Is Jill Farren Phelps a Soap Slayer?

“Last year was a terrible year for The Young and The Restless,” says Sara Bibel, a former Y&R writer who now writes about soaps for Daytime Confidential and others. “Its rating went way down.”Young and the Restless Fans are vocal and they may disagree on a lot of things, but they seem to all be fed up  with Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps. There is even an online petition to fire her. Now she has brought on a new heard writer that many say was a major contributor to All My Children Getting Canceled. Even though it seems odd that CBS hired these folks , they claim that they are not hoping the soaps will go away and be replaced by lower cost talk shows.

Phelps is a true soap veteran.  The 64-year-old executive has served as the executive producer for Santa Barbara, Another World, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, General Hospital and now The Young and the Restless.  Except for General Hospital, all the other long running soaps that she has worked for are no longer on the air. Even General Hospital was close to be cancelled, so one wonders why she keeps getting leadership positions in the soap opera genre.  It seems more like if you want to kill off a show you should bring in Phelps the soap slayer to do the job.

Shortly after Phelps startedat Y&R, TV Guide asked Eric Braden his opinion on Phelps and Braedan stated, “I’m getting along with her. She deals well with actors. She likes actors. As far as I can see she is very involved, very hands-on, which I like. It took me a while to get used to that but that was because I was very upset that Maria Bell left, and I didn’t really want to accept anyone new for a while. Maria’s exit was a double whammy in the sense that she was the last Bell. Right or wrong, I still feel very nostalgic about Bill Bell. Did it take me a while to get used to Jill? Absolutely. But I like her. One can talk to her.”

Prior to her arrival in Genoa City, Phelps had a long run at General Hospital and did enjoy some success.  She began her tenure there in 2001 and during her reign there the show won Outstanding Drama series four different years.  Although she did have success at General Hospital the show was in decline when she let go.  The ratings were down to a point of near cancellation. Luckily new management came into place and the show has been thriving as of late.  This begs the question, is Phelps out of touch with what viewers want? Her storytelling is dark at best and she has a reputation of getting rid of veterans.

When Farren Phelps came on board at Y&R it did not take her long to part ways with the now former writer Josh Griffith, who did not supposedly see eye to eye creatively with her. Interestingly she told TV Guide in 2012 not too long before their parting, “It’s exciting. Thrilling! I never imagined I was going to be here. And it feels particularly great to be doing this with Josh. He and I go all the way back to Santa Barbara, then we got together again just recently for [Nickelodeon’s] Hollywood Heights. He knows the characters and the history of Y&R really well and deeply respects this show. I trust him completely. Producers don’t make ratings, writers do, and Josh is the exact right person to be here at this time. He knew I was going to be talking with you and he said to tell you, “Genoa City will explode with intrigue and romance!” Something obviously went a wry with those two.

Fans are upset by many of the current storylines and the loss of some of their favorite actors.  Sadly the controversy over the firing of Michael Muhney has been much more compelling than the stories on the show recently.  Braeden told Radar Online  “I welcomed Michael Muhney when he came here. He is a great actor. We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie. I have always thought he was a very good actor and told him so. Towards the end, Muhney and I did have our differences and had a shouting match, no question. “I was prompted to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with him because he wanted me off the show, if you want to know the truth,” he admitted.

Maria Arena Bell was able to chime in and criticize the new management.  “Michael brought amazing dimension and complexity to the role of Adam Newman and his and Sharon’s was a great dark love story. Sadly, that story was seriously derailed in the last year, so I am not surprised that the show would look for a solution to their problematic storytelling decisions. It will be a tough role to recast.”

What do you think about Y&R?  Are you happy with the direction it seems to be going?  Do you think Phelps is doing a good job or would you like to see her be a relic of the past?

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BY: Carol Boorom / @CBoorom


    1. teri

      She is killing the show its not even interesting any more lame story Lines it saddens me I’ve watched for over 30 years i van say i like gh better now

      1. Sue Cassidy Wilson

        EXACTLY how I feel — I’ve watched 3-4 times since January 31 (had to see Shemar!! and the new Phyllis) .. now I’m “off” again. GH fills my Y&R star needs these days!

    2. Sandyb

      Along with Braeden and the rest of the self-serving, backstabbing, two-faced cast, JFP can have Y&R. As of January 30, I am done. I once was a fan of Eric Braeden’s, all the way back to his “Rat Patrol” days. Seems like he’s merged Victor and his Nazi character into a big mushy puddle.
      As for Phelps losing her head… would it really be that great a loss? Not like she uses it for anything.

    3. KIatieRose50

      DITTO!! She should have never been allowed to write for the show in the first place! She is ruining my favorite soap! Y&R is MY soap… has been from the day it started.. she just ruined it! I still watch and always will but get rid of this beast!! I’m with you, OFF WITH HER HEAD!!

      1. Ellen

        Some people have a very dark, disgusting sense of humor. The woman is a bad writer and that dosen’t mean she needs ”beheaded”. I know it is meant as a joke but it is joking matter. That is really in bad taste and this is a soap opera , a soap opera, c’mon people think about what your saying.
        The bottom line is her bosses aren’t to concerned about her bad writing so instead of attacking her go after the people on top. You only get away with with your allowed to. I don’t agree with her writing style and some of her decisions but certainly don’t want her to lose her life, just her job.

    4. Tracy Valdez

      PLEASE PLEASE GET RID OF HER, before they cancel Y&R, I don’t want that to happen, so please fired her!! Thanks if you guys truly care about your fans!

    5. Tracy Valdez

      Also they have made Sharon into a slut, who goes around sleeping with everyone, this would not have happen ten years ago, sweet Sharon is gone, also to have Billy cheat yet again on Vic, is way out there, one week his declaring his love for her then he goes and sleeps with someone else? That’s not how it should of ended! And poor Delia, really killing her off did what? Then getting rid of Miller???????? Also MM?????? Y&R get your crap together!!!!!!!!!

    6. JEANIE

      we have enough talk shows I hate the talk, all they talk about on there is sex. they need to leave the Young and the restless alone!! if it takes firing Jill then fine fire her but leave our soaps alone!!

  1. Nancy G. Stanley

    All I can say is farewell and good-bye. Let’s hope someone will get the show back on track. Let’s get the Sharon drama OVER. Get Billy Miller back. Let’s get the Phyllis thing over, even if we have to get a new Phyllis.

    1. Lorraine Chandler

      I definitely agree. She should go. Then bring Micheal and Billie back the best actors you have. I have watched this show since it started. I am retired now and I can hardly wait each day and over the weekends to watch this show and B&B..Whatever MM did can be forgiven and forgotten.

  2. cathytipton

    J.F.P. needs gone. This show is dying a slow death under her direction. None of the things promised have been delivered and a turn around needs to happen SOON!

      1. Georgia

        Jill needs to be gone along with boring “old” Eric and allow Billy to do other venues and stay with Y&R and for sure MM needs to be brought back and if they “retire” EB that could happen……Victor years ago was the big guy but now he is too old and too dark, a joke when he tries to be tough guy….and as for romantic that is a joke, he and Nikki act like brother and sister, they need to go home and make room for some real love stories……

  3. Gloria Shore

    I, too, wish her to be fired. She has messed with the flow that was going on in Geona City and now it is going so down hill. The show was great and now it is only mediocre, at best. Please bring back Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford, and Michael Mulheny!!!! The stories were getting so good and now it is so blah. Thanks for supporting the fans and getting this show back on track!

  4. Maureen

    I really liked Y&R but lately not so much, I think it has been changed so much and not on a good road right now…..This person Jill Farren Phelps should be let go she has made so much damage to a great show and now a lot of people have stopped watching it, time for her to retire. In other words get lost move on hopefully the show can get back on track. Good ridding Jill!

  5. DBoutin

    Y&R has gone down hill.. Someones to blame… Having Phyllis and Adam gone will be a mistake..who’s next? When you have actors who fit the role you should keep them.. People connect with these actors..and the actors are great in their roles.. esp when you hate them on the show..Billy and Victoria are great together..the 2 actors play off of each other..Why can’t this Jill Farren Phelps see that..Seems she just want to destroy the soaps.. I hope it’s true that she’s going to be fired!!

  6. tabby evans

    I think the one they need to get rid of is the writer. That is making all the changes. Stories needs to move on stop be dragged out! Its really get boring REALLY FAST . Sharon/ Phyllis , Billy/ Adam . Instead of concentrate on who’s leaving your writer needs to working on new stories. 1st Adam leaving now Jill who’s next? This is really getting sad and pathetic!

