Y and R 40They may not be as young as they used to be, but characters on Y&R are as restless as ever. This March, The Young and the Restless, the #1 daytime drama for more than 24 years, is celebrating 40 years on the air! To celebrate this momentous occasion CBS has launched a 40th anniversary website.

Here fans can enter a trivia sweepstakes, discuss favorite moments and relive the past in photos and videos. Unlike ABC who has canceled two out of their three soap operas, CBS has done a nice job of creating a balance of daytime programming. All is so well at CBS that they have renewed all of their daytime programming for next year.

One of the qualities that make Y&R compelling over the years are there outstanding characters. Since Y&R is turning 40, I have been thinking about many fantastic actors that are over 40! Take Tracey Bregman (Lauren), Tracy is 49 and gorgeous. We love her and Michael together. It has been so nice to see a long-term couple on a soap. Christian LeBlanc (Michael) also looks fantastic at age 55. I wonder if these two have been using some secret Jabot Cosmetics all these years to keep their youthful glow? Hopefully they can survive the stress from their awful son without too much wear and tear to their physique and relationship.

Every soap opera needs a good matriarch and Genoa City has the amazing Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) who is 84 years old. It is no surprise that she is the longest running actor on Y & R. Katherine has endured much strife as she battled alcoholism, love loss, and a child given up at birth. Who can forget her facelift she had on national television? What a brilliant way to get a facelift while charging it to your employer.

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) looks amazing at 47. She has a body that a 20 something woman would be impressed by. Phyllis is overall an awful person, but she looks good while she causing trouble all over town. She has some sort of power over the men in Genoa City. She seems to be able to charm her way back into the bed of many eligible men. Now she and Jack seem to be getting close. When will jack ever learn? It seems like it is about time that poor Jack finds a little romantic happiness. I am not thinking though he will find love with Phyllis.

Doug Davidson (Paul) is 58 and according to my BFF is the best crier in daytime. He can tear up beautifully. But, I am still mad at his decision to break poor Tina’s heart. She stood by her man and he rewarded her by rekindling his feelings for Christine, her best friend. BOO!
Kristoff St. John (Neil) age 46 looks amazing with or without his shirt off. But, he has the romantic attention span of a rabbit lately. He is moving through the ladies and it just doesn’t fit his good guy character. The writers can’t seem to decide his perfect mate, but lets just slow down a bit so we don’t lose all respect for his character.

Daniel Goddard (Cane) 41 maybe a bit sappy at times but he is one cutie Aussie. It probably won’t surprise you that he started his career as a model for companies like Calvin Klein and Dolce Gabbana. His on air wife is only 25 in real life and I have read some comments by fans that he is too old for her. But, I like them together. He is a far better choice than Daniel. I never thought they made a good pair and that new marketing guy with a past shouldn’t be sniffing around other guy’s baby mommas.

Who is your over 40 favorite?