Why Muhney Was Let Go

If the fans love an actor, even if he may be difficult or outspoken, put the fans first and figure out a way to coexist. I personally think it is Phelps personality that is the real problem here though.   Even so, I don’t care what Michael Muhney is like off screen, all I care about his ability to play the part of Adam Newman.  Muhney has taken a character that would be really easy to hate, but made him someone fans really cared about and rooted for.  Muhney is a fantastic actor and really easy on the eyes.  So, why on earth would they fire him?

The dreaded Jill Farren Phelps gave him the news privately.  Right before Christmas, she decided to fire this father of three.  Muhney told Huff Post Canada TV that, “It was explained to me that CBS and Sony want to give Adam a break for 3-6 months and then they’ll bring him back with a different actor. Maybe he does need a break. Adam has been on screen a lot. He’s not being killed off.”   Maybe it was not that Muhney was difficult, perhaps Jill just wants to bring in more of her friends to the fold.  I wonder how long it will take Phelps to find one of her “friends” to replace Muhney?

Perhaps Eric Braeden had something to do with his dismissal?  It has been no secret on set that the two of them have not always gotten along.  Could Muhney’s talent have put off Braeden?  I certainly hope that is not the case. Looking through Braeden’s Twitter conversations last night, he did not seem happy when asked about the issue.    Muhney does have several friends on set and fans are shocked and angry! Perhaps the reason was financially based?  The show can hire more cheap actors that may look good, but offer little in the department of acting.  After all, they were not able to reach an agreement with Billy.

Muhney also stated during the interview, “It’s powerful, what I’m feeling, but it’s not all positive. It’s a conflux of sadness, disappointment, heartbreak, humility, warmth, and a reality check. I’m saddened. I poured my heart, blood, sweat and tears into this show. They say, you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it, so maybe there’s a bit of that, but I try to be a grateful guy most of the time.”

Although Muhney will admit that he is often outspoken, “I never called in sick. I never even arrived on time — I was always early, sometimes hours early, because I wanted to be sharp with my dialogue. I even went into work the day after I snapped my collarbone in half and they worked it into the show! I always gave a 100 percent effort all the time. I believe in being professional at all times.” He stated.  Fans can easily see in his stellar performances that he did always give 100%.

Can viewers create enough buzz to make CBS and Sony change their minds?  Rebecca Herbst was let go from General Hospital, but after fan outcry, she was rehired.  Can we band together to undo this terrible decision?

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BY: Carol Boorom / @CBoorom


  1. natalie

    another stupid move !! I cant believe this crap…he plays adam great..have the writers totally gone mad? watching some 20 + years…wont bother me to stop watching it

    1. Gloria C. Olano

      These writers have lost their mind!! Adam let go? one more stupid move on their part!!!!!!!

      1. Joyce

        I think instead of firing the good actors we’ve grown to love, they should fire the darn writers. Apparently they don’t care what the fans want. Burns me up.

      2. regina dragon

        Have been watching Y & R for about 20 yrs and Absolutely Love Phyllis, Adam & Billy!!! If they’re really leaving I will have to Find Another Soap to Watch! :(((

        1. Ann Rife

          I agree 100%. Why do they always take off the most popular actors (actresses) that are so well liked and keep the old rediculos boring ones. I absolutely love Billy. Bring them all back and let some of the writer go.

        2. Gina Darago

          I agree two many good actors leaving my fav soap have to start watching some other one .. Shame on the producers !!!

        3. NVal

          Its a soap opera. He will be back I’m sure. Adds drama and gives another story line time to develop. I am sick of Fens storyline. Get it over with.

      3. CATHY

        I think myself, If this keeps up where there is alot of good actors are leaving the show, alot of people are not going to bother watching the show anymore!! I have watches it for many years, so personally I think soon there will not be a young and restless they will cancel this soap as well just saying!!

    2. Sharon

      You know that a “new broom sweeps cleanly”……in other words, they can hire someone else for less money!! As for VICTOR, in REAL life, he and Jack have been enemies for over 20+ yrs. I don’t know the reason, but he can be a problem for any of the cast….he carries weight!!

      1. Darlene Sakay

        I would welcome the idea of getting rid of Victor. He is mean, hateful, arrogant, judgmental…the “ALL MIGHTY” and I personally can do without him and his ATTITUDE. I vote to get rid of the TOXIN on the show and that would be VICTOR NEWMAN…I am sure he is getting way more than he is worth.

        1. Lucille

          I so totally agree! I HATE this character!! His attitude is disgusting. The way he is treating Nicky over “her” son is unbelievable, changing her will (I would think that would be illegal, but that is nothing new for him) His character should be killed off. (Imagine the money they would save if they got rid of him) There would be so much storyline created if he was gone!! The family stories that could be generated about his death has affected them!! Yes, I vote to get rid of Victor Newman!!

    3. karen

      I cannot imagine anyone else filing his shoes. What a stupid part of Jill to do. Replace her instead.

    4. berneita ellis

      I agree. I want him to stay. It is bad enough that billy is gone now Adam. Are you all actually that stupid? Does the viewers not have any part in this. Well, think again, we can all either go to a different soap or none at all.

    5. Terry Marie Sparks

      Listen I have watched young and the restless since 1980 and every time and ever since you have changed the characters, you got rid of a child don’t get rid of anyone else. This show is my family, and we always need our family to keep us going from our own daily routine  I have been watching young & the restl ess and every time. Adam should stay give Victor a month of rest. Thank you

    6. vicki

      I’m sick of seeing all the good ones gone. It’s one thing to lose Catherine to her Heavenly home but there’s no excuse to lose the others. Good luck to all those gone or going . Why not just get rid of everyone and rename the show then we wouldn’t have to watch it

    7. Diane

      It makes no sense to pause the story line Adam has now (Adam, Chelsey & Connor). He finally finds happiness and they want to put this on hold for 6 mths and then bring Adam back with a new actor? Maybe they should actually get rid of Jill!!!! I have not always liked the character the Michael has played, but he has played the part superbly! He is an incredible actor that I’ve actually been pulling for, for about the past year or so and now you want to get rid of him for a stupid reason- SHAME On You! Too much has happened in the last year with Y&R: (Letting Billy go, the passing of Mrs. C, killing off a child (also very stupid- I couldn’t watch the aftermath of Deedee for weeks) and now I’m ready to leave it behind! I have NEVER been this upset at a show! I’m really po’d- I’ve watched for the past 36 yrs but maybe I’ll go back to GH which I used to also watch many years ago! Bottom line- The writers really need to listen to the fans of the show!

      1. jackie

        I agree with you 100%-so many ridiculous decisions not only in replacing these three (Adam and Billy and recently Kyle) when the actors portraying them were all fan favorites and brought reality to their parts. I also agree that Jill is over the top and they need to tone her down or write her out. The decision to kill DeeDee was one of the worst decisions ever-I just lost my son the same week they killed her off–so the grief Billy is showing, I know is exactly the same feelings I am experiencing-so to get rid of somebody who can portray his part as he has these last two months is extraordinary.I, too, after watching since it started-am thinking my one of the only two soaps I watch will be disappearing from my short list of programs I actually watched and enjoyed.

      2. Melody

        I agree quiit getting rid of good actors and actresses. Get Adam back. I’ve watched since the beginning and never been as dissapointed as I have lately. Need to keep Billy and Get Phyliss back too.

    8. Lana

      WTH is going on? I mean what is wrong with this LADY WHO FIRED MICHAEL??? JILL FARREEN PHELPS? I mean no one and I mean no one can take Michael’s place as Adam Newman! No one, do you hear Ms. Phelps? Michael is an outstanding actor, and you just fired the wrong person! So what? Eric does not get along with that a surprise..Victor is really cold hearted when it comes to his character, and I don’t know how he is outside his character, but after reading his disapproval of Adam/Michael, that just breaks my heart! Michael MAKES THE SHOW! HE MAKES THE CHARACTER! NO ONE CAN REPLACE HIM! I have been watching this soap ever since it started 40+ years ago, and it makes me so heart sick that they would get rid of Michael, and how cold hearted JILL is for firing him right before Christmas, that is lower than below the hits the heart, and us fans are not going to give up until we get the final word that MICHAEL IS STAYING FOR GOOD! His character is so hard to act, and he plays it so well! HIM AND CHELSEA are the best couple on that show! They really mix well and they are the BEST LOOKING COUPLE! I refuse to watch Y&R anymore until I know Michael is back, and my years with Y&R are priceless, and I will let my friends know to do the same, but they are already PISSED OFF! :( A ONCE TRUE FAN OF Y&R!

      1. Ruthy D

        I totally agree! It would be nice to see SOME of the characters in happy situations. I’d rather watch Adam than Victor. Is that the problem? I’m so tired of Victor. Bring Michael back and let Eric retire or take a l o n g vacation. Bring Billy back too. Probably too late for that. New writers? You may be running off long time fans here.

