Michael Muhney Fired from Y&R

Could things at Y&R get any worse?  First, Billy Miller fan favorite,  departs followed soon now by Michael Muhney!  I don’t know about you, but I feel Michael is one of the shinning stars on Y&R.  This is yet another devastating blow to a show that has been hit hard this year.  We lost Jeanne Copper, Michelle Stafford left, and now this?  How much can fans take?  Even worse, Muhney did not quit his job; he was fired!  Do the executives at CBS Daytime not care at all about us fans? Are their egos so large they are willing to ruin the top rated daytime soap?

Muhney broke the news on Twitter Tuesday telling fans, “It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on the set is this Thursday.” Muhney has played Adam since 2009.  His last airdate will be January 30.

Jill Farren Phelps seems to be at it again firing fan favorites.  Muhney was known to be fairly out spoken.  Perhaps he dared to tell her that the stories lately are horrible?

Adam Newman cannot be an easy character to play, but Muhney has stated that the role was a gift.  Muhney told about.com soaps what he liked about playing Adam, “You know someone who doesn’t swim with the fishes, who swims upstream in the other direction, is someone who is going to cause friction and turbulence in storyline with other characters.” Adam certainly does always cause friction and turbulence.

Another causality is Hartley Sawyer, who plays Kyle Abbott.  Phelps fired Blake Hood back in March.  At the time, she cast Sawyer in the role.  According to Soap Opera Digest, “”Hartley is wrapping up but will be airing for several weeks into the new year.” There was no explanation provided for Sawyer’s departure.

How can you have a successful show with all of these major characters being recast? They are dropping like flies over there.  I personally think Muhaney will be the hardest to recast.  I cannot imagine any one else doing justice to that part.  Who will you miss the most?  Who do you think is next?

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BY: Carol Boorom / @CBoorom


  1. Joan Denne

    Geeze! I guess you don’t want anyone to watch your show anymore!!! You just keep firing or letting go all the food people. Not sure I’ll be watching anymore. I sure hope you rehire Adam(michael) again. He was good and one of the reasons I watch y & r.

    1. Linda Crofut

      The new writers are definitely screwing up the best soap on tv – I’ve been watching Y&R for years, what are you people thinking – you’ve had 25 great years but I don’t see making 26 – I for one am about to give up on my fav soap.

      1. Mary

        Boy I don’t know what you all are thinking but you have lost your minds!!!, letting Micheal go is nuts, I love Adam!, I may just stop watching for good, phelps needs to go now!!!!!, She is tearing apart a good soap, And she does not care what us fans think, sad sad sad,

        1. Bobbie

          Only story line I enjoy is the one with Adam. Will stop watching when he leaves. Fan for 25 years!

        2. Dee

          You know, I agree, they need to fire this Phelps chick. In football, if the team is losing, you fire the coach. WTF?

    2. Shirley Reagan

      I agree. I will not watch anymore. Adam was one of the reasons I watched everyday. Who every is running the show now needs to be fired. Your losing all your viewers. I watched since the beginning and this is the end for me.

    3. kim galvani

      I am absolutely furious of the recasting of Adam. I’m just about done with the show. First you get rid of Phyllis now Billy’s leaving and that ugly Heather toms brothers coming back who by the way, looks nothing compatible to Victoria and now Adam what the f? I’m done with the show !who ever the new producer is she’s, ruined it, idiot!

    4. Donna

      I would say Y & R needs to fire Jill Farren Phelps. Geezz people lets ruin a good thing.

    5. Monica

      This sucks!!! how about fire the writer and get someone who can do the job right!!!!!

    6. Gayle

      I can’t believe it either…….Adam is perfect for the part…just when he is getting back with Chelsie….BOOOOOOOOO Y&R

      1. Lana

        I am so upset with the lost of Michael Muhney! WTH are they thinking, or better yet not thinking? I think the first thing they ought to do is FIRE JILL FARREN PHELPS! So what if MMichael gave his opinion about the story lines, are you gonna say no other cast mate did? So what if Michael is outspoken, this is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, whether you like it or not! OMG! Michael makes the soap! He brings Adam to life, and now that him and Chelsea are back together its even hotter than ever, and them two, well they make the soap so more INTERESTING! Hotter! HOW DARE JILL FIRE THESE CAST MATES RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS? That is so cold hearted! I have not watched Y&R since I found out Michael has been fired! I have been watching it 40+ years and I refuse to watch it now! I turned a lot of ppl on to this soap, and they are standing with us all who are fans of Y&R’s ADAM NEWMAN! WE ARE standing STRONG AND UNITED FOR THEM TO BRING BACK Michael Muhney! OMG so he is outspoken and all you say, but come on now, is that fair to him? NO! Victor/Eric has had difficulties with Michael and getting along with many others on the show, but he is still on??? Favortism???! Well dah, who doesn’t Victor/Eric get along with? He is made out to be the BIGGEST BULLY ON THAT SHOW! He doesn’t like anyone! So that is a reason to fire Michael? This is so upsetting to all us fans who love Michael! This soap is nothing without him! BILLY gets a going away party? Michael doesn’t? We love Billy Miller and bring in Mr. Tom, well that is not good, but we handled it okay, BUT THEN MICHAEL? THERE IS NO ONE WHO CAN REPLACE MICHAEL MUHNEY! NO ONE! But I bet cha there are a lot of replacements for JILL FARREN PHELPS! She keeps firing and firing and she will see just what happens, the Y&R fails in ratings, and why? All her doing! This is so upsetting to us fans of Y&R, and the one and only MICHAEL MUHNEY/ADAM NEWMAN! :(

        1. Marion Lee

          Great letter Lana. Very well said and I agree with you 100%. When things like this happen, I always say, they happen for a reason and perhaps Michael will bemoving on to bigger and better things than Y & R. He is an absolutely amazing actor, so I doubt that he will be without a job for very long.

          Presently, the show is clogged up with the younger generation, all with lame
          story lines which are completely boring, and going no where. This news sure has made an impact on my Christmas mood. I will miss seeing MM
          every afternoon, more than I can say. What a time to fire a man with a young family, days before Christmas…well, Karma is a bitch and what goes
          around, comes around.


    7. sue


    8. kathryn berola

      I don’t know whats wrong with these people! You have had a top show for years! All the fans are telling u to fire Jill who has not talent for writing! WAKE UP you r losing all your loyal fans!!! A 55 yr old who has been watching since day! I skipped school for Nicki and Victors wedding! I dont understand why ur not listening to ur fans! So I guess now I have to skip Y&R!

      1. Lana

        JILL HAS NO TALENT, SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED! SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING, except to fire cast mates! Jeeez!!! :( :( :(

    9. Pat

      I’ve been a fan since day 1. Y & R needs new writers. The ones they have now are terrrible! I’m slowly becoming a ‘used to be’ fan.