    1. Carol Swenson

      They are not getting Rid of “Jill” the actress. The writer’s name is JIll.

      1. Willow

        Jill Farren Phelps is not a writer. She is an executive producer that has a history of killing soaps and getting rid of long-time actors and stuffing the roles with friends of Jill that she has brought over from her other cancelled shows.

  7. Paula

    I think she needs fired! She is killing the show and making it boring. I have watched this show every since it came on the air. I can’t imagine not watching it everyday. She’s just killing it!! Bring Billy Miller back and Michael, Michelle, and others she has got rid of, instead:
    GET RID OF PHELPS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Janet Roberts

    She needs to go the show as lost it’s best actors the firing of Michael Muhney was outrageous and so was letting Billy Miller leave.also the Delia storyline and having Billy cheat on Victoria were both horrible story lines.

  9. claire

    she needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They show has been to dark for too long. Keep Adam…………..fix the problems. Need to recast Red and leave out the other drama of Tylers exe and wtf is going on with Chloe…..who is that cop really…………Get Sharon back on her feet and bring her a real man(no newmans) if these are not fixed i am going to stop watching on Jan 31 Adams last air date. Why did it have to be Adam as the hit and run killer jc there are more people who drive on that show and when summer killed Adams baby what did she get nothing and a new car the next week!!!!!!!!

  10. Anne

    Get rid of her!! Seems like she thinks she is better than she is and seems to know better than the fans what is best. The show is so dark. In a space of a few months we have had 2 deaths and now Summer is supposed to OD. The storylines drag for so long and one isn’t finished before they start with a bunch of others! No one cares about who killed Carmine anymore. Now they are going to bring back Cane’s dad. Ugh. Let’s get one of the Bells back to clean up this mess so Y&R can stay on top!!

  11. Betty Stanley

    When she first came to Y&R I signed two petitions to get her fired. She has the reputation of the Soap Killer. It is too late now. She has done her hatchet job. I liked Phyllis and Billy and she did not have sence to keep them. But when my favorite character, Adam played by Michael Muhney was destroyed, i am done. It is too late for this 40 year fan. I do not care if she is fired or not. No longer a fan of Y&R. I will follow Michael Muhney wherever he goes. I no longer care about this show. All I have to say is they got rid of the wrong actors. Stupidity is a terrible thing.

  12. Patricia James)

    The story line is repetitious and boring, the actors give stupid stares or looks at commercial breaks, almost “camera-ham like. The plot never thickens, just goes on and on and on with the same boring lines. I have watched Y&R since inception so I hope this Jill person is let go. Michael plays a wonderful Adam so I hope he doesn’t leave. Such a shame to see a good soap go down the tubes.

  13. Shirley

    Please get rid of her and bring back Michael and Billy. I will stop watching as of the 30th of January which they said was Adams last day. I think its terrible what she did to this show. It has been my favorite for years and years,but I can’t watch anymore.

    1. Carol

      I agree, Shirley, Bring back Billy and Michael. I was so happy that things were looking up for Adam and Chelesa and he was such a great dad to Connor. Adam was my favorite character, he does not kiss Victor’s butt like the rest of his children and then stab him in the back. I want someone to call them out on all the hypocracy..wait, Adam did just that at a funeral LOL! I want Jack to forgive Adam and I want Adam to have his family. I want someone to smack Chole in the mouth because she is another hugh hypocrite and there she is casting stones. I don’t like this writer and I have not watched since MM was let go and I don’t believe the allegations for a moment. Bring Adam back and make him innocent of Dee Dee’s death and I will come back to the show.

  14. Becky

    I like some of the storylines right now; however, there are some that I do wish would proceed just a bit quicker and not be so drawn out… waiting is one thing, but don’t overdo it either! :-)

  15. Karen

    I want her gone! Could care less about the firing of MM, but to let talent like Billy Miller & Michelle Stafford go is just crazy. Not to mention the placement of Steve Burton being the new star of Y&R. It doesn’t even seem to be the same show.

  16. Shannon N

    Please listen to the fans of the show whose viewing histories far surpass that of Jill Farren Phelps!! Get rid of her and get the show back on track before it goes all the way down the tubes! My 14-year-old really liked Hollywood Heights, so maybe she can convince Nickelodeon to bring it back so she can have somewhere to go, but CBS/Sony, please, please don’t allow her to desecrate our show any further–get rid of JFP!!!

  17. Judy Hardeman

    Jill needs to go. The story line is terrible and we the fans are sick of all the fine actors that are leaving especially Michael Muhney The writing is awful as I have been saying all along. No one is listening to the fans. Keep Michael on this soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve stop looking at the soap because of this poor writing and all the actors that have been let go.

  18. Dana Hurst

    Get rid of her. Show is terrible. Loosing the best people, mixing races, sad story lines, etc. def not what it used to he. Need new faces. Get back the good actors and actresses.

  19. Cynthia Reis

    I have watched Y&R for almost 35 years… until the last few months. I’ve found it so boring that I started fast forwarding through about 85% of the show and now I don’t even bother to watch it. I just erase it off of my DVR after reading the synopsis. It moves too slowly and the storylines aren’t interesting at all. I hope that the network will do whatever it needs to and please get this show back on track!
    I loved this show and couldn’t wait to see it and now I don’t even care. Something is wrong here!!

  20. Cyndy

    Since she came that show has taken a NOSE dive. She in a sense “SUCKED THE LIFE” out of the Young and Restless. I have been watching the show since I was a young girl (my 87 yr old Aunt got me hooked) She still watches but has also said she won’t anymore once Adam is gone. It is a shame that CBS has let this happen. They have a good fan base and if they want to keep that they should make some major changes. Sadly — with the lies that have been told about MM I don’t see him coming back to the show which is really sad as he is ‘ADAM NEWMAN’ — they won’t find another like him.

  21. Josie

    I have watched since day 1 and have left and came back I think MM aka Adam is one of the best actors this show has seen. I also have complained about the writing and the direction it has been going especially Delia. Why would you have to pick on Adam over and over again. Why couldn’t you have just left it at Billy’s stupidity of leaving her in the car alone, because that’s what it really boils down to. I done and over Y&R

  22. Verna

    This show has gone from bad to worse. The story lines are absurd. It’s a Soap Opera not a fairy tale, folks.
    1. No father will leave a little child in the car at that time of night.
    2. What’s all this fuss about who knocked her down, as if he deliberately murdered her? What was a child running around in the dark, anyway?
    3. When Summer “killed” Adam’s baby she didn’t even get a slap on the wrist ,even though it was HER fault.
    4. Phyllis has been in a coma for how long? Either she should be dead by now or gone on life support, and it is time to take her off it.
    5. Sharon changing the DNA results. Do these writers think we are fools? If someone can do that then we are all in big trouble!
    6. Sharon being made up to be a psycho, an arsonist etc; etc; A beautiful actress like that doesn’t need to beg for affections, she should have her own love story.
    Yeah, yeah, it’s only a Soap Opera., but soap opera s should not doubt the intelligence of the viewers.

    1. Ellen

      I agree with you Verna, these story lines are totally unbelievable. You made a good point with #5– worked in a hospital for 30 years and there is no possible way she could even get in the lab to change the results. There is a combination lock on the door and the results are locked up in a cabinet that only a key can open. There is nothing just lying around for people to view and there are cameras watching you.

  23. Lynn

    I’ve been a fan since day 1. With dvr’s, I haven’t missed an episode in 10 or so years. When fans threaten to stop watching, I’m not one of them. However this time it’s different. Actors & actresses will always come & go, as do storylines, but with Y&R What keeps me watching is the longevity of most of the performers of the core characters. The storylines have taken a turn for the worse. Pushing main characters onto the back burners to make room for new characters has been too much too soon. Changes have been too drastic. It is no longer my beloved Y&R. This is the first time I’m really seriously considering jumping ship on this show. Too much gloom & doom. We were told there would be more romance. We’ve yet to see that happen. (Well, maybe just a little.) The deaths of too many young characters. The actor who plays Kyle just isn’t a good fit for the character. We haven’t seen much of him lately and for that I’m glad!! But keep his storyline alive. Bring back Jack’s oldest son…there is NEVER any mention of him. Anyway, I could go on & on & on….but I think you get my drift. If things keep going the way they are, I won’t be watching. That is….if there’s even a Y&R left on the air. The way it’s going, may it RIP.