    9. Darlene Sakay

      The writer’s have completely lost there minds. It amazes me that they are willing to fire great actors who always give 100% in order to simply save a few bucks. The show will never survive if they continue on this path. I have watched this show for years and I have to say I am disgusted with how they are handling things first with letting Billy go and now firing Adam. These two are the best actor’s you have on this show, so please use some common sense and bring them back. It is worth paying them whatever it takes to keep them they are well worth it………..A dedicated Young and the Restless watcher who is losing faith in the most recent decisions. Just saying.

      1. jamia

        I want adam back…. I have watch this show foe over 35 years… Please bring Adam back …. He makes the show… Get rid of victor, kill him off… Young and the Restless dont need him….Bring back Adam and Billy… The two hottest guys…. Makes no sence to get rid of them… There story lines are going so well…. just saying…

    10. Pat Brown

      M.M.does a great job as Adam and Billy plays a great job also If they leave the show will suck I have watch Y&R for over 25 years and it was getting better every day until Mrs C pass away and it has started doing dumb things But this is the worse yet If they want more money give it to them they help make the show Red has left the show and NO ONE can replace her Kyle is another the other one was so much better Phelps needs to be replace Get rid of Victor and keep the rest Someone needs to listen to the fans Don’t we count?

    11. Teresa

      This is one of the worst decision Y&R could ever make. I see Michael and can picture him growing with the show and definitely being the “next” in line under the Newman family banner to take this show into the future generations. Just a ridiculous decision. He has what it takes to keep the fans interested. You like him, you hate him, you love him. He’s vulnerable and captivating and awful, an actor. Imagine that, a great actor..why let him go?

    1. Darlene Sakay

      Without Billy and Adam I will not watch this show anymore. Tired of the bad decisions all over saying money….they both are more than worth it. Pay up!!!

  2. paula duncan

    maybe they should get rid of jill,,, every since she has took over the writing, there has been nothing but bad.

      1. Lucille

        Agree, Jill Phelps should be fired & she should take Victor with her!! Go start your own soap with all your friends & leave Y & R alone with all the REAL stars!! I too, have been watching since day 1. Do something about this or Y & R will go down like AMC & OLTL !!!!!

      1. Sylvia

        Let’s take a vote…….should Jill (the writer, not the part in Y&R) or Adam have to leave this show? I think I know the answer. Keep Adam or lose fans big time!

  3. Julia

    I am extremely disappointed to hear Michael Muhney was let go…he is an awesome actor and no one and I mean NO ONE can portray Adam Neuman the way he does. He is perfect for the role and cannot be replaced. I have been watching this soap since day one…with all the great soaps going off air why lose great actors too. We want to keep Y&R on and not lose this one too. Can’t you please work it out to keep Michael…

  4. Anita Whitters

    Didn’t fan outcry bring “Cane” actor Daniel Goddard back? Let’s do it again! LOYAL fans want Michael Muhney.

    1. Terry Marie Sparks

      Bring back Daniel Goddard. Why Why are you doing this? We need a new writer before this show goes under.

    2. Pat Brown

      Michael and Billy we want stay sent Victor packing he brings mothering to the show any more But Michael and Billy does also Red she is like Miss. C she cant be replace

  5. sjs1228

    As I have stated before, I have watched Y&R religiously since 1985. I can count on 2 hands how many episodes I have missed in close to 30 years. For the first time ever, I am going to consider to stop watching Y&R in 2014. I know I am just one person here, but I am sure there are thousands and thousands in agreement with me here. This show has become “dark”. The killing off of Delia was way over the top, and the worst thing this show has ever done. Incredible actors/actresses are leaving one at a time. How long until Breaden or Bergman are gone? How long until CBS cancels Y&R? I think a good part of the problem here is Phelps. Look at her history on shows. The whole thing here is sad.

    1. Connie

      I too agree with this statement 100% and I too have been watching Y&R for years. I hated it when Michelle left, and then Billy, now Michael!!! Whoever is responsible for these actors leaving needs to leave instead!!!!!

    2. Joanne

      Yep! 40-yr. fan here says: This is the final straw!! You want to lose the program? Keep up what you’ve been doing the last few months!

  6. Carol Meeker

    You are going to lose rating if you keep letting good actors go. This has really blown me away about Adam. I have talk to family and friends and they don’t like it either. I have had it with the stupied people. WAKE UP.

  7. rodney

    if they get rid of adam i am done with this show no one else can ever play his part and it was just starting to get good to i like him with chelsee come on dont let him go

  8. Sheree Pechacek

    This is outrageous!! Jill is destroying the show! This woman should be removed from CBS!!

  9. Norma Sovel

    Why does a new writer have the power to fire these good actors. It took me awhile to get use to them in their part but both of these Actors have done a great job. I have watched this show since they started , when I worked I taped it and watched it late at night. Please how many more are you going to let go before someone does something.

    1. Kelli

      Jill Faren Phelps is the Executive Producer AND head writer. That is how she was able to fire him. I’m with every other longtime viewer (since 1977) and I will stop watching also. Michael Muhney has made the program enjoyable over the past few years and I hate to see him go!

  10. Lisa

    I have been watching Y&R since I was a little girl with my mother. I have contiuned to watch over the years. I have never been more disappointed than I have been in the past 6 months with this show. Jeannie Coopers passing was bad enough. But then the writers kill off the character of Deliah and Michelle Stafford leaves and now they FIRE Muhney. This is getting ridiculus! Get rid of Phelps NOW before she is the death of Y&R

    1. Shauna

      Your telling the truth. Y&R is going under. I have watched this show since I was a little girl with my grandmother. I tape the show everyday. Everyday I get more and more depressed. My aunt has already quit watching I think I’m about to follow I miss Phyllis and they are getting rid of Billy now Adam WTF. Get rid of the writers your running the greatest soap in the ground. I quit watching GH because of the terrible writers now she is on Y&R. FIRE HER BEFORE Y&R BECAUSE ANY MORE OF A DISASTER>

  11. Barbara Fisher

    I think the people who are making these decisions are complete assholes. They took an award winning soap and turned it in to a disaster. Don’t expect any awards this year you idiots.

  12. Joyce

    This article does not explain why he was fired, as the title says. I want to know why. The new writer is the one who should be fired!!!

  13. Sue Gravert

    I have watched the show since day one and am very disappointed in the direction it is going. I find myself fast forwarding more and more. The death of DeeDee was uncalled for, now getting rid of Adam and I hear Billy is gone too… What is going on?? We don’t have much left on DayTime, I miss As The World Turns so much, now I just might have to give up Daytime if Y and R can’t get their act together and keep good actors and improve the story lines!!

  14. Dee

    What ever happened to “if it’s not broke DON’T try to fix it”!!! Once again it as if the fans/ratings are not taken into consideration on these moves, isn’t that the most important thing to these shows?? STOP trying to fix something that WASN’T broke!

    1. Connie

      Ditto!!! The FIX isn’t fixing anything, it is breaking it!! They better stop and think what they’re doing to the show. These dark storylines and firing good actors will eventually get the show cancelled and then they’ll all be FIRED!!!!!

  15. Charlot Morgan

    The young and restless writers are getting on my lady nerve. As a long time fan of the dips to say I am sick and tired of their stupid story lines is an understatement. This last ammouncemt to fire Micheal is right up there with cutting off their nose to spite their face. An hour of my time each day will be used watching a better written soap.

  16. Sandra

    we just get to the point where we are LOVING a character and they do something like this. very mean and petty. lately, ADAM as played by Muhney WAS THE SHOW. the best part. i can’t stand some of the others – like Hilary (why didn’t she leave when they found out she was the one doing the blogging etc.) , or Sharon (always BORING)! the show is barely recognizable. I hardly ever watch the whole thing anymore – and don’t care when I miss it.

    1. Connie

      I agree! The best storylines now are Adam & Chelsea and Billy & Victoria. That’s the only interesting storylines on the show. And to get rid of both Billy & Michael??? What’s going to be left to watch? I don’t like Cane & Lily, or Sharon, or Kyle or Fen or Hilary.. Hell, without Adam & Billy, there won’t be much reason to even tune in anymore!!!!!

  17. Sandra Catalfamo

    After this disgraceful decision. I know after Michael’s final appearance I will be done w this show and CBS programming. They dont care about people or have heart of what the viewers care about. They are more concerned w their own padded paychecks and hire ego fat head indivuduals w little class like Phelps. The entire lead writing team along w fat mouth Phelps need to be fired!!!!

  18. Shelley Cavitt Armstrong

    I am really disppointed in theis news! Adam was a real greaqt love to hate chartacter and greaqt actor in Micheal Muhney! Why they fired him is crazy and unreasonable! Please bring him back!