    10. Kathryn Galloway

      Aww! hell Naw what is going on over there @ CBS, Adam!! I love him! you guys are about to lose a whole heap of viewer’s, Dam Shame! You Guys need to re-think this!

    11. Jaymie Snow

      YEAH… I guess after Adam and Billy’s rolls are played out,THEY might as well PULL THE PLUG! I don’t have ANY REASON’S TO WATCH. :( …Any more. Raise the dead …..I still think that there is a MOLE in the writer’s Of Y&R. THAT is why they are TRASHING and FIRING ALL THE GOOD UP RISING ACTORS OUT THE DOOR!!! This does make since !!! :) whom is getting paid extra for helping “GENERAL HOSPITAL” ratings go up.???? :( Booo shame on you.!! This IS JUST WRONG!!

    12. Bev Crowell

      I can’t believe someone doesn’t step in and fired who is doing all this crap. I honestly was so upset over losing Michael (Adam) that I took it to bed with me. This stinks. We should all boycott Y&R NOW. Maybe it will have an impact on these dumb jerks. If not I am done. Michael was the best actor ever. My heart would melt when he held his son and talked to him. That wasn’t acting, that was real. Y&R you have lost your freaking mind.

    13. Jill Lynn

      We agree, we have become loyal Y&R fans……..but now with the story line so bad….really must you go on so about Delia….and how bizarre is it that dylan is Nicki;’s son….REALLY….are the writers on drugs….don’t they watch h? Because most of us will NOT be watching if Michael Muhney leaves the show…..HE and VICTOR and JACK MAKE THE SHOW!!!! What a bore do dwell on Delia’s accident……how exiting to think cheesy and Adam are getting back together…Too bad the writers are doing such a bad job this may the end of Y&R…..unless they get better writers….it could happen ….happened to AMC! Writers…don’t be so smug, bad writers don’t find jobs! Please keep Michael on and get over Delia…….Dedicated fans…..but not so sure now……JL of florida

    14. Cheryl Mains

      Really….you’ve got to be kidding me. Obviously they are trying hard to get the fans to quit watching the show. Phyllis, Billy and now Adam. I have been watching since I was a little girl. I think it might be time to quit being a faithful fan.

    15. Lorraine Chandler

      I totally agree. I think they are trying to destroy this show so they can replace it with more dang talk shows or game shows. They have a good thing going this show is so popular so why let all the good actors go they helped build this show up to what it is today

  2. Gloria C. Olano

    That’s it!! Adam?? really? you people think you are smart? you are NOT!! I’m without words, really, I just can’t believe you, The end of this soap for sure!!

  3. Melissa Parker

    Y&R…you have lost your mind! And another fan!!! I’ve watched this show all my life & pretty much have enjoyed it. Until lately when you kill off children, got rid of Billy Miller & now Michael Muhney….yes you have lost your damn mind!! I’m upset because I will not have a soap to watch, I don’t like any other.

    1. Judith Conrad

      I agree! I have watched it since the first day! Instead of getting rid of all the favorites, why not try getting rid of the writers, who lately have been terrible, and Jill Farren Phelps, who is not important to the show!!!!! Someone had better do something quick before you lose all your loyal fans!!!!!

    2. Jaymie Snow

      I agree. Y&R IS my “ONE AND ONLY” !!! :)…. was. I got nothing now :(….. Y guys really SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hannah Sammuel

    What are you doing to a show that has done so well for close to 40 years. You are going to lose a lot of longstanding fans if you keep getting rid of actors who have played their parts forever.

  5. Melissa

    I have been watching this show since kindergarten ( I am now 43). If things keep going as they are I am going to stop watching. Getting rid of such actors such as billy miller, Michael muhney, etc is ruining the show! The story lines are just absolutely horrible! I can’t even stand to sit thru an entire episode anymore! RIP Y&R

    1. Tracey

      Me too. Same age and have been watching since I was around 5. I have flashes of when Nikki was dancing and met victor. Just sad. I’m boycotting

    2. Jaymie Snow

      I guess I won’t have to DVR ing Y&R after Jan.30th. :( UNLESS something really CHANGES!!!!!!!!!! FAST

  6. Wanda Cole

    I am 54 years old (in January) and have watched Young and The Restless since the beginning when I was only 13. The thing that keeps me watching is the fact that unlike all the other soaps the characters are so believable and usually stay the same. I was devastated to find that Phyllis has left and now Adam has been fired. I also heard that Billy Abbot will be leaving. With Mrs Chancelor gone and all these good characters either leaving or being fired it will be very hard to continue to watch. The Young and The Restless is the HIGHLIGHT of my day and has been for YEARS. If I am not going to be home to watch it I ALWAYS DVR it. I hate to think that the producers are going to mess up the show and cause it to be cancelled too due to a lack of interest. DON’T GET RID OF ALL THE GOOD ACTORS AND ACTRESSES. They are what make this show so good.

    1. Julia Ammons

      I completely agree with you on this. Phyllis was such a great actor and always had a good story line. Adam has always gotten the short end if the stick. When he turned over a new leaf, got the family business back and starting forming great relationships, I thought this was a time for him to shine. He has a great heart and the story line continues to take everything from him. The show has changed so much that I watch once a week- I use to watch everyday. If Billy leaves that will be the end of watching for sure. Thanks for your post.

  7. Donna Brown

    I think they are messing up I like Billy, and Adam. But you need to get off the death of Billies daughter and catch the guy who hit her and move on. I’ve had enough death in the pass months of my own. Need to bring back Phillis. I have watched this show from day one. I love it only soap I watch, but move on.

  8. Tracey

    I’ve been an avid viewer since I was a lil girl in the 70s. This show has been apart of my life. But I’m seriously done. They don’t care about the fans. Just so disapponting. After 1/30 I am boycotting the show. This really sux.

  9. Bonnie Purkey

    This is the only soap my husband watches with me. We both love Billy & Michael…what the hect??? If it works, don’t fix it…are you trying to loose ratings? I don’t speak out much, but this sucks. There is only 1 Adam and Billy…please reconsider.

  10. Kimmily Beard

    Your storylines were becoming boring anyway, so to let go one of your most controversial players sounds about right..Next it will be Jill,Jack and oh yea the MUSTACHE himself!!

  11. Roberta

    This is sooo freaking crazy! BIG, HUGE MISTAKE! When ratings go down the toilet, they might just realize their mistake, then it will be too late. I am on the verge of not even watching the show anymore.

  12. Jackie Quillen

    Producers of Young and the Restless…..I am a 70 year old woman who watches your show TWICE a day with my husband who got me hooked!
    You have made a terrible terrible mistake in letting your two best male actors go. Just read the message boards….so many of us will not be such loyal devoted fans anymore and those ever important ratings will go down the toilet.

