Breaking: Kimberly McCullough Leaving GH Again!

Robin and Patrick’s happy reunion will soon be coming to an abrupt halt. After all the fanfare of her return, Robin is again leaving Port Charles. McCullough is getting ready to direct a feature film and doesn’t have time for both jobs. This news was not a surprise to the executives at General Hospital, as they always knew how much time they would have with the actress.

McCullough recently told Soaps in Depth, “I only have two more weeks left. Next week and the week after.” General Hospital experienced a ratings boost when Robin returned, but was it worth it? Fans are going to be mad that the character was back for such a short amount of time. I personally do not want pivotal actors on the show just appearing just long enough to screw up the storylines and then leave again. How do you feel?

McCullough was asked how she would be written out this time and she told Daytime Confidential, “Robin’s leaving because of her love for another character that is not Patrick on the canvas.” So, who is this love that would cause her to leave Patrick and poor little Emma? It doesn’t make sense. McCullough says it is not goodbye but rather see you later. What on earth would tear Robin away from her family now that she just got them back? The love for her father Robert? Since Tristan Rogers has left the show perhaps Robin can go off screen to help her father.

Patrick, Emma, and Robin will not ride off into the sunset together.  As a fan of the show, would you rather take Robin when she can be on the show or just cut the ties and have Patrick fully move on? Does this mean a future for Sabrina and Patrick? Can Sabrina forgive Patrick and take him back? Wouldn’t she always be concerned that he will chose Robin over her again in the future?

Sabrina is carrying Patrick’s child and made a wonderful mother figure to Emma, however I don’t think the writers will just throw them back together right away.  With Teresa Castillo  being pregnant in real life she will be eventually be departing the show for maternity leave.   How do you think the writers will handle the situation?

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BY: Carol Boorom / @CBoorom


    1. genia

      im glad she leaving now patrick and sabrina can have a life and yes liz tell patrick that sabrina is pregant with his child

  1. pam

    I can’t believe she is leaning, poor Emma, I cried when her n Patrick got back together!!

  2. Dale

    I think if Robin is leaving it should be for good!!! She’s like revolving door. Patrick and Emma need peace and time to move on!!! I and a lot of other fans are tire of Robin coming and going!!! Just go and good luck!!!

  3. Carolyn

    We all have to remember this is FICTION – LOL – that said: I know that Robyn has been played by the same actress since forever – either she comes & stays, goes and stays away or they replace her altogether – I agree about the intruption of the story – PIN – and makes
    less sense than most story lines…..

  4. dixiemartin

    Who on earth would Robin be in love with? She never got with anyone she was locked up all those years.
    I think that Robin should find out that Patrick is going to be a father and decide to move on since she is leaving anyway and go do research in Paris again until she wants to return.
    I liked Patrick and Robin but her leaving all the time she hurts the story-line. Great she is alive but then leaves her family again.
    It’s time for Patrick to get back to Sabrina.

  5. Rochelle

    I love Robin and always have. I love Robin and Patrick together. But I was so happy when Sabrina and Patrick finally got together! If this was gonna be the case that she would be leaving again, They should of had Patrick chose Sabrina and then had a short/brief storyline for Robin. I hope that Sabrina and Patrick can make their way back to each other!

  6. Tressa

    Let Robin come and go as she needs. Patrick will always be there for her return and they can have great storylines whenever she gets back on canvas. She’s only going to direct a movie and then come back. Patrick can be on a “middle” burner til her return.

    1. Kelli

      I love Robin and Patrick together. And if the writers knew she would be doing this then when she’s done directing she will be back . There’s a lot of chemistry between them and its only for a few more weeks and if everyone’s such a die hard gh fan as I am we can wait on her to return.

  7. anna

    kick robin to the curb and let Patrick & Sabrina get back together. im tired of seeing robin go back and forth. keep her of the show this time and write Sabrina’s real pregnancy into the story line.

  8. Linda Bullerman

    If she is leaving then the whole family leaves together or find another Robin. I don’t like the Patrick & Sabrina together and like you said she is going to leave too. So have Patrick, Robin, Emma go to Paris to work for awhile and then come back. It would save them money but then Patrick & Emma wouldn’t have work.

  9. Kathi

    Kim needs to make a final break. Her “family” can’t wait for her to drop in when it’s convenient. Move on and let Sabrina take over.

  10. Ginny

    For all you people that kept pumping Robin up: Good!!!!! He should have never chose Robin; then she should have left; and he and Sabrina would have been married; and parents to their beautiful baby!!!!!

  11. Nia

    I’m getting extremely tired of Robin coming and going! Just so you’ll know, I was one of her biggest fans, until I heard she was leaving. What was the point in returning? The writers of GH need to be replaced, in a hurry, I’m just disgusted about the whole thing. Robin and Patrick never discussed what happened to her, Robin never received recognition for finding a cure for Polonium poison and she hasn’t seen two of her closest friends in the show: Brenda Barret and Sonny Corinthos! This is terrible writing!

  12. Name (required) Tammy Deluna

    They keep talking about Jason and her not being able to say goodbye. Somehow the WSB finds out he’s alive and she leaves to take care of him??? I don’t like her coming and going. They need to either write her off or recast.

  13. lillian roe

    I think robin should just depart Gh for good. I think her time is up on Gh I will miss her,but it is getting tiring too watch her come and go. And truthfully her part as robin is rather boring.