  19. Shirley

    I said it before and I will say it again. If Adam goes I go. What has happen to this show. I think they should get rid of JILL PHELPS. She seems to be the trouble. No one else can play the part of Adam. He’s great.

  20. Linda

    I was disappointed about Phyllis and Billy leaving but I am devastated about Micheal. He has more talent than 10 others put together on the show. He’s the main reason I never miss the show now. Things have really gone downhill since Jill started her antics, You need to care what the viewers/fans think and stop trying to be such a hot shot know it all! I really don’t even want to watch anymore with Micheal gone. GET A CLUE MORONS!!!!

  21. Lane Lent

    I can’t believe they are letting another great actor go. Their ratings are going to plunge and it will be well deserved. I just don’t get it. BRING BACK MICHAEL!!!! I’m also shocked about letting Billy go. What is wrong with these people?????

  22. Teri Broschayt

    Keep Adam,and get rid of Victor(Eric Braedon),he’s a real jerk,and he’s all washed up that who you should have let go,very disappointed,might stop watching for awhile,you gonna find a lot of people aren’t happy either,bad choice!!!!!!!!!

  23. Nancy

    Why get rid of Michael Mulney, get rid of some stupid story lines like Jill and her obsession with the music box! This soap opera has really been a disappointment since the new writer, she stinks. KEEP MICHAEL MULNEY!

  24. Susie

    Yes, it seems the good actors are the ones let go. Maybe othey should let her go and see how she likes it to be fired. I really like Michael as an actor he made you want to hate him. They are a few actors on that show that can’t ever be outstanding like him. So keep get rid of the ones that can act, and you fans are going to quit watching. I still can’t get over them killing off Deliah. To me that was terrible.

  25. Nancy

    They kill of little Delia, get rid of Billy, and now get rid of Adam! Get rid of the writers who are killing this show! I’ve only watched this soap opera for over a year since All My Children has been off the air. Y&R better get some better writers and write BETTER, or they will lose a lot of viewers! Keep Michael Mulney!

  26. Lorraine Chandler

    I have watched this show for years. Never have I seen it so messed up since this Jill PHELPS took over. She should be fired and get someone in there who knows what they are doing. I am very upset over Billy and Adam being let go. It’s as bad as Duck Dynesty being let go.

  27. Sue Long

    I agree with what is being said by everyone else. The Young and Restless is my favorite show on tv. I have watched since it came on many years ago. I think the show has done so well is because their cast fit their role so well and are outstanding actors and actresses. By eliminating all the talent, and bring in just looks with no talent will make this show fall to the way side too. We lost Mrs. C, which was horrible, but unavoidable. We didn’t have to lose Billy, who fits that role beautifully, and is a great actor, nor do we have to lose Adam…which is just as powerful in his role and irreplaceable. It is almost like you are trying to make the show lose money. Wake up before it is too late and you have destroyed my favorite show!

  28. Andrea

    This is ridiculous!! He brings Adam’s character to life!! He is a wonderful actor. Young and the Restless continues to make horrible decisions. I’m sure they will be the next soap canceled!!

  29. larae

    i have been a lifelong viewer lauren phelps, you had better hire him back or u wont only lose me youll lose millions.,.. bad enough u got rid of billy miller..i could care less if eric gets along with him.. hes a superb actor and one of my favs

  30. Joyce

    Please keep Michael Mulney! He is a great actor and brings a lot to the show. I hope that the new writer realizes she is making a mistake. Y & R is going to lose a lot of viewers with Billy and Adam leaving the show.

  31. Selia Smith

    Myself and my husband have been fans of Y & R. I was long before he ever got hooked. For about the last six months the show has really been going downhill. Someone needs to do something. You are losing all the good people and bring in the people that no one cares about! I really miss the old Abby, she was great. Also Phyllis, Billy and now Adam! What is going on??? What is wrong with the people in charge? Wake up people before your show is history! I used to would never miss a show but now only watch sometimes.

  32. Charlene

    Please keep Michael Muhney on the show he has brought so much to the show and it would be a big mistake (not to bring him back!!) Nobody could play Adam Newman the way he does. I for one will not view the Young and Restless to many characters have gone recently, good ones! You are going to lose more viewers if this continues!!

  33. sheila ray

    i have hated victor / eric for a long time….i wish they would kill him off…so sick of his busy body ways and the way he sticks the knife into Jacks back at any cost…too bad he didnt get fired instead of Michael…:(

    1. Joann Landers

      I like Victor he just has stupid lines! Do not need him to go – that woman needs to go ! And poor Sharon does not need to go she needs to go back to the way she was when she and Nick had the coffee shop…

  34. Kim

    Y & R – Looks like you need a reality check, get on your knees and BEG Michael back to the show or you might end up off the air yourself! We fans have suffered through the loss of Katherine, Phyllis, now Billy and MICHAEL NEXT. What is wrong with these decision makers is that have not checked with the fans that are watching! Get your heads screwed on and FAST!

  35. sheila ray


  36. pam ogren

    It’s really sad the direction Y & R is going. Killing off Delia the way they did was bad enough. However, getting rid of both Billy and Adam’s amazing actors could change things dramatically for what was once an amazing daytime show. These are two of the young and amazing talents that keep people watching. I have been a loyal fan since the early 80’s. This is heartbreaking.

  37. linda


  38. linda


  39. NJ Briscoe

    I agree 100% that they are letting go too many good actors that have been doing excellent jobs in their roles, the writers really need to re-think a lot of those decisions with getting rid of major actors. They really need to get this storyline with Phyllis and Summer – bring this to an end and let us see that the truth comes out.

  40. Sandy Slaven

    The only episodes I ever watch were and are the ones that revolve around Adam/ Michael Muhney. Come January 30th I too say goodbye to Y&R. ;-(

  41. Diane Fauvelle

    I’ve only been watching for about 3years. I was watching other soaps that were cancelled. Getting fed up, we will loose all the other soaps if this keeps up. They’re loosing to many ratings. I love Michael and Billie, they should be staying . For me specially ,Micheal with Chelsea. Fire the writer instead.

  42. Michael Williams

    Get rid of Braden and then you can keep the better actors. He might have been able to act years ago but he totally sucks now. Adam was the best actor on the show. I am a man who has watches for 40 years but no more.

  43. Antonia Gabriele

    this show is getting totally ridiculous. Adam is a great actor…why would you get rid of him…and Billy…come on…pay what hes worth…no reason you should have let him go as well.

  44. Joann Landers

    I’m also one who has watched from day one and Y&R is part of my life. It hurts to watch what is going on. MM (Adam) is the best! That woman has messed my show up. It’s not easy to lose two young girls and see Sharon turn nuts! Billy? Not happy at all about him going…
    All I have left is B&B and Days. Can’t believe that CBS and Sony let this go on!

  45. Karin Lisa

    I am very upset about this! Y&R is not the same soap that it used to be and I miss it! If these new writers continue with all of these drastic changes I am considering not watching anymore.

  46. Debbie

    They say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!! Well, they’ve really screwed it up to no return with the ridiculous and stupid decisions that Phelps has made in getting rid of our favorite actors! How about getting rid of her instead as no one will miss her!!!! NO MORE Y&R for me!! Very sad :(

  47. Joann Landers

    And Victor is good but all he does now is follow his kids around and bother them. He needs to go back to work.
    I think we all want the old Abby back and on and on…

  48. Margaret Southard


  49. Trish

    This may be the final blow to a show I’ve looked forward to for many years. I love to hate Adam and he is my favorite actor on the show. Why can’t they get rid of Courtney, Summer, Raven, maybe even Devon or Lilly and Kain as their stories have run out of gas. If Adam goes, then Chelsey will need to go too. I’m not to fond of Nicki’s new found son and his doctor friend either. Why not stick with what works. The beginning of the end was Dehlia’s death. There are just too many worthless characters on the show, but Adam is certainly not one of them. Are they just waiting for Michelle Stafford to come back to the fold by keeping Phyllis alive, as no one could ever replace Michelle Staffod.

  50. Susan Bixby

    I hated Delia being killed off and then Phyllis and now Adam!! Why would I want to continue watching this soap since it BEGAN? I watched it as a child with my mother. But for sure now I will stop. These precious actors have gotten me through some very tough personal times. They are best friends and family to me. But now you have taken them away from me. So in turn, I will leave you.