    I was not so sad to see Michelle Stafford go but was extremely upset to see that darling Billy Miller let loose and now your BEST actor, you have FIRED???? What in the world??? Michael Muhney is such a wonderful actor with so many expressions and nuances in his expressions and speech…so handsome and wonderful. And, Billy Williams’s personality and smile and chemistry with his on screen wife, Victoria, is the best on the show. His performance with Delia on the side of the road is Emmy worthy!

    Whatever….your show, your actors. But, I believe you will be sorry.

    1. Carol

      I agree with your comments. Why have the gotten rid of so many? To update the show with younger actors? Who cares about them? We like the tried and true. I’ve watched since day 1 and I am 70 also.

      Bev said : “Michael was the best actor ever. My heart would melt when he held his son and talked to him. That wasn’t acting, that was real. Y&R you have lost your freaking mind.” I agree with that also. The way the baby responded to Michael, I was wondering if it was his own, real child!

      Actors and Actresses playing Fen, Summer, Kyle, Faith let them go, they just don’t fit in with the others. PLEASE DON”T DESTROY A GREAT SHOW – OR WHAT USED TO BE A GREAT SHOW!

    1. Jo Rawlings

      I agree. Also get rid of Cane, Lily,Neil, Leslie, Devon and Dylan. They are so boring. I record it then fast forward thru all of the scenes they are in. Oh I forgot Sharon. I am so sick of her soft fake voice and always adjusting her hair. Don’t any of these women believe in trying a new hair style. Lauren looks like she has a nest of mice living in her hair. Disgusting

  13. Carol

    Jill Pharen Phelps needs to be fired next! What is her beef? Is she letting go of our fan favorites to replace them with people she worked with on other soaps, maybe? I certainly hope not.

  14. nancy

    this is insane.. why are the writers ruining the best soap on TV. Adam is one of the best actors EVER.. DONOT let him go.. or a lot of viewers will be gone too… Smarten up

  15. Veronica

    Very upset with this latest news. He was a big part of the show.
    They should reconsider, because a lot of Y&R fans will stop watching.

  16. Carol

    One more comment. I saw on the TV Guide Network a show called “Who Shot the Daytime Soap?” I think we’ve found the answer. With a very few soaps left on television, don’t rock the boat. There’s almost a guarantee that, should things like this continue, there will be no more soap operas by the end of the decade. If they even last that long. Mark my words.

  17. Barbara Fisher

    This show has been a favorite of mine for as long as it’s been on. I can’t believe what you’re doing to the cast! When the show is no longer on top when will they let you go? It won’t matter because nobody will be watching. If it keeps going in this ridiculous direction I know I won’t be watching any more. I know one fan isn’t going to make much difference to you, but what if there are thousands who feel the same way. If you find yourself cancelled you have no one but you to blame.

  18. Angie

    That’s it, I am done after 25 years of Y&R. All the great actors are leaving and the crappy ones stay. The storylines are not that great anymore so I think it’s time for me to stop wasting my time on this soap. They may as well get rid of all the originals and start fresh so they can go off the air. Had with Y&R, goodbye.

    1. Linda Crofut

      I’m with you Angie – the new writers are definitely screwing up the best soap on tv – what are they thinking.
      I’m giving up this stinks, Y&R will be with all the other deleted soaps, they won’t see 26 for sure. I’ve been watching for years but it’s time to give it up.

  19. Nancy Jay

    Wow really? I have watched this show from day one. Now 73 and remarried and my new guy and I tape 3 show and then watch them in the evening. He is hooked on Victor. But now I feel you showed just cancel the show and let these super actor s go on to bigger and better things than the boring storyline you now have. We as your fans deserve better. Your writers and head honchos are way off the deep end. Maybe we will see these actors in prime time soon. No more Y&R for me. Its like losing a very good friend to chat with for a hr a day.

  20. Allie Guest

    I think they need to fire the people who are doing the firing. 2 of the biggest mistakes made were letting the actors playing Billy and Adam GO!!!!. NOT SURE I WANT TO WATCH THIS ANYMORE.

  21. sassimom57

    From what I understand from other message boards is that Jill Phelps was hired to destroy the CBS soaps. CBS wants to do away with ALL of their soaps so that they can replace them with programs designed to attract younger viewers. CBS wants no more soaps on their program list and this is the way they are going about it. So sad for the fans and actors of the present and past CBS soaps.

  22. Vicki

    What is wrong with you?? You are ruining this show!!! I have been addicted for years..ADAM cannot be repkaced, you idiot! Neither can Phyllis!! Thank you for breaking my addiction to Y&R after all these years… the competition must be paying you off! SMH!!!!

  23. earlene cutter

    What are you doing to Y&R you killed little DeeDee without cause now Billy Miller is leaving, and the worst is Michael is going What the Hell are you doing to the show you keep this up and Y&R won’t be #1 for the next 5 yrs so to speak Why not cancel Y&R altogether Seems that is what the new people want Think about what you are doing you are going to loose the fans that are watching

  24. Lemmie

    This really breaks my heart!!! Like most of you; I have been watching Y&R for years! There are great characters, on the show, and there are awesome characters! Michael M.’s portrayal of “Adam” was beyon awesome! “Adam” brought the drama to an otherwise drab and boring soap! Characters like “Adam”, “Phyllis”, and even the evil “Sheila” kicks it up a notch!! Michael M. is the ONLY ACTOR who can pull off the sarcastic, most times devious, sometimes lovable “Adam”!!! Whoever is handling the hiring and firing at Y&R should be given their walking papers; they are ruining a great soap and sending it straight down the toilet!!! “Adam’s” current storyline is riviting and is one of the main storylines that has me tuned in everyday! So with that being said; YOU FIRE THE ACTOR PLAYING THAT PIVITOL ROLE???? Yea that’s “real smart”!! #sarcasm Michael M. needs to remain on Y&R; POINT, BLANK, PERIOD! Signed a disgruntled and soon to be ex watcher of Y&R!!

    1. Betty

      Some one needs to get rid of Phelps. She has no clue what she is doing. I’m about ready to say so long Y&R.

  25. Holly

    Really….Adam!! I have watch Y&R since it started, never have I wanted to quit watching it till now. You writers are doing a lousy job with Billy grief for his daughter, it is just depressing to me. Who wants to watch a depressing show day after day. I love who plays Adam, now you fired him. If you are trying to destroy Y&R, you are doing a great job.

  26. Fran Dubois

    Big mistake for both Adam and Phyllis to be gone from the show, they were the excitement…. i hope the writers change their minds ??

  27. Margaret Southard

    Personally, I think the writers should be fired. Are they getting some kind of kick getting rid of all the oldies. I cannot tolerate some of the newbees, get rid of them . You writers are about to get on my very last nerve.