  24. Cathy Thomasson

    Thank you for asking! I have been a long-time fan of Y&R, and just like Mr. Griffith the previous writer, I am familiar with the show’s history. Initially I didn’t understand why the past year or more story lines seemed to not take characters’ history into account, happiness and light were going away, darkness was creeping in, and many story lines were getting boring or never finished or dealt with. I finally realized Ms. Phelps was on board and had hired new writers much touted by her. The rumblings got louder. Favorite characters became unrecognizeabile, actors were being replaced (Kyle and Abby for two) and question flew and became more intense. Then Michelle Stafford wanted out, and we heard that Billy Miller was not given the out to work on other projects, yet other JFP favorites had been as well as some long-time actors. Then a stoy line is written to kill off a little girl by a hit-and-run driver and right before the Holidays!!! Seriously??!!! NOW JFP fires Michael Muhney, who is many of our main reason to watch Y&R lately. Michael as Adam Newman and the story line with Chelsea and their little baby “Peanut” Connor was a bright spot. In fact, there is no one better to play Adam Newman than Michael Muhney! We fans are incensed! We are running from Y&R and many many of us will no longer watch Y&R as of Jamuary 30th which is both Billy Miller’s and Michael Muhney’s last day on air. We don’t want Adam to be guilty of hitting little Delia either. We are saddened and so disappointed with Jill Farren Phelps and where she has taken our once favorite, and in my case and others, our ONLY soap opera. YES, fire Ms. Phelps and bring back Billy Miller and Michael Muhney or Y&R will lose.

    1. Teddi

      I agree with most of what you and everyone else has said, however MM has been fired due to Sexual Harassment, and that not due to his acting skills or story line. Everyone that wants him to stay must remember that there was a young lady involved and he is a married father, and needs to keep his hands to himself. I enjoyed his role as Adam and his deep devotion to his acting, but there is a limit, to what his co-workers must put up with from him. He is lucky charges were not filed. I have been the one harassed, and the victim of management taking the side of the one doing the wrong thing. Thank God, Y&R is looking out for their employees!!

      1. Pamela

        I say get rid of her! All of the former soaps she’s worked for have failed!! The storylines are boring & tired. And firing Michael? I don’t believe he sexually harassed anyone. Just a ploy to get rid of him for what reason who knows. I say get rid of EB who is more then likely the culprit. He is not a nice person on or off the screen. The fans are sick of him! MM needs to be rehired & bring back Billy! Fire JFP & EB otherwise the show is going down the tubes. Many fans are quitting the show after January 30, myself included! It will go from being #1 to -10!

      2. Dorothy

        There is nothing in writing from CBS, MM, or Hunter King that confirms that he was fired for sexual harassment, CBS has not indicated the specific reason for his termination. Hunter King has not confirmed that the “alleged” incidents even happened. There has been so many rumors about why he was let go but nothing “official” has been released. Now there’s even rumors floating around about Hunter King making these same allegations against other people. We don’t even know that she made ANY allegations. Various of the other actors have sent out messages that are vague and contain innuendo. Unless someone was physically there and saw it with their own eyes, they could even just be basing their statements on rumors. IF anything such as has been suggested did occur, then he should have been let go, there’s no doubt about it. But there’s nothing official to substantiate the rumors. There’s too many holes in the stories that are going around.

  25. sonja hayes

    I have watched Y&R ever since it came on TV. I think it stinks at this time..I loved Billy Miller, he is the best Billy.. Please bring Phyllis back.. Get on with the Sharon and Carmine business, it is getting so boring. Get rid of Jill the producer, bring back Mr. Scott.

  26. Jeanne

    Yes, I agree!
    Get rid of her! She is driving this show in the ground.
    Bring Michael back as Adam. He cannot be replaced!!!

  27. Lisa

    I’ve been watching since 1984. I remember not being able to wait for the next episode, Friday cliffhangers made me scream “Nooooo! I can’t wait!!” The fights with Jill and Katherine, the love with nick and Sharon, the evilness of Phyliss, and there was some slow times throughout the years but when ADAM (Michael Muhney not the Chris ) I totally was riveted again!! You loved him, you hated him, you wanted him to pay, you wanted him foregiven! He added soooo much to the show.
    There isn’t one storyline going on right now that keeps me watching. Usually when a beloved character or actor leaves there is SOMETHING going on that keeps you tuned in. Well, not this time!!
    I might start watching again if Jill Phelps is let go and hopefully my favorite show returns. Until then I’m on vacation from Genoa City :(

    1. Shirley

      Please fire her!! Y&R is losing it’s Charm!! So many changes in story lines And actors.. Please bring back Michael Muhney and Billy and Phyllis. These actors are legends in the careers! Please listen to the fans on this ones. Bring back the original writers so that Y&R won’t lose.. I’m done after January..

  28. Nanci Harvey

    Jill needs to be let go! She has left her mark on the show that will take a long time to get over. She has let some very good actors and actresses go that didn’t need to leave. We hope that the rehiring Michael aka Adam will be the start of fixing so many wrongs.

  29. Lori Conner

    I honestly have stopped watching since Michael Muhney was fired. I have not even watched to see his final shows, because what is the point..He is gone…All I can say is without Michael Muhney the show just is not worth watching..All the other story lines are pointless. Chelsea and Adam have the most chemistry together that I have ever seen…
    I have signed the petition for Jill to be fired..and all that I have found on line to bring back Michael Muhney.. I believe that answers the question that you asked above.

  30. Darlene

    I would get upset if I missed a day of Y & R, not any more. Most of the story lines have been uninteresting so don’t really care if I miss it. Michael should stay and Jill should go.

  31. shirley

    You need to get rid of JfP for sure. It would be so nice to get MM back and give him another chance cause no one can do his part as good as him. Won’t be the same without him.

  32. Sharon Dillard

    I have watched Y&R since birth and for the first time ever I have so little interest in most of the story lines that I barely watch it off my DVR and a lot of times I just delete it without watching. It has become too much of a hassle to fast forward through all the uninteresting, boring stuff. Plus she has managed to loose 2 of my absolute favorites (Michelle Stafford & Micheal Muhney) . So yeah get rid of her.

  33. Terri Dershko

    Get rid of Jill immediately. And when she leaves she can take that useless Eric Braeden with her. The man can’t even learn his lines, dares to come into work unprepared and threw off Michael Muhney constantly. Hence the fights. Bring back Bily Miller, giving him whatever he wants. Bring back Michael Muhney and give him more than he could imagine. The show will be gone off the ir within a year of you keep Jill and during that year, i will NOT be watching. As of Jan 30 I am walking away from a soap that I watched for 40 yrs.

  34. AnnaZ

    Absolutely NOT happy with the direction JFP has taken the show. And quite angry with her firing MM and refusing to allow Billy some flexibility in his contract. She wanted them both gone. I’m convinced she is deliberately trying to kill the show. FIRE HER and SAVE Y&R.

  35. Maria Williams

    Fire Jill. Phielps before it is to late. Bring Michael Mulney, Michelle Stafford & Billy Miller back.
    The actors make the show. Jill driving the show in the ground. The show is number one because of the viewers. Do not ignore what the viewers want, before every body is out of a job and the young and restless is a thing of the past.

  36. Cheryl Mertens

    Fire Phelps. She appears to be trying to ruin the Y&R. I, too, have watched the show from the beginning. I have never been more invested in a character that that of Adam. Billy comes in as a close second. They made the show. Now they are gone, Billy because she did not recognize his value and agree to his requests, and Michael because she has no vision. She is a human wrecking ball. I will no longer be viewer after 1/30/14 if MM is not rehired. Billy should also be offered the contract he requested.

  37. Karen

    Please get rid if Phelps! She is ruining the show! I do not like saying that anyone should lose a job but her work really is terrible. It is a shame.

  38. Samantha Tyler

    I honestly cannot believe that such a talented actor as Michael Muhney would be fired. I have enjoyed watching him as the onion peels away the different skins of his personality. I love to watch him with the baby. It shows a genuineness and caring for children that I haven’t seen with any of the other actors on the show. The baby obviously enjoys “Adam” as much as “Adam” enjoys him. Losing Billy Miller was bad enough, which I also do not understand. But losing Michael too means you have lost another long-time viewer. I’ve had enough of Victor and Nikki and the other non-stories. Perhaps losing Mrs. Chancellor was a bigger blow to the show that otherwise thought. Personally, she would NOT have agreed with losing these two young great actors. So, you lose another fan in me. If enough of us stop watching, none of you will have a job!!!!