  51. deedee s

    Jill has really shaken things up. she is about to lose more viewers and this is not what it needs. i’ve been watching since the beginning also and do not like that she has gotten rid of phyliss! and billy. now adam, who’s next Nicki, paul, mrs C if she was still here, RIP. getting tired of this. work new characters in don’t fire the ones we love

  52. Susie Hammond

    What is wrong with these people he played Adam very well. Who’s next Victor? Or are you going to kill off another child. Get it together of MORE people will be gone

  53. Susan Dhonau

    If Jill Phelp has a plan to completely ruin Y&R then she is doing a great job. Shaking things up and making STUPID decisions are two different things. One thing she is accomplishing for sure is the loss of viewers. It won’t be long before no one on Y&R has a job because she is ensuring that the show dies of a slow death. Literally. It will no be on the air much longer because people are going to stop watching. I can’t continue to watch this show so I am out now. Never thought it would happen after 30 some years but I am going to have to let it go. I can’t let Ms. Phelps continue to break my heart with the things she is doing.

  54. lesia

    Let me guess…Let Adam go….to hire other high price actors like who ever play Dylan’s Dad…..Really was hoping Adam and Dylan teamed up to kick Victors asss……get rid of Abby….

  55. Maryann

    I have been watching Y&R for 30 years.Started watching it with my mom..
    I really can’t believe what Has happened to this great soap. Boy in a matter of a few months this new Jill Phelp
    Has wrecked the show sooooo bad that I have Stopped watching it..
    An now to fired one of the best actor on the show.
    Getting rid of billy an now Adam..was the last straw..
    CBS an Sony how really dum are You….
    Well I am not going to watch your shows at all..
    Lots of other good tv on.. You just lost this one… That is for dam sure.. Bye bye

  56. Mary E Davis

    Well…so long Y & R…you just lost a faithful fan. Adam was (is) the best Actor on the show. He was (is) the MAIN reason I watched the show. Jill Phelps, take your head out of your ass! BIG MISTAKE!

  57. Janelle

    I have been watching Y&R almost since its beginning. I would record it so that I didn’t miss a thing! Several years ago, I stopped watching it because it was getting boring. The story lines were limp. I caught a couple episodes about 6 years ago and it drew me back in. It’s starting to get that way again. And getting rid of the great actors isn’t helping the cause. The story lines are also getting to me. it’s one thing to have cliff hangers, but for fans sake, don’t drag them out! I truly hope the writer ( if you want to call her that) gets her Chit together before it’s too late. Y&R is the only soap I watch and I would really hate to lose it due to making dumb mistakes by ridding the show of all the great actors and filling the characters with unmentionable replacements! Bring Michael and Billy back. And Killing sweet DeeDee was so disappointing. Conner could have gotten his cornea donation somewhere else! Get with it!

  58. Robyn Thomas

    I say get rid of the writers instead! You have to have people you love to hate but just can’t in order to keep interest. How boring is the story line about what’s his name (I truly can’t recall) stealing Devon’s credit card and going wild in Vegas. Stupidity or no writing talent on the writers part.

  59. Tammy

    Horrible mistake again by Y & R, get rid of her and keep these amazing actors and actresses – such talent being let go!! Sick of Victor and his comments all the time to Billy and Nicky – she needs to leave him!!

  60. sharon

    keep michael m on the show.. its never been better, the chemistry is fabulous between he and chelsea, and i love his face:)
    billy is another one you made a mistake about. he and vicky are the best together. you’re ruining the show.

  61. Micki

    It was sad when Kathrine passed away and they had a special tribute, then you got rid of Deliha, next is Billy he is going to be gone and now you fire Adam, have you lost your mind? I watch Y & R because I love the Characters especially Billy and Adam! I can’t imagine anyone filling Billy or Adam’s shoes. Michael plays Adam so well and Victor is old and so angry all the time. He is the one to be gone not Adam. Victor has the nerve to do everything that he says he loves yet we all continue to find he is nothing but a liar and a backstabber. Adam is like Victor yet in Adam I see he is so much better than Victor. He made a mistake in choosing Newman over Chelsea but now that they are together again Adam is choosing things wisely. Adam made a mistake and with him funding the Charity for Didi, he is all but making up for it. I know he hasn’t turned himself in but you know that no one will believe Adam all because he is a Newman. Adam is a much better person when he is with Chelsea and Conner. He thought he wouldn’t get the change to be a dad and hold his child because of Summer. I think you should bring Michael back to the show.

  62. Myra

    The character of Adam Newman portrayed by Michael Muhney is the ONLY reason I still watch this show. So when Muhney goes, so do I. He CAN’T be replaced. So it doesn’t matter to me who the hell they bring in to play the part, I’M DONE. FIRE THE WRITERS

  63. victoria

    im really mad frist we loose r beloved mrs c phyliss deala then billy now adam get rid of phelps she is the problem let Delyn go back to GH bring billy & adam phyliss back 30 yrs with this show it breaks my heart I grew up with this show I have MS and when they wrote a story about MS it felt like they were talking about me though they have not shown the worst of MS how u cant walk or move took it off of my dvr because im so angry about what this woman is doing 2 our show its ours the fans we have made it #1 im not suppose 2 be stressed it makes MS worse but this has made me just so sick what can we do 2 get adam back and billy phyliss?

  64. Jeannie

    Billy Miller and Michael Muhney are outstanding actors who portray their characters to the max. They are able to pull the audience into their situations and bring out feelings that move people deeply. Replacements are plentiful. However, keeping the relationship between the audience and the characters who are well-loved major players is crucial. I feel strongly about the need to rethink the decision to fire Michael Muhney. Bring him back, please! As far as Billy Miller goes, he’s a dynamite character player. Whatever it takes to retain these two, just do it! The sign of a great leader is a willingness to listen and apply flexibility when needed. I believe this is most certainly one of those times!

  65. Linda

    the fans and loyal watchers for many years are the ones who should have a say-so, we make the show! without us to watch there is no show. I am soooo not happy with this decision. We should all try hard to get him back on. I think this woman Jill who ever she is, should be fired! not Michael! tell me where to write to express my dismay to someone who might actually read it!

  66. Linda

    and… get what you pay for. pay for young, inexperienced actors and that’s what takes the show from number 1 all these years down to what may be 0. they are ruining it and they don’t care, obviously. The Bell family should not stand for this. They don’t need to cut back, they have made more than their share on this soap being number 1 all these years!!!

  67. Jean Rufft

    Jill please stop bringing your friends aboard. If they came from a failing show why do you think they are an asset To the number one soap. Stop the stupidity. MUHNEY IS ONE OF THE BEST ACTORS ON THE SHOW , OR IS YOUR JOB TO KILL ALL THE SOAPS. IF SO YOU ARE DOING DAMN GOOD JOB.I HAVE WATCHED SINCE THE BEGINNING AND ENJOYED IT UNTIL NOW. PLEASE RETHINK YOU THIS. A WOMEN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHANGE HER MIND. SO CHANGE IT ALREADY.

  68. michelle

    This Phelps lady will be the downfall of Y & R!!! This soap has survived and done very well. This was a very bad decision and I’m seriously considering no longer watching because none of my favs will be the same.
    Tell me where to sign or complain to get Michael’s job back!!! He’s awesome at that role!

  69. lori january

    Adam is an amazing talent. He is perfect in his role, always evolving. He is sinister, loving, sexy, fatherly, ambitious, RUTHLESS. He is as good as it gets. BIG MISTAKE, BIG HUGE MISTAKE-just like BILLY. My favorite show EVER is being DEMOLISHED, 4 veterans GONE this YEAR. ADAM needs to stay, this show will not be good without him. HE IS VICTOR PLUS, SHAME ON THE ONE THAT FIRED HIM. FIRE TYLER, ABBY, NOAHS GIRLFRIEND-no one will even miss them. LOVE ADAM, AMAZING TALENT MICHAEL IS.

    1. Sylvia

      I agree with you that we’d rather get rid of a lot of other actors/actresses than lose Adam! Abby, Tyler, Noah, his girlfriend (so interested in her I can’t even remember her name!) and a lot of other dead wood on the show.

  70. Ellen Wright

    Adam is an amazing actor, and you should do whatever it takes to rehire this man. He is such an important part of this soap. Firing him was a huge mistake and one that will make the ratings go way down. GET HIM BACK PRONTO!!!!! You should never have let Billy Miller get away either. Young and the Restless is my very favorite show on TV, and I have watched it since the very beginning. PLEASE get Adam back on board—-PLEASE!!!!

  71. Sheila Frobuccino

    I’ve watched this soap since 1981, thru good, bad and stupid storylines; getting rid of Michael Muhney is a mistake, big mistake. He is a dynamic actor, misunderstood, manipulative villain or good guy, whichever multifaceted role he ‘assumes’ on this soap he does it better than anyone else on the show. Hated him and loved him…that’s a great actor and his role as Adam cannot be played better by anyone. I’ve liked Eric B., and Melody, but am very tired of their static roles…never change…but with Michael…you never know what to expect from ‘Adam’…which he plays with true talent. Writers: listen to your fans—-do not let this actor go! Of course, he just may make fools out of all the writers if he lands a big screen movie role……

  72. Sylvia

    Get rid of Phelps! She is murdering Y&R! Adam is great. Didn’t like him at first but his acting and personality won me over, as with many people I know that watch the show.
    The actors that play Victor and Jack didn’t always get along but they both are still on the show. It’s bad enough that Billy is going to be another actor, even if he originated the role, but getting rid of this Adam is a deal breaker. I believe many people are going to give up on the show if this hatchet job comes to reality. Keep Michael (Adam)!!!