  28. Greta

    Adam? Really? WOW… I think this is for sure the last “re-cast” I can handle, if it isnt broke dont fix it……. They are ruining our favorite Soap of all times. I am done. No longer a Y&R fan……. I sure hope the one’s calling the shots see all of the messages from upset “former” fans….Get a grip people.

  29. Micah

    I think they should fire Jill Phelps… I have watched since I was a kid… I am very disappointed in the writing. Michael was one of my favorites. I guess I am boycotting the show. Maybe I will just go over to ABC and watch General Hospital.

  30. Sue

    I just turned 60 and been watching as long as i can remember but i am fed up with Jill Phelps… Firing a good actor and bring in new ones we don’t need getting to be too many people. Sorry to say I quit!!! you have let way too many good actors go and might as well cancel YR all together…. with all your firings left and right!

  31. April Strasser

    Everything you have allowed to happen lately is mind blowing. I am 35 years old and have watched this show since I was 2. Y&R has been the most constant thing in my life besides my own family! I have seen people come and people go, but the people we have seen leave this year and the ones we are losing early next year are unbelievable. I used to also watch All My Children, General Hospital, and One Life to Live, but they did one ridiculous thing after another and I quit watching them as well. Obviously many people did the same thing because you sure don’t have all of them on TV any more! When are the producers going to listen to the fans to keep their shows alive? Are you trying to ruin the shows because you have an idea for a new show of your own and are trying to make room for it? I can’t think of any other reason why you would allow Michelle and Billy to leave this show or how on earth you could possibly ever fire Michael! The hatred that I had for that character when he showed up was so immense! BUT Michael made me LOVE him. It’s just like Christian LeBlanc’s character! A good actor can’t help but be loved. I’m sure there are things that us fans don’t know about that caused this STUPID mistake, but as adults, things can be worked out. And believe me, this is one time they absolutely should be…unless, you have a deadline for your new show to take over.

    1. Kathryn Mueller

      Michelle Stafford quit the show for her own reasons, Billy Miller’s contract negotiations didn’t work out, the little girl that played Delia is supposed to be on another show, so the writers/powers that be didn’t micro-manage any of it.

      Didn’t Michael Muhney just sign a new contract? We don’t know the reason for letting him go so until we hear actual facts, we should have an open mind.

  32. Lori

    Really??? How much more do you think the fans can take? Billy Miller and Michael Muhney are 2 of the best actors on the show and yet you say adios to them? I just starting to love the redemption of Adam and now this?? You writers are out and out crazy or maybe even stupid!!

  33. Bean

    Noooooooooo …. this will be too much for fans to adjust to…me included… I have watched (filmed) Y & R everyday since 1989…and I have never witnessed what I have seen this year… Michael is one of the outstanding actors on the show,,,as was Billy Miller.. and Michelle Stafford…these changes will affect your followers and your ratings.

  34. Shirley

    That did it for me. Billy now Adam. The 2 best actors on the show. I wish they would fire the new writers or who ever is responible for this. This is the end for me.

  35. Rosemary

    Well I guess it’s time to stop watching. I’ve been watching Y&R since the days of Snapper but I think it’s time to cancel my recordings on my DVR. I was already suffering with the LAME story lines but I am not going to sit through a Billy and Adam recast! No way!!! Y&R will soon be like Search For Tomorrow, Edge of Night, Another World, and most recently All My Children. You want to keep us interested? Then stop changing what works!!!! And BTW – before people judge me as a soap opera junkie I didn’t watch those other soaps – but I know they existed.

    1. Judy Hardeman

      My sentiments exactly. You people don’t know what ur doing. You should fire the writers of this show because the story line stinks. I don’t know what Micheal has done and I don’t care!!! He is good for the show and adds interest to it. I love his character and I think he’s a good actor and could act in a series or feature film. I would put him in” Mad Men” T.V. series.

  36. Cathy

    I am in agreement with everyone that loves Billy and Michael and hates the developing story line. I had to quit watching. Who kills off a beautiful child? It has been depressing enough and the Delia! Losing Jeanne in real life and on the show was devastating and then you kill a child! SHAME ON YOU! I can’t watch anymore.

  37. Brenda

    What are you trying to do, drive all your loyal fans away?? My goodness, killing a child off, getting rid of Billy and now firing Adam can sure have you headed in the right direction. I think you should rethink keeping Billy and Adam before all your fans get fed up and leave.

  38. Carolyn T.

    For me too this is the last straw. Are they crazy? Just too many cast changes and none of them good! Marcy Rylan leaves, new Abby stinks, Jeanne Cooper dies, Michelle Stafford leaves, Billy Miller is leaving and now Michael Muhney. Have they lost their minds at CBS and Y&R? The new younger people, Kyle, Summer, her friend, Hillary, Tyler they all stink. I also read Christel Khalil may be leaving too. Just too much! I for one am DONE with Y&R…. Capital D O N E ! Too bad they are ruining what was once a GREAT soap… SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on the powers that be…. Firing Michael Muhney was the last straw.

  39. Tina Andrews

    Since they are firing everyone, I think that I will stop watching. Y & R isn’t worth watching anymore, they are getting rid of all the caste members.

    1. Sylvia

      I’m starting to wonder if it’s going to really be worth tuning in to Y&R any more. All the best actors are getting fired or leaving otherwise. Adam is one of the most interesting people on the show. Get rid of the likes of Dylan (even tho he is a nice guy, the storyline of him being Nikki’s long lost son, is ludicrous and as boring as hell. I guess they need to fire the writers and get someone who is more interested in their fans and what they want rather than someone that is intent on just hiring their friends and getting rid of the faves. I am beyond disgusted with this latest story of them firing Adam!

  40. Theresa Kessler

    This news was unbelievable…when I read Michael’s twitter yesterday it broke my heart..it was very upsetting to me..I have been watching Y&R approx 30 yrs…it has gone downhill since Mrs. C died…..writers…bring him back..rethink this…he is an astounding actor. You are creating the story but you are bringing the ratings down….before long CBS will be letting you go as their ratings will go down…think again before its too late for all!

    1. Vickie Patrick

      Amen! Downhill since all these casting changes, the writings on the wall for this soap. And it’s their own fault!

  41. Sheryl

    Seriously!!?? I’m speechless. Adam is/was one of the best actors. If the Devon character leaves I’m done with Y & R because he is the best actor on that show.

    1. Jim

      Hey, don’t any men watch this show!

      I totally agree that this show won’t be the same without Michael Muhney. He is the perfect long term replacement for Victor and plays his part well.

      If anyone should get the axe, it’s time to look closely at those managing this show. Why would any sponsor want to associate with a show that obviously is in self-destruct mode?

  42. Grace Masters

    Oh come on now, The writer of this Show is really messing up. Phelps is the one that needs to Go!!! you need to get rid of Sharon , put her in a Mental Hospital where she belongs.

