his lines so give him a break

  27. Cathie

    I will stop watching the Y@R. Been a fan from the first day. Michael is my favorite actor. He is brilliant. I tuned in every day because of his acting. The show has gone downhill. He is the strongest character. When a network fails to listen to fans it is because of poor management. They need to focus on developing stronger characters who captivate the audience

  28. claire

    OK just show us proof then…where is the report for the police(black out any important info just show us the name and the remarks!!!! Did any one see it? Just don’t say he could of done it did any eyes see it? I have stopped watching his last day and according to the polls so have a lot of viewers…so there you go Y&R a fast way to kill the soap!!!!!!

  29. Joy

    Pretty soon you’re not gonna have any soaps left to watch you all should be happy you got what few is left to watch …acting just like little kids grow up and get over it…..Y&R has been on a very long time and I for one am not gonna stop watching..look at what you are doing to the other actors on it…pretty soon they will be out of a job all for what cause your all unhappy cause they fired Michael… I like all the other actors no matter what has happen not gonna keep me from watching it …Been watching since I was young not gonna stop now. No respect for the other actors OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! They have already taken off a bunch of soaps already..I love Young & Restless and all the actors .

  30. Waldo

    I really do have to laugh because we all talk about the show as if it were REAL. A lot of negative comments about Eric Braeden but keep in mind that he is ONLY READING HIS LINES!! He is ONLY DOING HIS JOB AS IT IS WRITTEN! The blame for his character being so Hateful or Arrogant lies only on the writers. Yes…there are days the show is pretty boring but not every day in peoples lives is filled with excitement and drama so it should even out. TOM will have a challenge replacing Billy but he was a good choice, Adam played his part like a pro and I will miss them both just like I’ve missed other good actors. I don’t care for Hunter’s acting but Christine (Belle) has never been able to act either but I overlook that because of the quality of other actors. I will continue to watch Y&R with good actors and poor actors, young and old, boring and exciting.

  31. Angie

    I am glad he’s gone if he did that to my daughter much worse would have happened. He was an ok actor but you do not violate a woman. and your married and have kids. i hope your wife wakes up too. Victor is awesome and has been on this show forever and deserves to still be there. adios!

  32. Gayle

    I think Y%R is taking a bad blow for the personal differences between two actors. So sad to see the best & oldest soap lefty on air to be loosing ratings over this kind of issue. Chances are one or both would have moved on anyway had they been offered a big break elsewhere because that is how it is with soap stars. Did Kelly Rippa look back when offered a better job…..NO! And there have been several others over the years ; I won’t list them all but hey people that is how the game goes. Get over it. If you are truly a fan you will continue to watch, if not you never were a fan to begin with guys.

  33. linda keltner

    I believe Michael is innocent and Braden used hunter which I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw her to help get rid of Michael.I hope one day the truth comes out but until then I will watch the ratings continue to drop because of stupid story lens and killing off young actors.I myself thought Eric was leaving because of money hope the door hits him in the a** as he leaves.

  34. Suzy

    Aside form the fact that Michael is married with kids, why would he go after Hunter when his on screen wife is so much more a beautiful woman?!

  35. Name (required)bjtfan


  36. Rosemary Sorrentino

    Ok..I am 64 and have been watching this show from the beginning .. I have never been so angry and teed off as I am right now.. you people are in SHOW BUSINESS .. you are going to be put in situations where a MAN OR WOMAN might cross the lines.. it HAPPENS SO WHAT.. we don’t RUN TO THE OFFICE WHINNING THEN fire everyone for being stupid in public.. the matter between summer and adam should of been handled between the 2 of them .. if she isn’t woman enough to put that man in his place its HER PROBLEM … NOT THE CAST OF Y AND R……I was not there to say if she came on to him or not .. REALLY don’t matter.. if he grabbed her boob OH WELL .. get over it.. I feel summer really put her SELF ON THE SHORT LIST OF PEOPLE WHO WILL HIRE HER IN THE FUTURE..if she is going to WHINE AND TELL on every man who touches her boob.. I don’t like the way this show is being handled I don’t like the way JILL PHELPS is replacing fan favorites to get her group of friends on the show.. its shows lack of leadership when you can’t handle your crew.. I have said this before ….Arnold S was make governor and Clinton remained president and they did a LOT MORE THAN GRAB A DAMN BOOB… YOU FIRED MICHAEL AND BILLY .. now you want us to continue to watch the FALLOUT OF THIS DISASTER..STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES… NOPE>.

  37. Rosemary Sorrentino

    ERIC>>>> ERIC…..ERIC……UGGG.. You should KNow better… you should NOT have put your view on any site… YOU open yourself up to crap being flung your way…… YOU Sir are OLD you look like CRAP your eyes look like 2 piss holes in the snow… you think because you are the GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ oh sorry VICTOR you have some kind of super powers .. that has some how given ONLY you the right to say who you want to work with and who you don’t .. if you can’t deal with a Man who has a powerful attitude that clashes with you.. then its time you step down and ..go to a nursing home to entertain …

  38. Raquel

    So it comes down to her word against his word , so Micheal gets fired . OK well than she should be fired too. Can’t fire one and not the other .Btw Y&R better start casting some good looking guys cause they are seriously lacking it now that 2 were just let go !

  39. MARTHA


  40. luci miller

    think they were all jealous because MICHAEL is such a great actor. He stole each sean he was in and he stole fans from the others on the show.If he was so bad why did it take them so long to do something

  41. nancy ross

    I have watched the show since Day One..March 26,1973.. I will continue to wach it..Eric Bradaen is great as Victor..His character is a prick,but thats what makes him a great actor..Great job Eric..

  42. Mizzes Clybrn

    Sad but true: “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Something happened and exactly what, we will never know. Hopefully Michael Muhney will use this situation as the learning experience it is and return a better person because of it. I like him as an actor and hope he uses the time to reflect and make whatever adjustments necessary to be a person both his family and friends can be proud to support.

  43. Name (required)lady g

    I have watched y&r since 1978 I love the show and will ALWAYS watch. A lot of you so called fans are crazy as have Eric confused with his character he is a strong actor some of you young folk sound like fools talking leave and give a young person the role…Smh put in the time you guys for nothing. Michael was probably bold enough to think he can get away with what. He did. I saw I’m looking forward to moving on looking forward to watching the new Adam/billy

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