  14. Erin

    I have been watching GH on and off since the late 90’s and have NEVER been a fan of KM’s Robin. I totally agree with Lilian Roe, with one caveat, I will NOT miss her at all. In fact I was infuriated when she recently returned. I get that she has been there since the beginning, but she knows how much work goes into her time as a director and it is up to her to choose. My thoughts: Kill Robin off, for good this time, and let Emma, Patrick and everyone else grieve, then MOVE ON.

  15. Denise

    I think Robin, Patrick and Emma need to all leave until Robin can return. They have worn out the storyline. Enough.. let’s move on to other characters!! Pleeease?

  16. lisa

    i hate that robin is leaving again. i don’t like what it will do to emma and patrick. wasn’t fair to ruin sabrina’s wedding for this barely 2 month appearance. i just wonder if kimberly would make more money with an every week paycheck or some flash in the pan whatever job she is taking. not cool robin, we went crazy to get you back. just not cool.

  17. Name (requiredChristina

    Kill Robin off by Britt’s mom. Then get rid of her too. Have Patrick beg for Sabrina’s love. Wait … Have Pat tell Robin he made a mistake that he love’s Sabrina. Robin jump’s in the car, flying down the road and hit’s Britt’s mom and kill’s her self and Britt’s mom. (what ever her name is). If you need any one to write story line’s for you, let me know.

  18. Name (required)Bevie

    Good riddence to Robin…again..hope she stays gone this time…what a joke bringing her back.what a waste of all the characters time on the show….hope the writers wise up and keep her away from now on…boring as she is

  19. Name (PAT

    have Robin leave for good. Let Patrick go on with his life…… Doesn’t really matter to me, after 50 years of watching GH, I am done watching it. So sick of Heather Webber and her crap, now you’ve brought The evil dr back as Chief of staff and I am sick of her. Don’t want to watch the garbage that the writers are putting on GH anymore. I was a faithful GH Fan for along time, but done with it now…..

  20. Mary

    That was an error in GH judgement by bringing her back just to have her leave again!! She would never just leave her family and cause that kind of emotional distress on Emma! Should have left her dead!!!!!!

  21. mandy

    so glad robin is finally leaving so Patrick can go back to Sabrina to help her raise his child with her we both know it is Patrick’s child

  22. lanie940

    You all should understand Kimberly McCoullogh is pursuing her dream of directing. This was how it was going to be from the beginning. I support her on this. I can’t imagine who she is leaving Patrick for, but I remember when she left before awhile back she met someone she was attracted to, she was gone on a seminar or something. I would rather she kick Obrect’s butt, though and be fired for that. I want to see Epiffany smack her (Obrect upside her face!

  23. Name (required)Tressa

    I say Robin can come and go as needed. Her history with GH is long standing and they can work around her schedule. Knowing that she is alive, Patrick and Emma can survive.

  24. Name (required)Sheila

    It’s not realistic that she’s leaving Emma but I’m glad she’s going. I thought the actress from Grey’s coming had something to do with it. It’s just part of, I’m afraid, the last gasps of GH. Bringing back Olbrecht was a big mistake. Bye bye GH.

  25. Anjie

    Don’t get me wrong, I have always like Robin. I was very disappointed when she came back. I grew to love Patrick and Sabrina together. I was hoping that he would choose Sabrina over Robin. She will be missed. But, now I am looking forward to Patrick and Sabrina getting back together and raising THEIR baby.

  26. Tressa

    I’ll take ROBIN whenever her schedule fits. She and Patrick can be one of those long distanced couples. She’ll be back. I loved them together. Wish they were a real life couple.

  27. Kandy Name (required)

    I love Robin, always have, however, imo the writers missed an opportunity. I had read that KM’s return was to be short-lived, they should have had Patrick stay with Sabrina and spent the time she was on in reconciling herself to being w/o Patrick, Then when she had to leave again for other projects, it would have made more sense that she was leaving Emma with her father and a potentially great step-mom and baby brother or sister and more in line with Robin’s character. I am fine with her coming and going, just as I love when Laura comes back for a while, although I must say the writers did a poor job this time around. She is still at the Dr.’s in Paris while her beloved daughter was waiting on the birth of her child and then lost custody of that child? Come on guys and gals, you could have done better on both Robin and Laura’s temporary story lines with a little better job on the storyboard!!

  28. Toure Cannon

    W T F! Again! how many times does a character of a soap opera have to leave, before somebody gets nauseated with puke?quit jerking the characters around General Hospital! Same thing with Laura Spencer, but this time she stayedmuch longer. Don’t get me wrong,General Hospital have gone back to its originality elements of a prime time show,in the ratings, have gone up. If you do not want to become A One Life to Live casualty, stop f****** with the characters storylines, because some of your writers are confused! other than that keep up the good work! I love what you’re doing with the show to keep it from getting CANCELLED!

  29. Elizabeth

    She’s leaving to save Jason who is frozen alongside Helena and Stavros Cassadine. This cryogenics thing is a bit of a stretch for me to handle, I wish they kept the storylines more realistic! This is how they keep the revolving door of actors going…freeze them, then they can thaw them out as needed! I just hope the writers keep it real and not go off on some weird, unbelievable storyline like last time! They will definitely lose viewers then!

  30. Sandy

    GH is boring now it’s not like it use to be years ago with Luke and Laura the story lines are boring don’t even watch it that much anymore it would be so much better if they had the older characters come back and stay instead of just a visit and leave again they need more story lines with the older characters

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