  73. tonya retcher

    Another brilliant move JFP!!! I think its her that needs bumped to the unemployment line. I seriously question where she gained her producing skills, a Cracker Jack box?? Keep making these ludicrous decisions and see what happens to your fan base, idiot!!

  74. teresa cole

    I think they are making a huge mistake, I think that Adam really didn’t hit DeeDee and that they will find out that it was a total stranger, he has had enough bad luck and deserves to prove that people can change and that he should be able to happy for a change. He does a great job and I don’t think they can find a better actor to play the part.



  76. Tammy Harryman

    I have watched Y&R since 1975, but … I do not know how much longer I will watch. I love the show but lately the story lines are mor upsetting..and I am very angry about Adams character actor being fired. It is a magnificent actor. He was able to make you love him and hate him at times. I will not like the show without him! He deserves happiness in the show. Again he and billy are the best actors on the show!

  77. Barbara Lamkin

    I think the executives at Y&R need to wise iPad and get Jill Phelps out ASAP. She almost destroyed General Hospital and is well on her way to doing it to Y&R. First Phyllis the Billy now Adam good grief just plain STUPID. Michael is such a great actor he makes Adam human we live him. I gave watched Y&R for many years well if this happens I’m done along with many others. WAKE UP

  78. debbie

    I wish these blind,deaf,dumb and empty writers would get over themselves! Lettin Billy and Adam go at ALL is ridiculous !!!! Much less at the same time!!!! I can’t imagine ANYONE filling either’s shoes! I love Billy, BUT Michael is a genious in the way he plays his part. He has had people loathing him at times, but even then there was a part of him that you could always connect with. He (Adam) has been multidimensional and lovable, even when he was wrong. NOW he has tried really hard to turn around and has everyone wantin him to be happy. Although the death of Delia is a storyline that should never have happened, Michael has played his feelings and guilt and feelings of self loathing so well that we as viewers( atleast myself) want him to go unpunished and go on living happily with his family that he has forever longed for. NO ONE else can be Adam!!!!!!! Why can’t they see that??

  79. cindy bouchard

    what the hell is going on billy and adam our my main reason I watch the show I love both of them I hate new people that are put in I love the original cast I love adam hes a awesome actor and billy im so pissed right now I may never watch the show anymore I LOVE YOU ADAM AND BILLY YOUR THE BEST

  80. melanie meyer

    look what this writer did to Guiding light show look where it’s at now not on the air is that where they want young and restless???? get rid of her

  81. Sandeelee

    Instead of Michael Muhney, lets get rid of the person who fired him. Never have I been more disappointed that an actor has been fired. I look forward to “Adam” being on. Right now, I could care less. YR is dying a very slow death.

  82. dfalls

    I’ve said it over and over……but here goes again….THEY NEED TO FIRE PHELPS!!!!!! She is ruining this show!!!!! They are forgetting who puts the show in first place…it is the fans…we HATE what she has done!!! FIRE HER NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!

  83. brenda

    you are ruining the ratings letting the good actors go, please kill Victor off he’s becoming annoying, won’t let anything rest, keeps sticking his BIG nose into things he shouldn’t, if anyone needs to go it’s him, leave the others alone. i’m a BIG fan but i’m beginning to hate watching, because of all the changes, leave well enough alone, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  84. Lisa J

    There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for getting rid of a popular and excellent actor like Michael Muhney. And saying that Adam needs a break, but that he may come back with a different actor? Why? That sounds like a personal thing. It’s a shame. Daytime dramas are down to only four now. The goal shouldn’t be to alienate viewers by firing a fan favorite.

  85. Ali

    The only storyline on Y&R I have been watching is Adam & Chelsea and Victoria & Billy. I DVR the show so I can fast forward through the rest of the show. I liked Steve Burton on GH but this Dylan character is dull. Victor and Nikki need to go away for a while. I would welcome a break from their on again off again relationship. Also, Summer needs to go away on a modeling job and take Courtney and Noah with her. Their characters are boring. And why can’t Sharon have a new romance with a new character. She deserves a better storyline. If Y&R doesn’t become more interesting, I will stop watching.

  86. Ilene Meister

    They should let victor braeden go. His character is obnoxious, back stabber and all around nasty. How could his character put down Nickki , about Dylan , when his character had done the same thing regarding Michael muhney’s (Adam), character. If they keep getting rid of the good characters in the show,I may stop watching, a after having been a fan for over 30 years.

  87. Mary from Jersey

    Big mistake getting rid of Michael Muhney. He plays a great Adam. I think Adam needs a break and needs good in his life, like Chelsea and Connor. Bring back Phyllis so she can fix the mess Sharon made. The truth is taking too long. Then get rid of Sharon for good.

    1. jenny t.

      Yes i agree getting rid of M.M. is a huge mistake, one of many these producers and writers have made in the past couple years. Billy Miller leaving is another bad choice. But if you’ve watched this show for the past 10 or 15 seasons the worst thing done is these writers have completely ruined the character of Sharon. She is not at all meant to be devious and underhanded as they’ve made her in the past couple years. Sharon Case is an extremely talented actress who plays the part wonderfully. The Sharon of old (naive, innocent, insecure, loving) is almost a mirror image of Sharon Case herself. Why on earth change that???? This being the worst mistake the show has ever made in my opinion.

  88. Paula from Indiana

    I am very upset that Michael Muhney was fired! I agree with the others that was a BIG MISTAKE!! I also agree that maybe the writers need fired because all they think about is their self!! I too have been watching Y&R for over 20 years and it makes me very sad what is happening and the people they are letting go. It seems to me that the ratings are going out the window. I guess they don’t care about that. Maybe it will cost them their jobs. Maybe they need a wake up call. I hate to see anyone loose their job, but this is JUST WRONG!!!!

  89. Patricia Decker

    I have watched Young and Restless since the first day it aired and i am so very upset about all the main players being let go. Bad enough they killed a child but then to replace the one that played her father, who is doing a fantastic job! and then Kyle and Adam and so on and so on…this is plain crazy…the one should let go is mean old Victor or let him quit being such a prick. He thinks he runs the world and it is always his way or no way…if i was Nikki i would run for the hills cause he is going to kick her to the curb once again anyway. You can see it coming. Never thought i would stop watching this show but I am. Over for me after all these years.

  90. Connie

    Will not watch this show anymore it has gone to the crap and the new writer is also crap

  91. Pam

    I have watched this show for so many years.It make’s me SICK to think that they fired Michael..They need to get rid of them writers..As of his last day of work for Michael will be my last day to watch this show. I will sit back and watch the ratings take a plunge.

  92. Debbie

    You people will be responsible for the death of this soap. How many more of these actors who are doing a great job will you dump? I won’t see any more reasons to watch this soap. You have ruined it!!!

  93. Fran

    I can kind of understand the Dehlia story line. Children get to a certain age and there is a need of what to do with the character. But Billy and Michael dumb dumb decision. I agree looks like the writers are trying to sink the show. What the hell are you thinking??? Sign me a fan for years, but sick and tired of dumb and dumber decisions. Unfire Michael and give Billy back to us.

  94. Linda Williams

    Really, does it MATTER what the fans think? They messed around and lost the original Abby too!

    Obviously, the big shots could care less what we think. Maybe it IS time to stop watching soaps at all. If they make me feel bad, I quit. I QUIT!!!!!

  95. claire Mandala

    Michael and Billy are the reason why I watch this show. Jill is more than likely the problem. If both these men go, I will not be watching the show anymore.

  96. Lorraine Chandler

    Michael and Billy make this show. I have loved Billie since the time he started. He can make perfect expressions. He is great. I love Michael he plays the part very well and am so happy Chelsie and him got back together

  97. Rita

    There are not enough words to expressed how livid I am about letting Michael go. He just signed a new contract a few months ago. I guess it doesn’t really matter what the fans think, but ratings are what counts aren’t they? What is this world coming to? Every time you turn around its some crappy thing happening. Prices go up on everything, and products get smaller but cost the same or more. Now, its this. The only thing that I really look forward to is good tv, and that is disgusting enough on what the cable companies charge. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Keep Michael Mulney….PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. beverly shelton

    I think he micheal is a great actor and will not get anyone to act with Chelsea any better. they have a good carma together. disappointed in this decision.