  39. Melinda

    Jill the soap slayer needs to go.She is killing the show,and it seems the actors have all lost the passion they once had.
    So sad to see Michelle Stafford gone,now Michael,and Billy?
    Obviously something isnt working

  40. Paula

    I really get so sad every day when I try to watch this show. There is nothing to enjoy anymore. The storylines are all so dark and depressing. The new actors are so dull and untalented. My favorite actors are either gone or about to leave. Please do something before it becomes The Old And The Comatose. Oh, wait, it is already scheduled to become that on January 31.

  41. Pam Cataldo

    Pleeeeeeeasse keep Michael Muhney as Adam! If Phelps is responsable for his firing ( And Michelle Stafford & Billy Miller leaving the show also), get rid of HER! I have watched for over 20 years, & I have worked under bad managers in my time, It is senseless & stupid to let such talented & brilliant actors walk away due to very poor judgement. I have walked away from jobs for the same sad reason. BRING them back! If it wasn’t for the other good actors on this soap, I just might walk away from this too. Please listen to all your fans-they KNOW what good acting is.

  42. Ellen E. Wright

    FIRE JILL and get Billy Miller and Michael Muhney back. Those two men are such an important part of this soap, and we look forward to watching them everyday.

  43. Lori

    If it is JFP, who is responsible for not allowing Billy Miller the leeway to pursue other outlets than I say let her go. Billy Miller is such a great character and he can do both and still be an amazing Billy Abbot. For this I resent JFP. For the killing of Delia and then blaming Michael Muhney/Adam that too is in my opinion a bad call. I don’t know if the allegations of MM sexually harassing Hunter King are true, yet if they are that would be the only decision that would make sense. I know “Phyllis” wanted out but losing her is a big loss for us fans.

    I think the best thing that JFP could do give Billy Miller what he wants so we don’t lose him. This could restore some of us fans faith in Y&R.

  44. Diane Shreve

    Get rid of JFP ALREADY…I believe we have more than expressed our feelings about her. She has a death grip on this show, OUR SHOW. BRING back the actors we have more grown to love…I don’t believe one ugly word that’s been said about MM Iits a ploy to cover her ass…FIRE JFP… GET the show BACK. ON TRACK…

  45. Letty

    I font have much to say because I’ve stopped watching my favorite show for 30 yrs due to Abby leaving, then phillis leaving. After that I knew it would get worse and sure enough it has.

  46. Fred

    Boycotting CBS over the firing of Muhney and the smear campaign orchestrated by Phelps and McDaniels against him as a response to the fan outcry. I demand that these vindictive women be fired immediately. The have ruined the only soap I’ve watched in my life. Have been a faithful viewer since the 70’s but no more after Jan 30th. The story lines are a joke and for the most part, the acting is horrendous. I almost stopped watching when they killed a small child before the holidays. I understand that Muhney had objected to portraying a child killer. Now the try to portray him as a perv in the press when he is a family man. A smear campaign! All designed to destroy a man’s ability to provide for his family. I demand that he, Miller, and Stafford be given their jobs back and send these women to the unemployment line.

  47. Marynelle

    I’ve been watching since the very first show and have enjoyed for a long time. AS much as I love Jack, Sharon (who these writers have done their best to ruin); Nick, who they had to ruin with Phyllis and not really giving Nick real meaty s/ls. Jill (who they don’t seem to want to write for), Victoria (who s/l with Billy Miller has been amazing) Delia (who the writers had to kill and I turned it off until after she was killed and buried), Writers have ruined Victor and I can’t stand to watch him and FF thru all of his scenes. Use to love EB/Victor but not anymore, especially have his comments on Michael and then finding out how he’s treated Peter Bergman in the past. Then Jill decided not to work with Billy Miller and he left and the straw that broke the camel’s back, she fired Michael Muhney who is the best actor on the show. He is Adam Newman and brought this character to life. Made us hate him and then love him. This woman has ruined the best soap. When Jeanne Cooper passed away, I knew it would be different without the Dutchess, Y&R, CBS, Sony do not seem to care what the fans want nor listen to us. So as I’m only one long time watcher, as of January 30, 2014, it will be the last time I watch Y&R. I will continue to DVR until Michael’s last day, then I will have watched my last Y&R episode. PERIOD.!!!! I’m DONE and so disappointed that you all have done all you can to ruin a young man’s life. BUT, he will rise above it and do well.

  48. Name (required)Barbara cameroncarey

    Bring them all back get back the back the previous writers. Give us back the number one day time show on TV. All of these actors are A number one an cannot be replace by others. If there is a problem between Muhney and King let them work it out. They are professionals. Phelps needs to go. I don’t believe she is good for the actors or the storylines. Adam , Billy , and Phyllis should still have the same stars playing them. No one else will be accepted by the bowers in those rolls. Make Y& R number one again. Phelps needs to go. Bring back the Bell influence.

  49. Shirley

    I am writing again to say I pray they get rid of Jill Phelps. She is distroying the show. Please get rid of her and get Michael back. Billy and Adam make the show great. No one cares about Victor. He makes us sick at times. I would love to see him put down. Get rid of Jill Phelps. and get the show back.

  50. Debbie

    Really honestly could care less anymore!!! Will not be watching after Billy & Adam are gone! Besides that, it’s really getting to be a drag and a boring soap! Bye Y&R after many, many years!!!

  51. Name (required)Patti

    I think she is ruining the show. I’ve watched this show for 40yrs and these story lines lately are just horrible. Killing Delia made me sick. Summer took 3 pills and now she has a heart problem? Jill gets kidnapped and we haven’t seen anything about it for over a week. I don’t believe for 1 second Michael Muhney did anything to Hunter King. Firing him is almost as stupid as not letting Billy Miller do outside projects. Why not? A zillion other actors do it! Y&R should do everything in their power to keep these 2 extremely talented actors and bring Michelle Stafford back. Y&R needs them. Phyllis was so much fun to watch. As much as I love Victor & Jack, I’m sick to death of their feud. I have always hated Sharon, just kill her off already. She adds nothing to the show. Can Nick get any stupider? Can Nicki whine any more? The guy that plays Kyle is so bad. Noah is as blah as his father. The story lines are dragging on way too long. Who cares about Carmine any more? There used to be a mix of good and bad but everything is just so depressing anymore. I don’t even look forward to watching it. I’ve taken to taping it and fast forward through most of it.

  52. phyllis desmo

    Fire her!!! this soap is terrible now! I’ve been watching for a long time and this soap has gone downhill so fast since Delia’s death. The characters are so dark and out of character that I can’t watch anymore! Finish one s/l before you start 10 different ones.. The plot is all over the place.. so hard to follow….. Who gives a hoot about Devon and his billions. Wasted air time! I now nap through this soap!

  53. Jane

    Agree that Y&R has changed…not for the better. When I see an actor on something else I’m always proud that I’ve seen them on Y&R…so let them act elsewhere also. Understand we don’t know whole story about “Adam” leaving……Please bring Phyllis home soon…whoever is going to act it. Story lines have to be prolonged I know but some of these are so long we forget what it’s all about. BUT you cannot get rid of Eric. I am well over 50 and I’ll tell you he makes my heart flutter!!!!!

  54. Jeanne

    Maybe if they fire Jill Phelphs characters would stay!
    Think she needs to go!! Think she takes advantage of the
    power she has to bring in her friends.

  55. Kimberly Q.

    I say Jill phelps should stay! I’ve always loved her! She smart. She’s a keeper! You’re getting rid of too many people at once! Slow your roll. Keep phelps. Thank you.

  56. Gayle

    If MM did sexual harass Hunter, he needs to be fired. Being a family man does not exempt him from doing so.
    The show stinks and has for some time. I am done after 40 plus years.

  57. dawn

    Yes-jill Phelps needs to go….she has completely ruined the show!! She ,however, has nothing to do with story lines…she is financial. The writers that she brought in with her need to go. Together- they are destroying my show that i have watched since the very first episode. Jill Phelps has been slowly, methodically replacing well loved actors for “her” people. She let first phyllis and then Billy go because they wanted the freedoms they had been given all along to go outside the show. Then we have the firing of a most beloved actor…MM. I believe they never expected the outcry from the fans they have received….so they started the smear campaign against MM to shut us up. ITS NOT WORKING! we do not believe it!!!!
    I am probably one of the few that had no problem with the Delia story line…other than using Adam. It’s life…it happens. Y&R has always told stories that teach…we can learn alot from this!
    There are alot of us that will stop watching when both Billy and Michael have their final shows…. or until they fire both the writers and Jill.