    1. Vickie Patrick

      Totally agree on this, they get rid of the best well liked actors and keep the unimportant not liked ones. Must be cheaper to keep them. But in the end it’ll cost you when your show gets CANCELLED!

  43. brenda

    please stop, you are ruining this show, i’m about to scream. i have watched this show from the beginning, they have let some good actors go, some left on their own, some passed, leave well enough alone, you have good people, doing great jobs, and the ratings are great. DON’T SCREW IT UP PLEASE

  44. luci miller

    Well guessyou want people to stop watching Y&R. This one will stop Thursday, Michael leaves so do I. First Billy,now Michael two of the best actors on the show. CRAZY

  45. Amanda kate Davis


  46. Donna

    Are the execs at Y and R, on drugs! Quit letting go of characters we have learned to love or hate over the years. I can’t imagine another actor playing Adam as well as Michael has. Do you want people to stop watching your show, then keep it up.

  47. julie

    That stinks. The wrong person got fired. You people are asking for trouble. How much of this bull do you think the viewers are going to take. It is plain sick.

  48. Dora

    I think maybe Y&R writers should listen to their fans, all my favorites are gone how can they start to show him being humble with his son, then throw everything oot the door. I know they will most likely send him to prison for the hit and run but why fire him. If you really want to do something smart stop having actors/actresses talking to the dead, those actors were killed off why make cameos. I really hate seeing this show go so bad after 30+ yrs of watching it.

  49. Vickie Patrick

    PHELPS NEEDS TO BE FIRED HERSELF!! Please start a petition to get her ass out!! I’m following Michael Muhney wherever he goes!!!

  50. Nicol Montano

    As a person with 3 generations if family watching this show from the beginning, we are disgusted!!!!! You have ruined storylines, characters, and got rid of some excellent talents. I don’t know whom is in charge but obviously they are the ones that NEED TO BE FIRED!!!!
    Maybe you are trying to sabotage this show so it get taken off the air like the other long time soaps!!!!! STOP IT AND STOP RUINING OUR SOAP!!!!

  51. Raquel Reda

    I say FIRE the people making this horrible decision to get rid of Adam/Michael. I will no longer be watching :( . What a disappointment.

  52. Lisa


  53. Sharon Lysons smith

    I have been watching y& r since it started.it is a top relating daytime show . In Australia we are a long way behind . Mrs c has only just done her last scene but what I’ve been reading is very sad to see . Little dee dee. Phyllis , then changing the billy . I love to watch the billy & Victoria sceans,they are great together. Now ditching Adam He has been a great character.what are the people in charge thinking . Maybe someone there should be going!

  54. dale

    Jan 30 will be my last show i will ever watch. I have been watching since the 80’s. Idiots have ruined it. Great job executives.

  55. Margaret Cross

    I am totally disgusted with the way that the Y&R is going. You, Phelps, are taking the top stars of the show off. You have no idea what you are doing and what I have seen so far I hate. I have watched this show from the beginning and you are destroying this show. These actors and actresses are what has kept this show going. Who the heck are you to think you know what we as fans want. You know nothing! Fire this woman and get some decent writer in there before this show goes down the tubes or is this what you want. #1 show and she is ruining it. Get our actors back and get rid of her.

  56. Maryann

    What the hell are you doing to the fans of Y & R? I have been a fan of the show for
    a long time now. It amazes me how you could be the no. 1 daytime soap and you never win the best drama. And why is it that you keep people who should be gone and ones who should stay aren’t. Like Phyllis, everyone loved Phyllis. I hate to say
    eever since she left it hasn’t been the same. You should get rid of Sharon. She is too needy and predictable. Adam is one of the best on the show. So pleae don’t get rid of anymore characters tbat you shouldn’t. Maybe you should get rid of the head

  57. Sarah S.

    Wow seriously, Your new writers suck. makes me want to turn off the tv right now, getting rid of Michael is a big mistake and just like all the other mistakes you all have made, YOU WILL LOOSE A LOT OF VIEWERS INCLUDING ME .. been watching this show since I was 14, and now i am 30.. Just like a lot of SOAPS that have been canceled due to Lack of viewers, Y an R you are next .. I can see that right now I think everyone should boycott the show, till they can come up with better scenarios .. and bring ADAM back ..

  58. Debbie Pesui

    Myself, like the others, have had it with all the character changes that have taken place!! It’s not all about the story, it’s about the people that make the story happen and the reason we watch day in and day out. Now Adam, really?? What are you writers thinking?? You’ve started something and can’t seem to stop! You need to have it your way but you are losing your most faithful and devoted viewers because of it. I myself have watched since the show began in 1973, but I too will be an EX-Y&R fan. Too bad :(

  59. Janice Cagle

    I think firing Michael isnt a good move. Besides him being a great actor he is the perfect one to play Adam. Now who you gonna bring in to replace him? Or even worse kill off the show? I’m seriously thinking of using my hour on TV to watch something else. And I’ve been watching since 1974! But I’m just one person, no loss. I’ve hung in there praying the stories get better and characters are left alone, but it just gets worse. We went from being #1 soap to this ? Then the dark comes in and now the firing? Pretty soon this great Soap will be jerked from airing just because there are people like you that need to be fired!!! Get your head outa you butt and re hire Michael and get some stories that are worth watching.

  60. Mary

    That’s it I have made a early resolution to never watch the Y & R again. Too many character changes and letting Billy go (who was my all time favorite ) . Many unnecessary characters to complete a story line !!

  61. Jean Rufft

    Why would they do this? Do they read what we post or is it a waste of my time. Do they realize this is CBS and a top soap THE YOUNG AND RESTLESS. . There are other soaps on other channels or are they secretly working for another network.. Adam is a main part of the show. So the actor dishes a little carp from time to time. We have been putting up with a lot of crap from the writers for a long time. Discharging actors and replacing them as fast and disrespectful as it is being done is reckless , makes no sence at all. We cannot keep up , I am still not sure who Abby is , Please stop the nonsense. When Jeanne Cooper died We all knew things would be difficult to adjust. But that was an act of God. The changes that are being made are just pain destructive to the show in general. I will always watch , if the show doesn’t go off like all the other soaps I watched. That got so redicutless that they were canceled.

  62. Rosalie Armas

    Wow! can’t believe Y & R has changed so much for the worse not better. I have been a fan since it started. What a shame so many of the best players are being let go. I use to look forward to watching the program everyday now I don’t care if I miss any.
    I knew I was going to stop watching the plots are not keeping me interested and even less now that Adam and Billy or going. What is going on with the Y&R writers.