  99. Alice

    What is the matter with you people…Don’t you know good acting when you see it…. Adam is so well suited to that part and he is so good with Cheslsea… why lose so many fans over this move… the person you should get rid of is Victor… Let him have another heart attack… He is no longer useful on the show… He would not be missed. Listen to all the fans and what they are telling you…. Leave your personal views out of it and keep him on as the good actor that he is…..

  100. Aline

    Are they trying to make Y&R another disappearing soap? Jill Phelps is a complete idiot and in it for her pocket book and helping her “friends” get a job. You want to save money, FIRE VICTOR NEWMAN, he’s probably the highest paid character, old, been on this soap way too long, and truly someone many fast forward his scenes now. Adam became the #1 in the past few years and I think Victor didn’t like this. I wish when he disappeared last year, Billy would have let him burn in that building. Everyone who is making the show exciting ( Phyllis, Billy, Adam, Delia, Ashley, Abby, Noah, Kyle and more) have been fired or let go.Sure, they can be replaced but it never is the same! Who’s next to go…Sharon…Avery…Chelsea..Dylan.., hell, just fire the entire cast and rename the soap . I’m done after January 30th as many others are.

  101. BARB

    I have watched this show from the VERY first day. They had such good story lines. It kept you on the edge of your seat. Couldn’t wait for the next episode. I don’t know what has happened the last year. You kill off a sweet, innocent child (I lost a child…it was unbearable to watch). We find out Billy Miller isn’t coming back. I LOVE him, as I know a lot of fans do. You have him, now cheating on Victoria, with that Skank, Kelly. Makes me sick. Now, Adam? Michael is PERFECT for that part. You hated him in the beginning, but, he has made you love him. What is wrong with you people??? I stand with the others, in saying, keep him, or after how many years (40?), you will lose another viewer. Billy Miller needs to come back. Make Delia’s death a dream. Bring some good back to the show. I am DISGUSTED!!!!!!

  102. Margaret Buffone

    I am 56 years old and have watched Young and the Restless since day one, I have never been as down on this show as I am this past year. Killing off Delia was the lowest a writer could go, I know that Ms Stafford chose to leave but replacing Billy with anyone else will never work now that everyone is in love with Billy Miller and if Adam leaves then this show is just going to die out and go off the air just like Guiding light and As the world turns.. The writers need to get there act together and write and use the actors that the public wants to see or the 2014 will be the end… To many good actors gone in one year is to much for the public to take, losing Jean Cooper was rough and she will be missed but letting all those actors go after the death of Mrs. C is just wrong .

  103. Debbie

    BIG MISTAKE – HUGE!!!! Now Adam?? Is anyone listening to the viewers or reading our comments???? Why don’t you get rid of everyone and just start all over with new people! Seems that’s what you are ultimately doing anyway! It use to be a great soap that many of us have watched since it began in ’73. The disappearance of great actors has turned our soap from the “Young and the Restless” to the “Worst of the Phelps” ~~ Just saying!!! :(

  104. Maria Elena

    I am disgusted, like many of the writers this blog, I having been watching show over 30 years. The recent changes have been horrible, Bring Billy, Michelle & Michael back, they are amazing and appreciated actors, they make the show.

    Ms Phelps should be sent packing, don’t expect to be the number one soap opera again, why cant the Bells realize that?

    I agree with the fan that is requesting a poll, Phelps should be given her walking papers as a New Years gift to the fans.

  105. Tonia Kay

    As far as I am concerned they have now killed the Y/R. Adam made the show. With Billy and Michael gone no need now for me to watch. I am 76 yrs. old and have followed Y/R since day one. I am sure I can find something to do with my time now that I won’t be watching Y/R!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. FRANCES

    I think the writer needs to go before Micheal Muhney, I have followed this show since it started. but if they don’t stop this . then Micheal last day will be mine also. That Jill phelps is the worst writer ever, since she came back the story line is all over the map! My cat could write better.. I think the bottom line for this writer is to make Y/R goes the same way as AS THE WORLD TURNS.



  108. Eileen

    I have watched Y & R for 35 years or more. I have never seen the show do all these horrible things in all the years I have watched. I was so sorry to lose our precious Catherine., she must have kept things going on that show.
    I hate the firing of one of the greatest actors I have ever seen on a soap, Adam. He is wonderful! Phyllis is so very missed, she was wonderful also, and Billy. He is a great actor. The killing of Dellia was horrible. You are getting rid of all the great actors who produce the most important story lines on the soap. It is becoming unwatchable! I loved Guiding Light for many years until the last year, it became unwatchable & you know what happened there! I think you are headed in that direction!

  109. Maria

    Well! now they have really doomed this show. I for one, will not watch this show anymore, since all the good actors are going. It’s time to make the Victor character RIP, and move on. Been watching since day one, but enough is enough!

  110. Lessie

    I stopped watching this show some time ago. Sometimes I will tune in just to see what Adam is up to. Adam is Mr Young &Restless. Michael cannot be replaced as Adam. If he is not involved in a good storyline I usually will not watch. Billy is also great for the show. Please reevaluate.

  111. Lisa

    Well this still doesn’t tell us why the hell he got FIRED!!!!!!!! PLEASE TELL US AND QUIT DRAGGING IT ON!

  112. Melissa (required)

    Nice hush on what really happened. . Kudos to CBS for firing him if he violated a morals clause. A married man should not be flirting or touching a young 18 year old, and not expect repercussions. Just because most soap characters have no morals doesn’t make it right.

  113. brenda

    I can’t believe they are letting another great actor go. Their ratings are going to plunge and it will be well deserved. I just don’t get it. BRING BACK MICHAEL!! I’m also shocked about letting Billy go and Michelle. What is wrong with these people?????

  114. anita

    Dear Y&R writers: you suck, this firing of Adam is the latest in a long string of despicable acts you have performed lately, do you not care at all what the viewers think or feel??? I don’t care how many people you bring in to replace Phyllis, Billy and Adam, it will never be the same and I for one plan to to be a FORMER viewer. If I want to watch crap, I can find it on any channel, goodbye from a long time fan.

  115. Nancy G. Stanley

    I don’t know what in the hell they are thinking. The story is getting so good. The same with Billy. The worst thing they could do is replace either one now. It won’t be the same.
    If they want to stay #1 for 25 more years, you better get you sh– togeather.

  116. Carolyn

    Too many cast changes. This is too much. Michael Muhney needs to STAY! One of the best actors on the show. The new younger people/actors STINK. When Michael leaves I do too. I have watched Y&R from day one. The Brooks family. The show has been going down hill for sometime and now has reached a new low! Get rid of the new head writer. She STINKS too. I for one will soon be a FORMER VIEWER…. Enuf already!

  117. Kay

    After the killing of DeeDee I said I would not watch again and I have not. Then I heard you lost Billy which reaffirmed my decision to end my 30+ year viewing of Y&R. During Christmas break I saw Y&R at my mom’s house. Adam and Chelsea and Connor were so enthralling I decided I would give it a try again. Now you have fired Adam?!?! Needless to say I’m done forever unless he is back on there!!

  118. Name (required)Gloria Jones

    You have heard the expression, if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it. You are going to get it where no one is going to want to watch this soap and look will be out of a job. Leave well enough alone.

  119. Brenda D.

    If a criminal charge is not involved… this should be forgiven and go forward… Muhney is the best actor on the show… he is a big part of the strength of the shows future success.. Without Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller… Michael Muhney is the main actor keeping your followers. I have seen every episode since 1989… The recent changes in the show is a big disappointment ! Please keep the Y and R alive… keep Michael Muhney and try to get Billy Miller back! They are worth it !

  120. Venetia Name (required)

    This is not real life this is a soap opera why are so many people saying I will never watch this again . In my opinion when I was growing up we had a lot of soaps to choose from to watch and now we are down to just a very few so what do you think they are up to ? They are trying to cut out the soaps so they can put other things in their places and that is why this Jill lady is up too making Y&R fail. When they want a soap to fail they call her I assume .
    If I am wrong tell me. I can go on with my life without watching a soap opera how many others can . If she wants to play around stop watching.

  121. Vicki

    Why the heck get rid of Adam? He makes his character come to life. If you need to let someone go then it should be Victor. He is getting mean and selfish and impossible. All he does is gripe about his family and then stabs them all in the back. You killed off Delia which was wrong too and you are changing Billy again , so what is next? Keep Adam and get rid of Victor and Fen. Fen is a whiny baby anyway. Please keep Adam…….

  122. Name (required)

    We all have to stick together and just promise to NOT watch the show anymore if they get rid of ADAM. I for one do NOT want to see a NEW Adam who probably will have NO talent for acting but was bought CHEAP!!! Keep Adam or lose all your loyal viewers for all these years. We stuck by you through all your other stupid decisions. NOW it’s time to stop and listen to your fans who MAKE YOU MONEY by watching every day!!! You are being ridiculous!!!!! STRIKE THE SHOW IF THEY DUMP ADAM!!!!!(Michael) NO NEW ADAM!!! OR STRIKE PEOPLE!!!! PLEASE !! Everyone stick together on this. He has kids and he’s the best. He did his job!!!! MORE than a 100%!!!!!