  58. Sue-Ellen

    NO I am not happy. I’ve watched since the conception of the Y & R. It’s always had me on the edge of my seat. Lately, I’m annoyed. As a long time viewer, you would think the show would listen to us. We in essence, write there paychecks. I will be boycotting the show over the February sweeps to show my disapproval of Michael Muhney’s being fired. He and Sharon Case had a great story line. It was fun and romantic and brought back a little twinkle the show had be missing. It’s gone way too dark. Eric Braedon is on my nerves and he WAS a favourite, but he’s just a black cloud these days. Nicki is get nauseating…I could go on just know my TV is off until things change.

  59. Ellen Wright

    I think Jill P. is the one who needs to get the ax. Please bring back Billy Miller and Michael Muhney—–they are the best two actors on this soap. You need to listen to your viewers; I have watched The Young and the Restless for 40 years!!!

  60. Jenny

    Fire jfp she is killing Y&R. The show need billy, Michael and Michelle they keep it interesting. EB needs to retire

  61. Kathy

    I stopped watching after Jeanne Cooper died and I can’t bring myself to watch after Steve Burton left General Hospital for Y&R. His character on Y&R is so boring, yet his fans on GH would go absolutely wild if he were to return to GH. I use to love watching Y&R, not anymore.

  62. Amanda

    Boycotting this show as of Jan. 30th just to see how they like the loss in viewers to see if things change. I have watched this show for 20 years and lately it’s been very uninteresting to say the least. I am going to miss MM and BM, they have really made the actors they portray really come to life:( So long Y&R, you have lost another long time viewer

  63. Name (rejoanquired)

    I would just like to say that they should Keep Adam,Give him a second chance to prove himself I am sure he is sorry about what has happened.Please recast Phillis if it were any other writters that was writting the story they would have recast her by now why keep her in a coma this long Sharon needs to be punished for what she has done to nick and summer and even to Jack.If they keep Sharon and Nick together after he finds out the truth than the writters are terrible who in their right mind would stay with the other person if she had caused so much suffering.Pair Sharon up with someone else besides nick I think they are over and has been for a long time they don’t even have chimistry anymore!!!Please get this soap back on track and stop dragging the death of delia out this needs to be solved asap or put it to rest!!! Thank you

  64. Sharon

    Paleeeeze, get rid of her! Our show was good for so many years & she’s KILLING it! Bring back our actors. Let them do other projects. So what? If it doesn’t mess up Y&R, why not? She’s just being a B…h and is on a power trip. The story lines are dragging on so much now that I, along with a lot of others, are fast forwarding a lot!!!

  65. Julia

    I have been watching this show since the beginning…I hate to see Billy Miller go…he has played the best Billy Abbott ever! I also hate to Michael Muhney leave…he plays Adam like no one else and cannot be replaced. I don’t like the way the story lines are heading…they are sad and boring. Victor is becoming such a bully, he needs to be knocked down a peg or two. I don’t like that Adam is being blamed for Delia’s death..it never showed him hitting her, she was already on the ground! She shouldn’t have been killed off in the first place after all she went thru with her illness. I just don’t like where the stories are going…Sharon needs to fess up and bring Phyllis back..she added fun & fire to the show…something needs to be done or we’re gonna lose this great soap too!

  66. Stephanie

    This has definitely not been the year for Y&R!!! Losing the beloved Jeanne Cooper. The Delia storyline :( BRING BILLY MILLER & MICHAEL MUHNEY BACK!!!!!! The show will NEVER EVER be the same!!! They were two of Y&R’s best actors!!!!! Wake phyllis up already!!!!!! The show needs serious help!!! So many die hard, dedicated fans are NOT HAPPY!!! :(

  67. Nancy Deane

    I also agree that Y&R has lost it’s glory. It has become too dark. If this is because of the different writer Jill Phelps, then it is time for her to go or there will not be a show. ( I believe she has that reputation of having shows cancelled.) I have watched Y&R for many years but truthfully I have not liked the story lines for sometime. I hate to say it, but I think it is time for Eric Braeden too retire also. He has lost his acting ability. The best part of the show was Adam and Chelsie. I loved that they were finally going to be happy and in love again with their little Connor. No one will be able to play Adam like Michael Muhney. I don’t want anyone else but him. The Phyllis character needs to be filled by another actress and for goodness sake let the truth come out about Summer’s Paternity. Sharon needs to be found out and deal with the consequences of her lies. Please let some be happy sometime. If not I will be done with this show.

  68. KatieRose50

    It won’t be soon enough for me! She has almost RUINED Y&R!! Why bring Adam and Chelsea back together just to kill him off? Or rather FIRE Michael.. geeze. This woman needed firing a long time ago! How she got the job I’ll never know.. I see there is a petition. I’ll be signing it!

  69. Carolyn Fleenor

    Get rid of Jill Farren. Y and R is dead. Adam and Billy and Phylis are GREAT actors. And now they are gone. So sad. And by the way….. Turn some freakin lights on. To damn dark on ALL the sets.

  70. brenda

    I have been watching the show since day one. Loved so many. Years of it. The Friday cliff hangers. But now it’s so drug and boring. The stoylisnes go on too long. I mean to a point they need to but. Not like this. Crazy Sharon. That has been going on tooooooo longggggg. Victor used to be the man. But now he’s boring at least Phyllis keep the show interesting she has fire. What the show needs again Billy gone. Adam gone they kept the show going .abby used to be fun not now. The show needs exciting characters again .chloe is a whiner Nikki needs to stop crying and get a backbone again jack he’s sickening anymore he’s not even smiling jack. The plots aren’t even. There sting anymore. Come people. Where’s the. Old y&r. We lost guilting light we can’t lose this one now. So please writers go back to what you used to do. And unload the people who are dragging this show down

  71. Name (required)

    Bring back Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford, and Michael Mulheny ; they made the show; I’m at the point that I change channels now because of boring storylines; being 67 yrs old and watching Y&R since it started, I can remember only a few storylines that were boring except for the last month. If we don’t get Adam, Billy, and Phyllis back, that’s it for me; I’m going to find something else to watch….goodbye Y&R

  72. Louise

    Bring back Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford, and Michael Mulheny ; they made the show; I’m at the point that I change channels now because of boring storylines; being 67 yrs old and watching Y&R since it started, I can remember only a few storylines that were boring except for the last month. If we don’t get Adam, Billy, and Phyllis back, that’s it for me; I’m going to find something else to watch….goodbye Y&R

  73. Red

    I was a daily viewer of Y&R while Michael Muhney was on the show. He was the show’s future and anyone who spent time with the show knew it. He commanded scenes with the other actors and made them look better as well. Funny, Eric Braeden’s best scenes were with Muhney, yet he couldn’t see past their differences due to his oversized ego. Phelps was happy to fire Muhney and make her boy-toy Steve Burton the focus of the show now. Well, they can take the entire show and shove it where the sun don’t shine. I quit watching the minute Michael Muhney left. Disgusted.

  74. Dana

    When are “they” going to listen to the fans and do something about her?! There’s never anything good said about her-NEVER! LISTEN TO THE FANS! WE WANT SOMEONE ELSE!!!!! You’re losing viewers very rapidly!







  78. Trish

    The fans have been saying for months and months even before MM & BM exit that the show was going down hill at the helm of JFP. Everyone knows that she is a Soap killer and has a reputation to destroy our favourite shows, yet no one has the balls to get rid of her, except the intelligent smart business peeps at General Hospital. IMHO…..the arrogant illerates at CBS, Sony and whoever else that is keeping JFP employed as EP just doesn’t care bout what viewers want or say or maybe she is as cheap labor in the industry.
    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that JFP is dragging down the #1 most watched show in daytime and needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY, but as I say the higher ups just doesn’t care so as a viewer and soap
    fan, its best to just tyrn the station and watch something else.