  63. Karen

    So over the past year I’ve slowly lost interest in the best Soap show on t.v. I’ve watched the writers change, the cast change, the sets change, the entire ‘feel’ of the show has turned into just another soap, like all the others. It was losing it’s original appeal of believable characters. Then their personalities changed, they started doing things that I would never have dreamed them to do. What kept my little bit of interest (after watching since I was 13 yrs old) the actors I love….Mrs. Chancelor, Victor Newman, Adam Newman, Billy Abbot, Jill Abbot, Sharon and Nick, and even Nicky. It was hard to swallow some of the things they’ve done but they are great actors and so I kept watching, with less interest though. But after this – losing Adam, and Billy, two of the best things to EVER have come to the Y & R….if I didn’t know better, I would say there is a conspiracy afoot. A conspiracy to ruin the best soap on tv. Or rather change your demographic of average age viewer. Congratulations. You are succeeding, and, in record time, too. Now your show looks and sounds like all the others. Good job. From all the posts I’ve read, you have successfully launched a campaign to lose all your original, devoted fans. Buh bye. Fan 1973 – 2013

  64. Jody

    I will quit watching, I have watched for more years than I remember. Love both Adam and Billy, favorite characters. We do not have to lose Adam. What in the world is wrong with you people.

  65. jelane

    I have been waching Y&R since the 1st airing. What made this show different from the other soaps was that the actors could make you feel like you personally knew them, you start to relate to them and they didn’t change. They could evolve their characters from loving them to hating them and back again. I love Adam…he was the only character, next to Jack that could stand up to Victor, he was rotten, but you loved him anyway. That’s a great actor!!! I think you need to fire Jill Phelps!

  66. Judy

    Days of our lives is looking better and better…Your story lines are dragging on just a bit too long…


    I don’t like what she is doing at all. Who is next? Victor? Please someone fire Jill Phelps!

  68. melinda hale

    Well,after 20 years of watching Y&R I can tell you I am done..
    Either fire Jill,or ALOT of faithful fan’s will be lost to you…

  69. Alicia


  70. susan

    He has MADE Adam one of the best on the show, after Doug Davison. Stop messing with something that isn’t broken in the fan’s eyes!!! Someone is on a serious power trip!!! I have watched since 1973, this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every day I watch I cringe, expecting to see the new Billy. Why, at such crucial story line times would you also axe Michael?! He is a wonderful actor and was born to play that part!! I LOVE he and Chelsea back together FINALLY and now THIS?

  71. Vickie Patrick

    Write to CBS.COM/FEEDBACK OR CALL AND LEAVE YOUR COMMENT TO 323-575-4955!!! Lets let them know how we all feel!!

  72. Ellen Wright

    Jill Phelps, you have lost your mind. The Young and the Restless is my very favorite show on TV. First you let Billy Miller go, and now you fired Michael Muhney who keeps the show going. He is a WONDERUL actor and one we all love. Maybe you need to get your priorities in order. You need to get Michael back in a hurry. Jill, you are ruining our soap!!!!!!!

  73. Karen

    I agree Jill Phelps you have lost your mind, I have been watching this show since it first aired and am at not at all happy with the story lines of the past year, what are you thinking? As much as I love Steve Burton, you have not written him a decent storyline. I love Adam and Billy, they are two very strong actors and you are getting rid of them, WHY????. You are definitely ruining this soap, not sure I want to watch this show anymore. Your writers have ruined the best show on television.

  74. Penny Davis

    Does y/r want anyone to watch there show, why would you get rid of Adam he made the part, I don’t think anyone can replace him.
    The producers mess up when Phillis left. The story line about the death of Delli has gone on to long. I sorry I am done with Y/R good luck to the writter.

  75. Deborah Keating

    The death of a child is not entertainment for me. I have watched the show from the beginning and no longer do so because it is not enjoyable anymore. Now the characters are being fired one by one. They have taken a great story and ruined it and in doing so they have killed their own future. Congrats!

  76. Loreen Packett

    That’s it, Im done, he and Chelsea are the BEST! I will not watch anymore if he is indeed gone. They are getting just a tad bit RIDICULOUS!! Good Luck Michael you have done an OUTSTANDING job! On to better things!

  77. Debbie

    How horrible!! You have relegated the seasoned actors to occasional actors. You have these young kids running around….sleeping with everyone, doing drugs, stupid Sharon going off and on her meds like an inner city bus. Granted, admirable problems to tackle, but these have gone on, and on, and on…..
    GET A NEW WRITING STAFF AND PRODUCER. You have ruined an amazing ensemble. Good bye Y&R

  78. Rosemary Sorrentino


  79. Judy Olson

    I quit watching when they killed Delia, now just listening to what else has happened I’m really glad I did.

  80. Laurie

    I’ve been a loyal watcher since the show started, who ever these new IDIOT writters & producers are THEY NEED TO BE FIRED!! I rarely watch anymore…. you’ve practically done away with the MAIN CHARACTORS “THE NEWMANS!!” & you’re shoving the “WINTERS”in our face….. Soo way to go morons!! you’ll be the next soap to go…!!!!!!!

  81. becky griffin

    What the hell is going on with this show Michael just signed a new contract not a month ago and now he is fired…I am done with this show been watching since beginning but I have has enough…Bye Bye.

  82. Kitty

    It’s been real Y&R. Thanks for a great 30 Plus year’s of my life but your story lines this past year have really sucked. Thank you Nikki, Victor, Jack and Paul for your continued effort to put a good show on. Unfortunately your efforts will probly not work out anymore but I applaude you for staying on a sinking ship. I will miss the show but I’m not wasting my time anymore watching something that is so boring and depressing. When the Bell family left so did the show as far as I’m concerned. Jill Phelp’s, if you think this is putting a notch in your belt your even more nut’s than I thought you were. Maybe you can find a job as a door greater in a Mortuary someday. What would be really cool would be if all the characters on the show who are now left would do some kind of walk out protest type thing and the “SHOW WOULD NOT GO ON ! ” Thank you Nikki and Victor for making me happy for year’s. Sorry to have to let you go!!

  83. christines

    I am not sure if I can watch this show anymore. The characters staying have nothing new to say. Nick is always angry. Victor blusters all day. Adam and Billy were great characters. The producers of this show have been letting us down for a long time.

  84. Kris

    This is the last straw! Over 35 yr. viewer. I won’t be watching after Jan. 30 (his last day). Who fires someone before Christmas! He’s the only reason left to watch. Who ever runs this show has lost their mind! First their killing off little kids and then firing the best actor on the show. Why don’t they let Victor go he’s a totally useless pain in the ass.

  85. tina gillenwater

    What up letting adam (michael) go are you just nuts or what, he makes the show interesting and watchable, guess I’m done

  86. Adele Welbanks

    You people have got to be kidding, You will never find anyone to play the part that Michael plays as Adam, this lossing everyone that counts on the show, why bother even watching the show anymore, Or is this what your trying to do make people not want to watch anymore, All you writers need to rethink what you are doing. I think I am done with this show also, I have been watching for ever. Someone needs to hit you guys over the head, Why do you think we watch the show for the Drama with Adam. Wake up and smell the Coffee people.