  123. D Groome

    I can’t say I was an “Adam Newman” fan but I can’t imagine the show without him. I’d say ok give the character a break but show him on camera from time to time and keep him……. So my vote is to keep Michael on.

  124. D Groome

    Another thing I’d like to say is – The show has lost too many major characters and I don’t buy the idea of hiring cheaper actors to play a part. As much as I loved Jeanne Cooper – I can imagine after many many years on the show she was earning quite a bit so they are saving money there, they won’t renew Billy Miller’s contract another problem, they lost Deliah, they are saving money on Michelle Stafford which was another mistake. Most soaps look at the young viewers and the male good looking actors – why are you getting rid of Michael and Billy then. GEESH open your eyes!!!!!

  125. Angela

    It has become very apparent that Phelps is wanting to change too much with this show. She needs to stop messing with what has worked and made this show #1 for 25 years! Get a clue ppl! She is the problem not how much money the actors want or how outspoken they are!

  126. Aim

    I will stop watching if MM is no longer on the payroll…. Take Lauren or cricket (aka bug ugly) off for good instead.

  127. MarilynName (required)

    Maybe the characters should stay and Phelps should leave…I like Phyllis, Billy and Adam….Chelsea and Adam are good together and they could carry the show when Victor & Nikki leave..The main family….Victor needs to go, been there to long….Its always the same with him, he always says the same things and is fighting for the same things….He never changes or values another person…..So over him….I don’t see how Nikki stands him….. When you have the number one soap for 30 years you have the money to pay the actors what they want…They are the ones we want and care about…Not all the new people that come and maybe stay….I could do without Dylan, Jill,Tyler, Leslie and Avery……. Your ratings will drop….

  128. Donna

    What they need to do at the Young and the Restless is kill Adams off! because there is NO ONE that can play that part and give it what Michael Muhney have NO ONE! Just like with Phyllis, Nobody can give that much energy to a character; the same with Billy especially Billy…OMG…I’m Done

  129. Gayle

    It seems like the writers are now escapees from the mental wards……………….what are they thinking? All the best actors/actresses are being let go for inferior duds; that is no way to keep loyal viewers. I have watched Y&R since the 1st day it aired and trust me this show is going to the dogs. Won’t be long Jill and you’ll be looking for a job too.

  130. Name (required)Renee

    I want Adam & Billy to stay. It’s seem to me that Phelps is not playing fair in the sandbox. Being in charge is one thing but remaking the (wheel) is just stupid, wrong move. I will just have to find something else to do durning Y&R time.

  131. Sue

    I don’t think the writers or producers care what the fans want. We should boycott the sponsors and maybe that will hurt them.

  132. Ellen E. Wright

    PLEASE bring back Michael Muhney as Adam. No one on earth can take his place. He is fantastic and such an important part of this show. I have watched Young and the Restless for 40 years, but you are destroying it by getting rid of characters such as Billy M. and Michael M. PLEASE PLEASE bring back the Adam we know soon—-really soon!!!!!

  133. kathy

    it will bother me to stop watching the show but I will live thru it….getting rid or making it uncomfortable for the actors that have made this show sux!!!!! get rid of the writers!!!!

  134. latisha

    this show has really upset me,im 35 and have been watching since I was a small child with my mom……STOP getting rid of the good people,thinking im just gonna stop watching period!!

  135. Tammie

    I think they are trying to get rid of the loyal viewers and get a younger fan club! If you will notice all this came about after Jeannie Cooper passed away and they got new writer’s! It’s totally stupid to get rid of the actor’s that are good at what they do and the fans love! I’ve watched this soap from the very beginning and I am so frustrated at what it’s become! It won’t be on top for very much longer!!!! Seriously think about what you’re doing or you won’t have anything to do!!!!!!

  136. R. Denise

    1st you kill off a Child’s Character now this! Really, Victor is getting old and tired. He shows exactly the Man NO Ones wants as a Father (On screen or Off)! Micheal character (Adam) is the reason I tune in (still). Keep on Y & R writers you will not be Number 1 to much longer.

  137. Name (required)CC Levi

    I have watched Y&R for years, along with my grandmother and mother. This show is going down hill fast. Mike (Adam) is an incredible actor. Good grief…Haven’t yuou heard the saying…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Seriously, may have to give Y&R up. Sounds too political anymore and the story line is crashing. Where is the loyalty?

  138. Lori Conner

    Please reprimand Michael Muhney and bring him back if he did something that was so horrible…But don’t just fire the best actor you have on your # 1 show.. If he stays gone Y&R CBS is going to lose a lot of viewers… Boycott all sponsers ect… you may want to really rethink what you are doing here…

  139. Karen Distelrath

    Being an actor is like any other job, if you are disruptive and speak your opinon without being asked you become a handicap to everyone involved with the show. Although he is an excellent actor and I hate to see him leave the part of Adam maybe it is time for him to find new ventures.

  140. Alicia

    Ms Phelps would do good to remember that it only takes one day to get hooked on a new soap…..firing Michael is a huge mistake right now….if I were her I would be begging him to stay on….another actor is not going to cut it this time…..

  141. Tammie

    I can’t believe you would get rid of Adam, Billy and Phyllis. They are the future of this show. Victor is old, ugly, mean and needs to go. I have watched this show for 47 years and if they go, so do I. The story line will be destroyed! Killing off another actor seems to be the only thing this show knows. The story line is so predictable
    Why watch
    Hopefully someone can fix this before you loose all of your viewers!
    Keep Adam and billy and bring Phyllis back”!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!

  142. Genevieve

    I do hope they rethink this decision. Michael Muhney is a wonderful Actor. Maybe he is outspoken, so what, sometimes you have to be! What could he have done so terrible to warrant his dismissal!!! If he goes, I’m afraid ratings may go down again! I would definitely RETHINK this decision, if you want to keep The Y&R’s popularity with the viewers.
    Between Michael Muhney & Billy Miller both going…..two of your best, I’m afraid what consequences The Y&R, (rating wise) will most likely suffer. We’ll see The Bold & Beautiful go 1 Hour and The Y&R be cut down to a half.

  143. Garnetta VanMeter

    Hey look i love Y&R and have watched it since day one….But i don’t like the way things are going…I don’t like the story line of Adam killing Deliah. Let Adam, Chelsea & Connor be a happy family…Keep Adam & Billy !!!!

  144. Charlene Hargett

    I have watched the soap for 40+ years and the show is not worth watching, but only out of love and loyalty to the wonderful actors. But it is too much to ask when you take away Michael (Adam) he is one of the best of the best!!! Unless Michael stays on I’m afraid I will no longer watch. With the way Jill handles the show so badly it will NOT stay at #1……LET MICHAEL STAY!!!!!!!

  145. Barbara Lortie

    I have been watching Y & R since it started. AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, I’M DONE. The writers are killing the show. Why don’t you just fire everyone and put all your friends in their place. I never thought I’d stop watching, but I can’t anymore. Maybe you don’t understand, These people made this show what it was. By introducing so many new faces and really stupid storylines, and getting rid of the wonderful actors that made Y & R what it is, or rather, was, it’s no longer worth watching. RIP Y & R, you were a great show!

  146. Barbara Cameron Carey

    Time to leave these actors alone an let them do the great job as they have in the past. Ms. Phelps has the problem. She is ruining the show an charactors. Get Billy back and keep Muhney!!!!!

  147. Frank

    I have been a faithful fan since i was 12, i am now 43.. I had my DVR set to record Y&R and watch it on weekends. But Friday i deleted it from my record list and i to be a Y&R fan any longer. Im extremely upset by all the changes. The network should wake up and realize they’re fu@king a great show. SO LONG Y&R!!!

  148. Denise Gregory

    I am so saddened by the release of Michael Muhney and Billy. I look so forward to watching this show M-F.If I happen to miss it for any reason,I love and exercise the option to catch it online. I am so tired of seeing the really great actors and actresses go. If there is any way to keep these two on board, I think it would be in the best interest of the show. People love Billy the actor and the character. The character because he is the most realistic. The actor because he is such a good actor as is Michael. These guys rock! Your viewers want to see good things happen to both these characters . But first, please make something else good happen to them. Hire them back!!!!!!!!