  79. Loretta

    I agree with everyone JFP needs to go they have so many storylines unfinish to it is making me sick. For one this storyline of Victor was a good storyline untill it is sickening. Victor needs to fall down and I mean down he always come out on top no matter what he does. he is wrong but in his mind he is right. let him fall for a change let him feels what he has done to others. For Sharon you need to get rid of this storyline it has run it course. I understand she sees Cassie but now you are making her real and on top of it Victor is behind it once again he brings in another look alike and this time using her to find out what secrets Sharon is holding I am sorry to used someone dead child to find out her secrets is wrong on all levels. For Billie this is a great storyline if written right. For Chloe this was a storyline the writers did do good on at all there is no way a woman who calls herself Chelsea and her photo don’t match the pastport come on this will never happen in a airport at all I know this is a soap but you got to be a little realistic never saw a baby in a carseat on a plane and not strap in. The Paul storyline is so boring and why bring Collin back for what but if it is a good storyline I guest we have to wait to see where you going with this one. GET RID OF CARMINE STORYLINE ALREADY VERY SICK OF HIM. This storyline needs to be done with and for Kelly please for the life of me the truth is out get rid of her already. Ian ward is another Victor Newman and maybe this Victor down fall we will see but in my opinion Ian is Victor match this will be a great storyline if written right as well. WITH THIS BEING SAID JFP IS TAKING THIS #1 SHOW DOWN I RATHER HAVE BELL BACK AT LEAST HE KNEW HIS FANS IT SEEMS TO ME JFP DON’T KNOW HER FANS AND DON’T WANT TO KNOW THEM. MM situation if the rumors were true about what he did looks like to me he would have been fired a long time ago and in jailed for what he did. MM should not have finish his last day on set neither his last air date. MM BM and MS are the most best Actors on Y&R my opinion we know MS is not coming back please recast. I will hope what ever happen MM has been resolved please bring him back David Tom is a great Actor but he needs to play him not try to be Billy Miller.

  80. Desiree

    The show has gone down hill since Jill became Executive Producer and it has cost them Viewers and the #1 soap opera and YR has held that spot for 20 yrs. Fire Jill before its to late to repair the damage she has done.

  81. Margie Brooks

    I want the actors to be happy together – but I must admit the show has lost a bit of its class and elegance. I was sorry to see Muhney go but his own actions determined his fate – will always miss the original billy and phyliss – but this is the “nature of the business” – I think I could have accepted their departures better if they have gone on to other tv show to improve their craft – but they ended up in other “soaps”. Not happy with the current trend of “dark” happenings.

  82. Heather

    A lot of good people have ben let go or changed. Victor and Nikki needed to stay divorced. Bring back the old Abbe and should have never replaced Phyllis. The old one is the best and the only Phyllis

  83. Dee

    I agree, JFP should go, I’ve been a fan of Y & R since day 1, I’m sick of Nikki and her drama, I almost quit watching because of her. Send her to re-hab and get on with a good show!

  84. Paula

    You know what is so very strange is that Jeannie Cooper ( may she rest in peace ) openly admitted to groping the mens crotch and butts and everyone laughed about it. They thought it was funny. Why is that ? Is it because she was old and a veteran of the show ? If that be the case then everyone on the show front and behind the scenes are sick. Then Michael Muhney is accused of groping Hunter King after she had made advances towards him and he turned her down. The allegations against him were dropped because they were not true. But since Hunter King and Jill Farren Phelps go way back Michael was gotten rid of. Even if it had of been true which it was not ..what is the difference between Michael and Jeannie? Not one bit . And she admitted to doing this on a daily basis. This whole thing is sick. Because of her relationship with Hunter..Phelps got rid of the best actor on the show. BIG mistake.

  85. Aly

    I’ve watched since the mid 80s. I recently gave up and quit watching. My favorite characters kept getting fired. Fed up.

  86. gail

    Please get rid of JFP I love this show have been looking at Y&R for years now she is making it bored.

  87. KareMa

    I’ve been a devoted and loyal fan since the first day it aired and I must say, that I sadly have lost interest in my all time favorite show. I truly believe Phelps needs to leave and has done an injustice since Bell left. Truly sad, because the many story lines Bell produced had life meaning behind them and in this day and age with reality show’s, I found that this was a much needed relief and found that they helped those in need of a little guidance of sorts. Besides, it was so much more entertaining and exciting to watch before Phelps came on board, and at an end of a stressful day, the last thing I want to watch is more stress and unpleasantness and just plain boring. I hate to see anyone loose their job, but than, that didn’t seem to bother her much when she fired some of the best actors we had and to change the best soap opera in history. So I say, farewell Phelps, don’t you think it’s time that you bow down gracefully and retire and let us have our Y&R back, the way it’s meant to be, the away it use to be. Sure do miss the wonderful, exciting and well written story lines, my once faithful Soap, Y&R!!! ….Broken hearted here and embarrassed to admit I’m a life long fan, at this point. So please, do us a favor and leave my family of Y&R, JFP!!!!! :/

  88. Sandy B

    Yes It is boring since she came to Y&R get something exciting going on and bring Adam back to see if he can be replaced…this waiting until November is bull…bring him on!!

  89. lisa

    It is time to fire her before this soap finishes going down hill and gets cancelled due to poor ratings!!!

  90. Philisia

    I am disappointed that Michelle Stafford has parted ways with Y&R. I cannot picture anyone playing Phyllis. I cannot imagine anyone who can bring the spice, fire and excitement to the role like Michelle Stafford. New Management is getting it all wrong. New Management you are killing my favorite daytime soap of all time. I have been watching this show every since I was a little girl. This is lunacy. She needs to be let go. Y&R is not the place for her.

  91. JuneB

    I have loved and watched Y&R for over 33 years. It has never been frustrating as much as it is now. I tape the show now and rarely find the time to watch it but I try to at least watch Friday’s. Now not even Friday’s are interesting enough to make precious time to see what is up for the week. It’s not interesting as it once was and I have to say that it’s been that way since Phelps was signed on to kill it. It’s a crime to ruin something so successful. Since she can’t be arrested then she should be put out to ruin some other show. PLEASE SAVE YOUNG & RESTLESS!!

  92. Tonia

    I have been watching this show since 1975 and am sooo incredibly disappointed in the quality of the show. It doesn’t seem at all like the same show. The story lines are so boring and drawn out and repetitive (Nicki drinking again! really!!). Billy Miller gone! Michael Muhney gone! Michelle Stafford gone! Jeanne Cooper passing away! All in a year! No show can survive all these changes. Especially when they were actors that were perfect in the characters they played.
    Get rid of JFP real quick before all of the loyal fans who have been watching this show for 40+ years are gone forever.

  93. Bobbie Johnston

    Yes for sure. Get rid of Phelps. She has totally gutted our show. I know of a lot of people that are leaving the Young and The Restless because she has taken away all of our beloved characters. The show is no longer the good show it use to be. Shame on you Phelps. I hope you sleep good after knowing that so many people despise you and wants you gone.

  94. Cheryl

    Get her gone, the show has gone DOWN since she has been a part of it, and like most of the Actors, they are going to General Hospital, which is also getting Boring. After while there will be NO SOAPS to watch, TV has gone to Hell.

  95. Joyce

    Billy Miller wasn’t allowed to do other ventures but here comes Eileen Davidson and she is also one days of our lives and the housewives show and that is okay. What is fair for one should be fair for all . When she kills off y&r and general hospital and there are no more soaps on where is she going to go? Start on the evening series and then no tv at all. Wake up and stop it now before it is too late. get rid of her. Isn’t there anyone above her? Who hired her in the first place should by now see all the fans they are losing over her WAKE UP CAN SMELL THE COFFEE.

  96. Elizabeth McQuinn

    Since when did everyone spend all their time having sex??? I think JFP is fixated on making the female stars look like sluts & behave accordingly. Something must be going on that so many of our beloved stars are bailing!!!

  97. brenda

    I do not think she is good for the show, get rid of her. Y&R is the best running soap – the track record will prove that. WHY would you hire someone that has TRACK RECORD like she does – with the soaps she been involved with tanking????

  98. Sandy

    The story lines are boring, to say the least, and very lame. Y&R is going to crash and burn if JFP is kept on as a writer. Bring back the actors that have recently left and get rid of JFP asap!!!!!!

  99. Cheryl

    The story Lines need to pick back up, we need more people to start watching again, if the Ratings go down, then the shows will be pulled, there are only a few Soaps left to watch, they are Day Time Entertainment for stay at home people, we enjoy them. We do not need another Talk Show or another Court Show, Reality TV has done it all. Soaps are a change for us. So pick up the Story lines, give us some Drama, Have Affairs, Kill people, Have kids outside of your Relationship, Just do something to pick things up.

  100. Jan

    Get rid of her, bring back the old Billy, keep Michael and Devon. I’ve watched it for years. It was a great loss when Kathryn passed away but the show can be saved with good story lines and that takes good writers.