  87. Marge H.

    This is really too much to take. Michael is one of the best actors they have on The Young and the Restless. I guess they don’t care how many viewers they lose. I agree that Billy and Michael are probably two of the best actors they have. Do they not realize that people hate change and these actors are like part of your family. I hope they realize that so many of these Soaps have been canceled and if they lose their viewers they are probably next in line and they deserve it.

  88. Lolita Bridges

    The “powers that be” have no idea or simply don’t care how fans of beloved shows or characters feel when they’re gone, suddenly. I am so sad and hurt and the pain is real. I will no longer watch Y&R because I can’t trust those in charge to care about my feelings as a devoted fan. There are many characters I love and will miss, but they can be gone in an instant, so why bother? I pray that Michael Muhney is hired in a better show by people who appreciate his talent and worth as an actor and human being. He did something that most actors never do in their career: he made you fall in love with a character you were never supposed to fall in love with. He played Adam Newman better and with more depth than anyone expected. The audience couldn’t help but see him the way Michael portrayed him which was less and less as a villian and more and more as a flawed human being, like the rest of us. Thank you Michael. God bless you and your lovely family.

  89. ROZ

    I am done like I said Michael sign a new contract until 2015 , Can they just firer someone whom had a contract ? they should Firer Jill the new lady they brought to the show ………… I have watch it for 35 years now I am done . You have 5 million ppl watch it wait till Michael gone you will down to 1 million if you are lucky …….. Phyliis , Billy n Michael ……….. Whom will be next Victor, Nikki Nick I dont care just call CBS if you can leave a massage I tried yesterday the mail box is full . So now i will try Sony maybe they will listin

  90. Karan

    Having watched since day one, I’ve never thought of not watching Y&R – until NOW!! I’m so disgusted with this latest move of firing Michael Muhney; he has been nothing less than phenomenal in the role of Adam. The producer needs to be grateful for the caliber of talent such as his – especially considering the lack of quality written storylines. They should have worked to make sure Billy Miller stayed; not killed off Delia; Dylan being Nikki’s son is way too contrived; I could go on. My whole family has given up on the show. I guess the #’s will soon tell the story of how the powers that be are destroying what was once the best of the best.

  91. Barbara King

    Is there some inside war going on within the ranks of Y&R, and CBS, and firing proven, skilled talented actors is the fall out? What on earth is wrong with you people? You have a number one rated show, new story lines opening up, especially with your keenest players. I’m so mad that I can’t think straight enough to tell you how mad I am! This continuous hacking started with Jill Phelps! She’s like a mad cow, she gave a good bucket of milk, then she kicked it over! I’m not caring if I miss episodes anymore…..I’m going to start looking at interest in another soap, and I’ll bet you don’t even care!

  92. Diana

    Taking Y&R off my DVR once Adam is gone. First Billy and know him. They are the only ones that can play there role.

  93. Brenda

    It’s sad the producers aren’t paying attention to what the fans want, I’ve watched Y&R from the beginning not thinking I will be watching it til the end. I really enjoyed the Adam story he did a wonderful job, I understand that some of the others wanted to leave the show but it makes you wonder if they’re ‘jumping ship’ the writing has taken a major dive this last year, I don’t watch it as much anymore!

  94. Linda Williams

    What the hell is wrong with Phelps? I understand that Phyllis wanted to leave – she was my #1 – had to convince myself to keep watching. Then they killed off Delia – strike two! They messed around and lost Billy – my second favorite gone! But NOW THEY HAVE DONE IT! FIRING ADAM IS THE STUPIDEST MOVE THEY COULD POSSIBLY MAKE – HIS CHARACTER HAS DEPTH – HE’S BAD BUT YOU CANNOT HELP BUT LOVE HIM. HIS CHARISMA WITH CHELSEA IS THE BEST – HE HAS REALLY TURNED UP A NOTCH PLAYING HIS PART IN DELIA’S DEATH. WHO THE HELL IS LEFT? ONLY THE OLD PEOPLE – VICTOR (WHO I WOULDN’T MISS AT ALL), JILL (VERY BORING) ESTHER (?) MICHAEL, LAUREN, ABBY (another recast I did not like) ASHLEY (part time)? I am at the end of my rope with such stupidity – all you have to do is become a fan favorite and YOU’RE GONE!!!! WELL, Y & R CAN COUNT ME GONE!!!!!! I HAVE WATCHED FROM THE BEGINNING – THE LOSS OF KATHERINE WAS THE BIG ONE BUT NOW – ALL THESE TALENTED ACTORS GONE AT THE WHIM OF PHELPS? BULL SHIT! I’M GONE!!!

  95. Jamer

    WTH??? Adam? He is my favorite! I am loving that he and Chels are connecting again and they have the baby. He finally has a family! Im sooo pissed! Ive been watching this show since I was a kid. I will probably turn it off if Adam (Michael) is gone.

  96. Jamer

    And Billy leaving just chaps my a$$. Who doesn’t love the character of Billy Abbott…and no one will be able to play it like Billy does. Jill Phelps needs to be fired!!!

  97. Rosa S.

    The story lines lately, have been ABSOLUTELY boring & tiresome. I’m sick of the whole Nick & Sharon thing & how the truth abt Summer hasn’t come out. Dylan is annoying me with this turn of events. He’s become a big brat. Noah & Kyle story boring. Only thing I like is that they have finally reconciled Adam & Chelsea. I hope it isn’t true abt Michael Muhney. I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching this soap. I have been a fan since 1979. The only soap I watch. But not for long if things continue the way they have been AND IF Michael M is out.

  98. Ree

    I think it’s outrageous! Then to keep the reasons top secret – well that’s just too much. There is no good reason to fire 1 of the FEW main reasons I still watch the show! Honestly, I’ve been a fan for 20+ years and I’ve stuck through changes that other people were angered by, always believing in my favorite show and that the writers had a plan… I even stood by with patience during the torturous Delia storyline… But no more!!! Too many favorites being recast, too many favorites being lost… Firing a smokin hot, superb, exciting actor who is right smack in the middle of a main storyline = STUPID. Ridiculous decision & I don’t care what Y&R actors defend this nonsense. It pisses me off. Viewers need to be heard & respected if they want us (especially us decades long viewers!) to stick with them at a time when soaps in general are in danger of being extinct. Get rid of Avery, Fen, Hilary, Courtney… Make the following move away permanently: Christine/Cricket, Lauren, Sharon, Cane, Lily, Devon… Can I go on with changes I’d love to see??? Why bother – the writers aren’t listening…

  99. Donna Conti

    Are you people CRAZY?????????????????????????????? First Billy,now Adam??? Might have to find another soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Nicol Montano

    The top people running Y&R should be fired, it’s obvious that they are sabotaging this show so it will be cancelled like other top soaps!
    What a way to treat your loyal watchers that have been here since the first day along with two more generations of my family! This is a disgrace!