  149. Ellen

    He has played Adam masterfully, and for the most part, I, don’t care who is outside the show. But sexual harassment of a young girl is NOT OK. I’m sorry he is gone, but it’s his own doing, if this is all true

  150. claire wright

    I have said it 1000 times If Adam is let go and they make him the killer I will stop watching( been there since day 1) as 100,000 other fans will. Show us the proof of anything he has done or said. Their are so so so many actor and actress that make stupid decisions and they still are working. And they did worse things like drugs……dwi……….battery………… get with the times. Adam is a powerful actor just let him do his stuff and sit back and enjoy it. As for the other actors who feel threatened by him o well you better take more acting classes to catch up to him. I can not express my concern for the writers and all the changes that are happening that is killing the show…just let them do their thing and the show would be back to number 1…………because it will be the next soap to leave tv!!!!!!!

  151. Ellen Wright

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do whatever it takes to get Michael Muhney back on this soap. He is such an integral part of the story, and NO ONE can replace him. If you are smart, you will get him back for all your loyal watchers—–such as me who has watched The Young and the Restless for 40 years!!!!!

  152. Lisa

    I have watched Y&R for at least 30+years, when Adam came about I wasn’t sure about him, NOW it wont be the same without him or anyone who tries to replace him WONT work. He is great at his acting the part of Adam. If “Summer” accuses him of something it might be true,but, her part in the show might have gone to her head and thinks that shes better than everyone and gets what she wants just cuz she has a pretty face. Get rid of her and keep Adam!

  153. Tarheel

    I am glad he is gone. If he touched my child inappropriately I would want him gone as well. Plus Victor Newman makes this show. Adam is NOT easy to look at = there is nothing cute about him at all… It’s sad that he’s married and cannot be satisfied with his wife and kids and has to go touching another kid. sick!

  154. sonya bannister

    please leave these characters as they are-you are really screwing around too much and if this happens it will be good bye to y& r-your story lines are pretty lame in the first place and i’ve not been to happy with the show in awhile-i think you need new writers not new actors

  155. Connie

    OK, you know what, if ya’ll are going to pin DD’s death on Adam, then let him leave! I for one can’t stand to see him hurt any more!! The writers could have just as easily made it Kelly that hit Delia. Then Adam & Chelsea could get married and be happy for a change. Good bye Michael, we will look for you on prime time, you’re a wonderful actor and you will make it.

  156. Cindy

    The writers have absolutely taken a nose dive ever since Bill Bell died. Look at what all they have done to Sharon. First her man cheats on her when she needs him most after the death of HER daughter. Then she looses her best friend Drucilla who fell over a cliff breaking up a fight between her and the stick figure with no soul Phyllis. Then her kids turn on her, and the writers don’t think that’s enough, so they make her the lepper of the show by letting her marry Jack Abbott, then Victor, then Tucker, then ADAM…. ugggh.. what they have done to HER makes me sick enough. But then now look at all the crap they are putting Adam thru now when he wasn’t the one who even killed DD with his car.. he didn’t even hurt the dog… he is happy with Chelsea and their baby and then the frigging show fires him and Billy????? WHAT THE HELL ARE THE WRITERS THINKING???? HELL LET ME WORK THERE,,, I CAN BRING SOME NORMALCY BACK TO THE SHOW,, HELL I HAVE BEEN AN AVID WATCHER SINCE BEFORE NICK MARRIED SHARON… Yall seriously need help…. I happen to need a job… hire ME!!! I could do a lot better than the current writers yall have, and I would be happy with 10% less than the current writers for my salary….

  157. tara

    I really think that Michael should continue playing is Adam he’s come a long way from where he was

  158. Janet

    You need to keep Michael and Billy they’re both worth way more then they are paid I’m sure! If not it will be your loss Y&R! I can’t imagine all the viewers will want to continue to watch Victor Newman act like an a$$, evidently on and off screen.Time to retire the old lion, especially with the scripts he’s had for the last 2 years! Your writers really suck!

  159. pam

    Michael is the best part of the show that why I keep watching the show he makes it the show we have had the same old thing going on with this show for so long and the same people he is the best for this show why you would take him out of the show is just crazy without him you should just take the show off the air cause it will not be any good keep him is what yall need to do

  160. Terri

    Don’t understand why this old, old article has been reposted, but on January 7 this story was posted on your site and I am quoting much of that story here: “Muhney is accused of bullying people on set and sexual harassment. According to a statement from Maria Arena Bell: “Let me be clear. I am a fan of Michael Muhney the actor- not the person. Frankly he should have been let go months before because of his behind the scenes actions. It’s still a loss for the fans. Instead of acting quickly they tried to turn the fans against the character of Adam. Bad move. And they should not recast right away now. It’s too damaged.

    The only thing that matters in this story -now in TMZ is that a young girl is protected. She should have been all along. People should have been more decisive not less in this matter.” Some fans are sending not so nice tweets to Hunter King who is the 20 year old actress that Muhney allegedly sexually harassed. If this whole story is true then she is the victim and it is really sad that people would add insult to injury.” Hunter turned 20 just 4 months ago. Michael is married with kids and is in his 30s. When I was 20 anytime a man over 30 flirted with me I felt nothing but disgust. And like Maria Bell says, I too like the actor but harassment of a young girl is not acceptable. Period.\

  161. Elizabeth Wright

    PLEASE do whatever it takes to get Michael Muhney back on this soap. It is such an important character in this plot. He is certainly a wonderful actor and plays this part to perfection. Please rehire him, so we don’t lose interest in this soap. Please…

  162. Karen

    What a dedicated person and actor. What a thoughtless move to fire him. MM, I wish you happiness, and I hope you make it so big that you can do your own firing to some of these inconsiderate morons on this show.

  163. pat

    Please do not fire Adam. he is a great actor and without him the show will nothing and the rating will go way down, Adam is a great people on and off set. The show was going along o.k.. there you went and kill of a childs character which was awful, a awful thing to do, you could have just replaced her. now Billy, he is one great actor with his expressions right on time. you need reconsider all this and keep Billy and Adam. Adam is the only one that will stand up to VICTOR AND aDAM HAD GOTTEN VERY GOOD AT IT NOW and then you want to just do with out him. This is WRONG<WRONG<WRONG!!!!

  164. Claire Gainer Wright

    Hey just a thought cast another Victor!!!! lets see what happen. My last day watching is Jan 30 when Adam leaves….well actually i have not watch one since the news broke out I have them on Dvr.I have written so comments about the dark place Genoa City has been become. Stories that take for ever like…..Carmine, Delia, Jill’s music box Dylan, and Sharon’s secret and Red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show is headed to Soap Opera Heaven with all the rest so I will say my final words RIP Y&R :O(

  165. Mary

    It is time for Michael to go. His ego has gotten way to big and he thinks he is better than any other cast member . He is very rude to his fans and extremely disruptive on the set. I hope he takes this time to grow up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him. Adam will be back with a fresh new person playing the role who hopefully is a team player. I was a fan of Michael’s until I saw how rudely he treated viewers. He lost my support.
    As for the so called viewers who say they aren’t watching Y & R after January childish is that. Cast come and go all the time. A true fan will keep watching. The viewers who were never a fan move on–no big loss for the show cause saying you won’t watch past the 30th, you sound like a spoiled child in a toy store who is having a major temper tantrum cause their mother won’t be them the toy they want. I truly feel sorry for these viewers cause having child like temper tantrums is all they were taught..I will keep watching regardless of the cast changes cause cast changes and people move on. For the immature viewers who are having immature hissy fits & refusing to watch after the 30th–all I gotta say is don’t let the door hit you on the way out and hope you take the time to grow up. Y & R is the #1 soap and will always be just that

  166. Patti Chilcoat

    I can’t believe your writers..why try to fix something that isn’t broken. I’ve been watching this show since I was 16 yrs old and I will be 70. I agree with everyone else. Keep the Adam and get rid of the dead wood.. Shame shame on you. Adam is Adam and no other could replace him , now or later. Shape up or it will be easy to lose your rating too.

  167. alexis

    Another great performance by Michael Muhney on Jan 29. Another great actor fired.

    Y&R is sinking faster than the Titanic

    why is CBS allowing this to happen?

    Will miss you Michael!!

  168. Lynn

    The one who should be getting fired is the ‘Black Night’ Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). He’s too old now, crappy, cranky, you name, I’m so tired of seeing him push his ‘lack of weight’ around Y&R.

    Adam and Billy did a ‘STELLA’ show (as they always do) on Wed.,Jan 29, 2014 amazing actors and no one can stop this?! I really need to stop watching Y&R at this point. Been a fan since my college days and I must getting too old for this madness myself. After the awesome writer died and Kathryn Chancellor died the show really sucks!

    Sharon Case is an absolute weirdo, now here comes Nikki’s ‘X’ to make the show even more boring. When Adam & Billy are completely gone so am I. See you when you’ve changed your minds about keeping them both. GOOD BYE!

  169. ANN Whelan

    Please keep Billy on. I really like him. Like other people comments have been saying, I have been watching this show since day one. I will keep watching the show but Billy belongs with Victoria I like them together.

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