  101. CK

    Y & R, had a flow for many many years………how, in one year, can Y&R now, be unrecognizable. It can only be because of Jill Phelps. This soap is going to be lost…very quickly. The fans are speaking out. YOU ask for our opinion. You don’t listen and the show continues to die. Why ask us if you aren’t going to listen. The VIEWERS are the reason this show has been alive forever! You need to start to listen to what the fans are saying and put aside your own personal agenda. Think about it Jill, you would be considered a HERO if you heard the fans and gave them what they wanted.

  102. Ruth E

    I have been watching Y&R since I was a kid with my Mother. The story line stink, thy are always in bed, you don’t know who the daddy is are the hair do’s are some thing to look at as well. I say fire the bunch of writers maybe that will work. Tell Sharon that her hair dose nothing for her, Nick needs to know about the secret, tell us who the daddy is finally and Victory needs to grow up, which man dose she want any way or just move on. And tell big sister to keep out of every ones business. Every one on the show act like a big baby. and as for Phyllis, who is in a coma for a year comes out of a coma and looks like that, get real writers.I could go on and on so get moving with the story lines people. Lets move on.

  103. Kim Russo Leach

    Jill Phelps is killing the show, after watching Y & R since the beginning, I have never been so disappointed in the show until now , it’s very sad.. but if the poor quality continues , Y&R will see the end.. It has always had a quality about it like no other, you brought the characters into your home as if you knew them and like family.. so much has been changing for the worse.. :-( it doesn’t “feel” like the Y&R we have all known and loved for so many years

    1. Diane

      This is so truthful. My mom & I have watched from the beginning! This is NOT the story lines use to be. I am another fan that is so ready to quit watching. Very Sad to see this show go down hill. Mrs. C would be so upset over all of this. She would have told JP where to shove it :)

  104. Sandy

    Get rid of her…she has totally ruined the whole show and i have been watching it for over 30 years. all the good actors are gone and possibly on the chopping block if she has her way…you can’t be a boss and a friend like she is and plays favorites to the demise of other actors because she takes sides without knowing the truth. I used to like Doug Davidson aka Paul but he has changed and his so called idea of boycotting if Michael M came back is asinine…Lets get back to the old Y and R….bring back some decent writers and get rid of JRP

  105. Linda

    don’t understand why they aren’t getting rid of her, knowing she has caused the ratings to continually fall…..that just does’t make sense to me at all! the show is still good, but nothing like it used to be.

  106. Julie

    I have watch Y&R for many years and I have gotten to know the characters very well. Since Phelps has taken over writing for this show, this show and characters has been destroyed.
    I understand that there was a messy scene going on between Hunter and Michael that wasn’t apart of Y&R, which could had been handle a lot better than it was. I also understand that other characters was not willing to work with Michael again. Still this could had been handled better. But the problem that caused a lot of hate toward Phelps writing was the fact that when the accident happened killing DeDe, we lost a little girl that the fans was loving. We love Billy Miller at the same time we lost Michael Murphy and it was to much. Then later we list DeDe mother Chloe. Again too much.
    Now, we are about to lose Michael to cancer. Michael and Lauren has been the only couple that has stayed married and faced all their problems head on. And too kill him off is only destroying Y&R fans and the s/LNS. This is too much.
    Bringing new characters too the show will not help the fans get over losing the characters that we have thought of as our family members. If this continue then yes, Phelps will be responsible for the fans who will stop watching this show and start watching other programs. Me, I’m sick of all the talk shows that has been brought on every channel but they just might the only thing on TV if Phelps continue writing the way that she has.

  107. Allen

    I’ve never had a voice before with my favorite show, am I supposed to believe I have one now? However, I am pleased with the show, but I do have sincere concerns since there are so many complaints regarding a near cancellation of the show. Not to mention, the bashing of the showrunner. That being said, regardless of the show’s ‘executive’ decisions in the past, I’ve remained loyal to the brand. After all, it is my show.

  108. Sandy McCullough

    I am now watching General Hospital to see the old Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and the original Billy. Did anyone know that Michelle Stafford was in the movie Double Jeapordy?

  109. Kat SMith

    GET RID OF PHELPS!!! I am about done with this show. I have watched it from the beginning and Phelps comes in and destroys it. And the new Phyllis?? Sooooooooooo overacting her part!! Phylis wasn’t even that hard and cold blooded as this new one portrays. JEEZ!! The new Adam?? RIDICULOUS!! Too young and nerdy looking for Chelsey. Doesn’t have the dark side to him . You can see that right away. Adam was a great part. DONT RUIN THAT TOO> Too many stars have left. And the new ones are NOT working out. Fans are sooooooooo angry!! SO why is Phelps still there?????? Someone is trying to ruin this show . If that is not what you want then get rid of her!!! HOw stupid are you people ???

  110. PJ

    The rumor about CBS wanting to get rid of soaps in order to have cheaper talk shows is one of the most stupid things they could ever do. It may be why they brought Jill Phelps on the show, they may want her to ruin the show so they have someone to blame. I will just stop watching CBS if that happens, there are a lot of other networks to watch. I am sure that they can pay new actors a lot less money than they do the ones that have been on Y & R for quite a long time.

  111. Holly

    PJ, If that’s rumor about CBS wanting to get rid of soaps and have cheaper talk show on……Julie Chen the Host of the has a say in it her….Husband is CEO of CBS and I bet Julie Chen has some say in that to about Getting rid of Soaps. And putting more crappy show on like The Talk, Not a good show it’s just a gossip show that’s all they do is gossip and laugh at each other on the show……See who is the Biggest Clown on the show today !!……Sharon….Cheryl….ext….ext…..That’s the Show that should be taken off CBS….But if your married to the CEO your show will be on….That’s how Life is !! What a Shame CBS !!

  112. Mindy Collins

    Evidently, her writing hasn’t been too successful per her previous shows. As a 30 year viewer of the show, I am beyond disappointed with the new story lines. Love potions and story lines that seems to go on FOREVER!! Not being able to negotiate contracts and so on have been a played out excuse for the killing off of beloved characters. As ratings go down, this should be a definite sign something is off.

  113. Jennifer

    I love the young and the restless it’s my favorite show and has been for over 20 years .I will be devastated if it gets canceled. I don’t care who writes it.I just want it to stay on.

  114. Cathy Zimmerman

    If CBS joins in the talk show race it will be in trouble like the rest. They start with the early morning shows & regurgitate to the daytime talk shows. Not one is interesting. They find has beans & give them a show that nobody watches for long. Ellen is still decent & maybe Dr Oz & the Chew. That’s it for me. The rest are ridiculous … Trying to stir up controversy so people tune in. At least The Chew has first class chefs you actually believe ” cooks”. I’m now a GH fan… Hell… Little by little the cast of Y&R will be on the show. I actually look forward to the show like I use to for Y&R. Now the terrible story lines like Neil & his 10 yr old wife… Ridiculous … Like no one saw the affair with Devon. She was better when you disliked her. Nick & Sharon is baloney.. He’ll be back with Phyllis as soon as the truth surfaces… And Ashley is a little long in the tooth for Stitch which leaves me to believe the baby is Billy’s …. Yawn…. If she gets rid of Christian … I will reevaluate my viewership. I couldn’t wait to watch ” my soap” …. This writer hasn’t a clue & now she’s bringing more clueless people. If cbs wants to cancell this soap… It’s on it’s way. Glad Jeannie isn’t around to see it. Very sad

  115. wendy clarke

    Stop asking the JFP question already. All this is doing is giving loyal Y&R fans angst. We want her GONE/FIRED now.

  116. Lisa Y

    Get rid of her. She is killing this soap. I used to love this soap as it was fast paced and had a great story line. Now it is the same thing over and over. Can miss the shows for a week and still be doing the same thing as when I last watched.

  117. [email protected]

    thy are saying no more sope on cbs oh no not the Y&R I love that show pleas keep it on the air im 61 years old bend watching the show for every

  118. Gloria

    I have watched Y&R for almost 35 years… until the last few months. I’ve found it so boring that I started fast forwarding through about 85% of the show and now I don’t even bother to watch it. I just erase it off of my DVR after reading the synopsis. It moves too slowly and the storylines aren’t interesting at all. I hope that the network will do whatever it needs to and please get this show back on track!
    I loved this show and couldn’t wait to see it and now I don’t even care. Something is wrong here!!

  119. Marion Hawksley

    Y&R had good ratings before JFP came.I loved how she took all credit at the awards.general hospital ratings were low,wait this year .A lot of fans were unhappy to see all their favorite actors leave,so they switched to GH.First Abby left,Phillis,and Billy.Well will see this year.I am waiting to see where Adam goes.Now if Michael goes I give up.Does CBS like what she’s doing?come on wake up.