  101. Kathy

    Well what can I say that would not have already been said by the Young and the Restless fans which is what I am I agree there is not another actor who could potrait Adam as well as Michael Muhney he has charisma playing his role he make you feel what he is acting, Now this does not make since to take off actor Billy Lewis he have got so into playing the moaning dad of princess Dahlia of her death so suddenly if you writer felt as if someone needs to go off this soap you could had gave them a break by writing day were out of town or something until the writers could think of something new for the fired and let go Actors be let go. You could had asked some of the fans of this Soap to give you some idea on what to write next!! I would had been glad to share some stories for them to play I acts out life moments each day and say to my self I missed my calling of been an Actress no joke try the fans talents sometimes and you will be amaze at what we can do to help the Soaps Writers. Think this thing over of rehiring Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman Victor is going to miss most hated son what a shame, and he are really going to miss dogging Billy Miller out to Oh, what are the rest of the Actors on The Young and Restless Going to do with there other Half Good Luck with your future Cast members

  102. Em

    Are the people above the writers paying attention to what is being said here?? Do they want the soap to go way down in the ratings? Sounds like the new writer(s) have done nothing but anger the fans. Directors, producers, creators of Y & R start listening up! You’re letting the wrong people go!!

  103. Michelle Erkenbeck

    I have watched Y & R since 1975. Seen people come and go. The writers (Jill) have really screwed up firing Michael, losing Michelle Stafford, can’t give Billy Miller what he wants, killing little Delia instead of recasting her. And also Victor’s jealousy and hatred of Dylan. I’m beginning to wonder if the writers care about they’re fans. I’m about ready to quit watching.

  104. Beth

    the writers no longer care about the fans, it’s all about there ego. and just to let the writers know they suck at what they’re doing. they need to fired !!!

  105. Marie

    wow this is a big mistake for y & r. adam and chelsea were really the only thing left worth watching. no drama since the let phyliss leave the show, michelle stafford was perfect and she cannot be replaced. now michael, and soon billy..this is a mess..
    i am sorry to say that after michael is gone we will stop watching. there is no story line worth the 37 minutes a day to watch. victor is hateful, jack is boring, nickki is a whiner, sharon sucks, nick is stupid..the winters family is taking over, and mark my words, leslie will not marry neil and that icky woman will move right in on neil, avery and dylan are boring, they have even ruined michael and lauren, and jill just needs to shut up and find a new hobby….sorry you guys have screwed up…

  106. Jackie Dennis

    I guess Y&R want’s to commit suicide. Well other than Jeanne Cooper passing away. I see the writers are getting rid of or recasting great characters. I have been watching Y&R since I was 12 yrs old. Firing Michael is just wrong. At least you didn’t recast Mrs C. If the rumors are true. I guess I will follow Billy Miller to GH.

  107. Rosemary Sorrentino

    OMG…HOW DARE he tell this Bitch Jill Phelps that the story line SUCKS damn woman the fans have been telling you this for a while Now… This is just her way of sticking it to us fans.. She really doesn’t like what she is hearing in the scuttlebutt of things AND takes it out on the cast… she REALLY IS AN IDIOT . you don’t bite the hand that feeds you…! HELLO JILL WE ARE THE HAND …DUH…

  108. Kimberly

    Everyone needs to sign the petition to bring him back. That might be the only thing that will bring him back because so far Y&R is not listening to any of us die hard fans.

    I’ve been watching for 40 yrs, now sometimes watch on night channels that have become available. I was so sad to see this happen, my favorite show has been headed down hill first Katherine, Phyllis, Delia, Billy now Michael, not sure I can be without them so I might have to find a new show to watch. Bold and Beautiful will be my next choice and hope both Billy and Michael will end up on that show. Maybe BB will end up the go to show for all these characters we love and adore and we can say bye bye to Y&R because without them most of us won’t be watching anymore.

  109. Wendelyn Sullivan

    Wow. I can’t even believe that Y&R fired MM, He is such a great actor. After everything the character Adam has done, to still love his character, shows what a great Actor MM is. Just when Adam becomes a Dad, love him with His Son, He loves being a Dad. I was worried when they made him the hit and run driver that killed Delia, that he would be leaving, but he didnt know he hit her, he did stop, he thought he almost hit Her Dog, but when he saw the Dog was all right, He breathed a sigh of relief, and took off, How was he to know that he had hit Delia. He has been filled with so much guilt. He is afraid to come forward, because he doesn’t want to lose his Son. MM has played this beautifully.. What a big error in judgement that TPTB have in firing MM. I wish MM much success in his next Job.. whatever that may be…

  110. Namarilyn dalleyme (required)

    please keep Adam,.. throw the book @ the writers,..,.. they need someone to know how to keep the best on the soap.,.. get someone who knows what to write the story lines,.. I hate new ones,. they can’t act at all.. keep the ones there or cancel the show altogether,..& bring Phillis back in the show,.. & not someone else ,, cuz no one can ever take her place

  111. Name (required)carla

    Kim, they did NOT get rid of Phyllis the actress who played her Michelle Stafford Wanted to leave which is every actors right NOT to resign a contract people do have the right to move on and do other things in their lives they are NOT chained to the show.

  112. Alicia McDonal

    This is yet another mistake for Y&R creators….Michael’s character and storyline are one of the best right now….Hire him back with double the salary……..the show is going to be not fit to watch..

  113. debbie

    Y&R-I believe this is happening. Y&R is going downhill losing good people. If anything the truth should come out about Sharon and have her locked up in a funny farm. Phyllis should be killed off if she is not coming back so Jack and Adam can ruined Victor and his empire. The ratings are going to drop dramically with the good people leaving and also Billy.

  114. Anjie

    I’m not sure who I will miss the most or who will be next. All I know is that this Jill person is doing a suck-ish job.

  115. Elizabeth S (Toronto Canada)

    Really????????, i just had to google this info I got from my mom about Y & R Adam Newman. Man that sucks….they are really screwing up the fans # 1 hit. I love this show so much I would wait until the week is over and then watch all 5 episodes back to back over the weekend on Rogers on Demand channel 100…just so that I don’t have to wait to see what happens next….they have got to be kidding – what are these people doing ?????.can’t they see that too many of their good actors are leaving wayyyyy to soon…..talk about losing interest in this soap opera. ‘hey Michael, you are way to talented for this show…maybe they did you a favour’…let me see recently we have: Phyllis: Delia: Billy; Kyle and now Adam…un f ing believable..

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