  120. Tammi

    I think Phelps needs to go as well. Nothing is good about Y&R anymore. I have watched it from day one and now it’s so damn depressing. I like Michael Baldwin so that will be my last straw if he dies. Here is the problem, the storylines are lasting longer than our own lives. I mean we could die before we find out Summer is actually Nicks. I should write for the show. Talk about Turing a show around. First off bring back Chloe and her baby as that would make a great story. Is she knocked up by Kevin or did she steal Billy’s sperm? For gods sake get Adam back on the show whoever is playing him. People don’t stay gone over a year. Can anyone ever be happily married. In real life I know many happy couples. Just one people please. The show is getting tiresome. Hire me I will make it all fun again and I don’t mean musical beds. Well a little.

  121. Joyce Mitchell

    Don’t care for where the story line has went. Everything changed when they lost jean cooper. It isn’t interesting anymore and I have been a fan since the beginning. It would be a shame if this soap gets cancelled. Get someone in there who can get this back to the way it used to be. that is why it has lasted so long. GREAT WRITERS. Mr. and Mrs. Belle were great and we need people like that. Change things back before it is too late and you really start loosing ratings. :(:(:(:(:(:(

  122. LoreA

    If you listen to Dr. Phil, the predictor of future behavior is past relevant behavior. If JFP has tanked all of those other shows why on earth would you hire someone like that to run a up until then successful show? It doesn’t make sense unless you want that show to fail so you can put something cheaper on like a talk show. There are still a lot of people out there who enjoy a well written soap. Be smart and just hire someone who knows what they’re doing and quit taking the easy way out.

  123. Hedy Kristen

    She is letting all the great actors go & the story-line is dragging & dragging way too long. It is getting very BORING, I fast forward through most of the show. Now that is sad. You have to change the story-line, make it sexy, romantic, juicy & way more interesting & please the hair-styles, they are looking very messy. ADAM was amazing, you should have never let him go. If it will continue like this, there will be no more Y&R ……..

  124. Kathryn Lewis

    I’m also 64 and retired. Therefore, I can speak from experience that at a certain age we are out of touch with the present society. In my opinion Y&R needs a new team of younger writers with fresh, new ideas. Unfortunately, JFB retire. As these retire, let others come.

  125. Diana Kalanz

    Phelps was almost the death of GH. She comes to a show with her own agenda and “favorites” that now seem to be popping up on Y&R. I wish those fans good luck with her at the helm.

  126. Theresa Smith

    Y&R? I can’t watch it anymore. Plotlines are a joke and all the good actors/actresses are replaced. Yep she killed it for me….:(

  127. decafgrandmom

    wonder why GH is doing better? could it be Michelle Stafford and Billy have bought their Y&R fans to GH? I miss the MM Adam character, really added an edgy but likable dimension to the show. I still watch via DVR & if CBS thinks another talk show will add to their bottom line they are seriously misguided. Never watch, never will, talk shows are just one long commercial, same with game shows….

  128. L gardner

    I have enjoyed the Y &R since it started but now you are changeing everyone. I hate that you are getting rid of Michel. Please don’t do anymore damage than you already have.

  129. Leigh

    I love Y&R, and getting rid of JFP would be the best thing for them. Tired of recasting. Storylines are too long. Hire someone new and exciting! Don’t cancel!

  130. Joni

    PLEASE ~ Get another “Head Writer”! Jill Phelps, is slowly but SURELY sucking the life from Y & R !

  131. Lee Owen

    No. I’m upset with the new phyllis, bring back the old one… Nick & Sharon had their chance, move on,,,You ppl forgot how to write, & instead of killing off a character you bring in a new face to play the part, it usually doesn’t work, because the old character has been there too long, If you want new ppl, make a new character for them, don’t use one that’s had a long run or very popular. It’s just not right…

  132. Beverly

    I love Y&R and everyone that is making derogatory remarks about the show will be the first ones upset if it is cancelled. It is a good show with good actors and a good storyline. Forget the changes in actors — they all come and go and we get used to them with no problem. Stop complaining and just enjoy the show!

  133. maureen morits

    I love the Young and the Restless but I hate all the changes, especially the Neil one and I hate that Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, and Michelle Stafford are gone. They were the best. Now I hear that they are killing off Michael, if they do that I am done watching the show, enough is enough.

  134. Debi Salamone

    LMAO…EB know who to snooze to get his paycheck, ask him again when Jilly is gone.

  135. Dorene O

    I have been a watcher of Y & R since it started and it pains me to see the show going down the tubes. I do not like the new cast members and hope someone gets their head out of their a** soon or this soap will be history. I still watch it but am finding it more and more stupid……….the story lines are absolutely ridiculous and should be taken in a better direction. I hope someone of importance sees my post. Katherine is rolling in her grave.

  136. April McKnight

    I have watched Y & R ever since I was a kid . Its always been a favorite soap of mine . Y & R has been sooo popular for years . PLEASE PLEASE FIRE HER & GET A NEW WRITER .

  137. janice spruill

    They drag the story line too long. It’s been a whole year it seems that Sharon change Summer’s paternity test. what in the world. Need to get rid of Jill P. Since she has been most of the good actors has left, now they talking about Micheal leaving. Shouldn’t that tell you something right there. Management must suck.I been watching since day #1 ,and if I couldn’t see it right them I would record it but not this last year. I could not care weather I miss it or not now.

  138. Pam Forsythe

    I am 71 and have been watching soaps since I was 6 and came home from school for lunch-I am now down to one soap the Young and the Restless – Now I’ retired and have the time there is nothing to watch-enough with the trash talk shows!!!

  139. Laura Schultz

    If all of the above messages do not show how much people dislike this woman, CBS is pretty dense. For me they could get rid of Victor because his manipulations are horrible. No one would do the things he does “for the sake of his family”. And his liking this woman, that would definitely be a reason to send him packing.

  140. Teresa C.

    Please don’t take Y&R off for another talk show,this is one storyline I have loved for years get rid of the person or persons who has made all these changes key well enough alone,keep the soap.

  141. Shirley Beal

    Please don’t take off Y & R I’ve watched since day 1 my fav is Nick & Sharon , Jack & Kelly
    Michael & Lauren never liked Phyllis at all if she leaves Sharon alone I might like her , chole is a great a actress I loved her & Michael mulney wish you would bring them back .and vi ctoria
    Is great with Billy put Chelsie with Adam .
    Thank you .

  142. Michele Walters

    If Y&R is cancelled, I’m not watching CBS at all anymore! I do miss BM, MM and if CL is killed off, I’ll have to question the new writers!! If Lauren also has another affair, she should be the one to go!!! What does CL have to do to show his loyalty to the show and to the fans??

  143. Cathy

    Jill is quickly killing Y&R and it breaks my heart. I have been a fan of Y&R since day one and I’m afraid it might not be around much longer if they don’t get her out of there!

  144. Betty Boop

    I have watched Y & R since its beginning but now its so depressing because of all the new faces and the story lines are too drawn out, I fast forward through most of the show and am considering stopping watching at all.

  145. sally

    history is repeating itself…..she has been a writer for other soaps they are gone by the way side the story lines she is coming up with suck it is getting to the point where nobody knows who the baby’s daddy is in the vikki situation and might be the case with Hillary ….the drinking thing with nikki is old I have been a loyal fan of y&r since it came on in 1973…..they need to get a real writer and fire jill phelps ….she will certainly destroy it

  146. sally

    it goes to show you she has no imagination she keeps rehashing the same story lines and dragging things out …..like delia’s killer it is about time to reveal who it is

  147. Kim Russo Leach

    It’s clear to see that the writing is done by people that don’t have a close connection to the history of the show..
    and what is up with Phyllis hopping out of bed like that and traveling home after a year in a coma.. That would NEVER happen..there would be weeks of therapy to say the least..Y&R always had a realism to it until now..

  148. Robbie Boyd

    Why in the world would you hire someone like Jill Phelps who is associated with so many soaps that were taken off the air????? Come on CBS wise up!!!!!!!

  149. Margaret Taulbee

    Get rid of this bioch J.F.PHILLIPS and NO new writer Get the old writers back .CBS ts messing up big time.If the CEO thinks his wife is better than ATWT and GL were he is nuts .I hate the talk and I do not watch Big Brother who wants to watch a bunch of BIG MOUTHED Women try to out yell each other I hate them all.CBS better get a new CEO.

  150. Jo Welch

    Fire. JFP !!!! Big mistake firing Michael Muhney, The show has gone down hill. Same old story lines.

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